“If it contains chocolate, I’m in.” 

– My Handsome Prince

I found WhoNu cookies a few months ago in my local Albertsons.

Honestly, the weird name caught my eye and that’s when I realised that they were healthy too.

I waited for a sale and purchased 2 boxes- the crunchy chocolate chip and their anwser to the Oreo- chocolate cookie outside with a frosted cream filled center.

I said nothing to my guinea pig family and took the cookies out of their package so no one would be the wiser.

I served the chocolate icing filled sandwich cookies first with a glass of milk for dunking.

Guinea Pig Family Says…

 2 thumbs up!

No children wasted any time, they went right to twisting them open.

One eats the filling and dunks the cookie.

One twists the cookie open, eating the cookie with the most frosting first and then dunking the rest.

It’s funny to see them all with their own quirky cookie eating process.

My Handsome Prince knew that they were not the Oreos he had grown up with BUT said they we’re good and he’d like them again.

I said nothing about healthy. I was not going to burst anyone’s happy bubble.

The Nutritional Facts are Crazy! 🙂


A few days later, we opened the crunchy chocolate chip cookies.

The kids really enjoyed them!

The Handsome Prince and I did not. They were fine, just not anything like my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Since I’m not a big sweet eater, I pass if it’s not incrediable in my book. The Prince said they weren’t sweet enough for him.

However, the kids were very happy with them and I would purchase them again for them.

A few weeks ago I wrote the article Contact For Coupons, about how to aquire high value or free coupons in your mailbox with very little work.

I email several companies each week… taking about 10-15 minutes per day to do so. WhoNu? Cookies are slightly more expensive than our usual brand by about .35 – .60 cents more. When I purchase cookies ( most often I make them), I try to choose the item that is:

A. Enjoyed By My Family…

If they don’t like it no matter how wonderful you think it is, it wont be eaten unless Zombies Attack or an act of nature forces them to nosh strictly from the pantry.

B. The Healthiest Choice…

I try to provide healthy snacks but I thought when it came to sweets, they just plain are not good for you so moderation is key.

C. Cost…

We all need a good deal on the things we purchase for our home and family. Being frugal is no longer a laughable label, it’s a nessisity! Yes, I have to admit a time or two I have just picked the cheapest item to cut costs. With coupons we have been able to keep cost as #3 and health the priority… most of the time. 😉

This pile of awesome FREE item coupons arrived all in one day in my mailbox! 🙂 Note the 3 FREE WhoNu? Coupons 😉


I wrote to WhoNU? and complimented them on a healthier cookie that I can feel good about serving my family. Simply thanking them and I did include a small suggestion.

A week later I recieved a very nice letter that refrenced exactly what I had said and was personally signed. I was impressed! Seems they really are listening. 🙂  The letter was accompanied by 3 coupons, each for a FREE box of cookies AND 5 .55 cents off coupons to share with friends!

I picked up our 3 FREE boxes of cookies, the next time I went to the market. 🙂

WhoNu? Chewy Chocolate Chip!!!!!


 They have CHEWY chocolate chip cookies now!!!

That’s the family favorite so I couldn’t wait to have them try these.

Guinea Pig Family Says…

All 6 of us LOVE the Chewy Chocolate Chip and they we’re gone in no time! 🙂

I finally came clean and told them that the cookies I had been serving were in fact, nutritionally rich and healthier for them.


Waiting to be snarked at, I was actually praised by the kids and the Prince said he wanted more WhoNu? Chewy too!

I spread the coupons around even though it was tempting to keep them for myself


I was so excited to find something healthier that my family is crazy about so it’s only right to share the yummy savings with others!

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone?


 Leave it to me to find a way to transform a healthier snack to the darkside. 😉

I think it’s a great way to serve a treat with a healthier twist…. & no one would ever suspect.

Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookie Lolipops


When I saw this on the WhoNU? site I knew I’d be making these for a baby shower I’m hosting. With a ribbon tied around each stick… they’d be adorable!

A great way to keep nutrition in check but also have a little extra chocolate twist for all occasions!

WhoNu? has become our cookie of choice.

The kids will all go right to those packages on the shelf of our market now. They look right past our old favorites.

FYI: WhoNu? has no clue how Nutty we are over here. I’m not paid, bribed or asked nicely to say wonderful things about any company or product. When I find products that we enjoy and make my life easier, I tell you about it. Those that care share! It’s my opinion alone, use the information however you wish. 😉

Making healthier choices,



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  1. Thanks for providing these details Meg. It definitely goes to show the difference which a company can make to their image just be responding nicely to a customer’s letter. I bake my own cookies as well and I always try to make them as healthy as possible but sometimes it works out easier just to buy some, so I will look out for this brand in the future

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