Wilson Jones Back To School Giveaway

Often, when I am reading a good book, I stop and thank my teacher.  That is, I used to, until she got an unlisted number.  ~Author Unknown

Wilson Jones 2I am thrilled to announce your opportunity to get your hands on so awesome gear!

Welcome to my Wilson Jones Back To School Giveaway!

In our back to school haste with four kiddos, I can admit to purchasing last minute supplies on several occasions without giving a thought as to the quality and then found myself standing back in the isles of my local office supply store within a month kicking myself for not doing it right the first time when things are already falling apart.

Who hasn’t has a binder cover rip off or the rings on the inside be so tough to open that weaker hands don’t stand a chance of using them. Binder Blowouts are not only disastrous but time consuming for no good reason.

Wilson Jones generously provided me with several binders and some much needed view tab dividers to put to the test in my own home.

I purchase school type supplies for my children and often overlook the fact that my office was screaming out for Wilson Jones to rescue it from the sea of paper.

Wilson Jones 004BEFORE

Wilson Jones 007 Wilson Jones 008

Wilson Jones 015 Wilson Jones 018

They really aren’t kidding when they say heavy duty. It held up beautifully against our ten year old son… it might be a miracle! Mr.Tough Stuff and I both had no trouble opening and closing the rings.

Wilson Jones 010 Wilson Jones 011 Wilson Jones 013The Single Touch binders have become my go to item.

I love these for organizing all my recipes, notes, coupons, the hard copy of my articles and my daughter asked for one to put her trading cards in. There is two pockets  on either side for those bits of papers and scrawled out notes to myself to be typed up later.

They really are so easy to use with just one hand. I love it!

I now have a few of them for various project notebooks because they are so user friendly.

Wilson Jones 020 Wilson Jones 019These dividers are durable and easy to use.

I found myself putting together a binder with each one of our family members on each tab, that way I’ve been able to keep a file on the important things that come in from each person.

Never again will I be the mom that lost the permission slip!

Nope! I’ve got a file for just such a thing.

Wilson Jones 023

Are you ready for the most fantastic part?

The Wilson Jones Back To School Giveaway!

Wilson Jones wants to give YOU a prize package!

Enter to win below NOW- 8/10!

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The very best part of becoming a new fan of Wilson Jones products..


Wilson Jones 3AFTER.


wilson jones 4My office feels so much better, looks great and I can find everything with ease in a Wilson Jones Binder.

Such a wonderful, welcomed relief.

School starts in three short weeks around here.

Get prepared, get organized, let Wilson Jones help you on your road to a successful academic year and beyond!

Wishing you lots of luck,

Meg xoxo

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