Who Ordered The Cat Martini?

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.”

– Big Bang Theory

Mr. Severus Snape AKA The Cat Martini or Coney Mc Cone-erton


 NOTHING is more pathetic and demanding of some sympathy as injured/sick children and animals in cones!

We seem to be skipping from one emergency to the next recently. As if we could cash in some frequent stitches miles or rear time in plastic waiting room chairs for Disneyland passes or something!?

For those of you just tuning into As The Nutty Turns, Luc had emergency tooth extraction, followed by dental surgery and was sporting a “tube” in his handsome head, just a couple of weeks ago. Read more about Luc’s Emergency here.

Naturally, NOTHING EVER is normal or quiet for long here. We get suspicious when it’s quiet. Errie ,like standing in the eye of the storm… you know your about to get nearly blown over but you just can’t anticipate what will happen but ya know something bad this way comes. Quiet often means scheming children or reading children… either way bares some investigating. We’re out numbered, best be staying on our toes or end up being on the receiving end of the practical joke!

We’re diligent about taking our pets into the vet for a check up, just like we are with our kiddos. They’re our furry family and equal members in our bizarre household. Snape is still a baby and has been going in regularly for shots and to be weighed. Recently the girls noticed that he had 2 bumps on his hip/rear right where they administered the immunisations. He is very sleek and muscular so these 2 lumps seemed terribly out of place! Off to the vet!

The vet believed that he had experienced a bad reaction to his shots but to be on the safest side we needed to have them removed ASAP.


My Handsome Prince pointed out in his smarty pants way, ” So. I paid $100 to get theses shots and now I’m paying $250 to have them removed? Why do I feel like I bought ocean front property in Nevada?!”

 CALLING ALL SUPER THINKERS: The world and animals everywhere NEED you! Yes You! Someone needs to do animals and owners a solid and create a way to take the temperature of an animal without inserting something into their rear and expecting that they appreciate this beautiful moment shared. A Bengal is part Asian Leopard Cat. Put something into it’s bum and it sounds like you have a wild mountain lion in the back of the office, massacring the staff and coming for more heads! INSANITY! If I can wave a wand across my kids forehead and get a temperature, UMMMMM, maybe it’s just me but I’d like a cat wand too! Many thanks from Snape, Lily, and their bleeding owners. 😉

Snape is a very good natured, sweet cat but keep him from food and water the night before surgery…  it’s LOUD!

I’m going to have to come clean with ya… I was happy to drop him off so the persistent “FEED YOUR KITTY NOW” cry was now in the hands of those that had the ability give him a chill pill. Oh the guilt! Even though he was in good hands I worried. Our poor pretty spotted pelt was going to be shaved, knocked out and would be sporting a very fashionable “cone” for his 14 day recovery. ***Snickers*** Coney McCone-erton is a funny pathetic, sad little mess… BUT on the mend!

Blurry so you can see how large a patch he has but the rest is a bit too rough looking for some.


Snape did really well and came home later that day. Luc and I both cried when we saw his larger than we expected wound with many stitches. Luc felt for Snape, it wasn’t very long ago that Luc was looking about the same. Stitches Bros! Scars are manly but not right away.

Trying to keep a Bengal “quiet” only gets your laundry hunted, pounced on and “rabbit footed”.


He then proceeded to rebound off the walls and stagger down the hallway like Captain Jack Sparrow.

The cone was seriously getting in the way of his process!

He’d drag this weird mystery dish snapped around his neck that was crimping his whiskers, along the ground until it encountered an obstacle. Then Stop and pause a few seconds before flinging his body into the air. He dragged his coned head along until he got to the carpet runner, then launched as though the carpet had swelled to a 2 foot high mat, worthy of spastic leaping. He landed and continued on as if he were strolling through Wonderland and flinging himself into the air TWICE every time he went up or down the hall.

We’re all rotten to the core… we all laughed until tears ran down our cheeks. He was too much! 🙂

Desperate to get his new accessory off! He rolls around like a hamster ball while trying with all his might to free himself for just one good licking.


 Snape was not pleased with all things that had occurred in the past 12 hours of his little life. Eating was a huge challenge, as was drinking, using the litter box required some assistance and of all things so was his relationship with Ms. Lily. (Our other Bengal cat) Lily totally rejected Snape and treated him as though he was a new cat that had dared to come into her territory.  Growling, hissing, freaking out on everyone but the Handsome Prince. For a guy who is allergic to normal cats, he seems to be the resident cat whisperer. Lily was making this a zillion times worse! Snape was feeling low and his partner in crime just swatted his nose and told him where to put his cone. Snape started crying when ever his “people” were out of sight.

Oh Great! We’re going to end up on that TV show, “My Cat From Hell“.

Sweet Dreams Coney Bologna!


 The Snapester became a 24/7 job, shared by all members of our family. Everyone took turns doing different jobs to help out with his care or hanging out with him and “Snape Sitting”. He had antibiotics and pain medication that needed to be given 3 times a day. Loopy doopy cat required all hands on deck to keep him as comfortable as possible and also clean up over turned water, cat food and what ever shenanigans he’d been up to. Slowly Lily warmed up to Snape again… after and ENTIRE WEEK! Fickle Women!? 😉

A breakfast “Snape’d”!


Clearly, if he can hijack my breakfast, he is feeling better!

He’s learned to manage with his cone, even though it’s driving him around the bend to not be able to get a good cleaning or scratch in. We’re counting down the days until June 5TH when Snape gets stitches out and freed from plastic cone prison!

Bengal Kisses!!! The Cat Martini & Min sharing some love!


 Weird times to be shared by all!

Caring for Snape and seeing to his needs has helped our kids stay on top of their chores. We all learned a few lessons from yet another emergency in the life… As Our Nutty World Turns. 😉

Who knew that the Handsome Prince would be The Master Guru of Cat Medicine Administration?!

After knowing someone 17 years, you’d think I’d know about such odd yet useful secret skills he possesses!

Luc and Snape: Bonded with their stitches on the couch, snuggled and rehabbed together.

Normal… Really, is there such a thing? Odd, cracked and just a little nutty abound here! 🙂

Watch out and try to avoid the cat martini!

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone,









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