Whipped Angel Toffee Cake

If you look over the years, the styles have changed –
the clothes,
the hair, the production, the approach to the songs.
The icing to the cake has changed flavors.
But if you really look at the cake itself,
it’s really the same.
– John Oates

angel toffee 12

This may be the easiest most delicious cake you’ll ever make.

This is the cake for you Ms. ICan’tCook and Mr. I’llEatFrostingFromAContainerRatherThanBake!

No seriously, Whipped Angel Toffee Cake is a snap but tastes like you slaved all day.

Put it together ahead of time for a party or last minute with dinner.

First, you need an angel food cake.

angel toffee 1

If you are not the baker and dang it, don’t want to fire up the oven, most markets around me carry angel food cake in their bakeries. It tends to be drier than homemade but for this recipe it does work smashing well.

Want to make your own Angel Food? High Five!

This is the recipe I use from A Taste of Home.

(Angel food is delicate and crummy so I like to double wrap my cake in cling wrap and pop them in the freezer overnight, if time permits. It takes about 30 minutes for an angel food cake to thaw but in the meantime, it is WAY easier to cut and frost a frozen cake. )

The rest of the fabulous ingredients are:

One large package of Cook & Serve Chocolate Pudding

(Yes, the old school stuff you cook on the stove… )

1 1/3 Cup Milk

1 1/2  Teaspoons of Instant Coffee

1 Pint of Whipping Cream

angel toffee 9

3/4 Cup English Toffee- crushed

(Unless you find a wicked sale on Heath Bars or nab an off brand at a discount store, I find the cheapest route is to purchase the crumbles in the bag. This time the bag was $4.33 and 2 candy bars was $7. Bag wins 99% of the time… just in case you were wondering.)

angel toffee 3

We’re going to take that angel food cake and slice it into three equal layers.

(We wont dock any points for unequal layers or I’d never win. 😉 )

angel toffee 2

Cook the pudding adding the 1 1/3 cups of milk and the 1 1/2 teaspoons of instant coffee to the pot with your pudding mix.

Stir it until it becomes thick and set it to the side to cool.

Stick it in the fridge for about an hour to chill and even overnight if your prepping it early.

When you are ready to put that cake together…

Take that whipping cream and mix it in a bowl with a whisk, hand mixer, stand mixer or whatever you have available to whip the heck outta this until it becomes stiff like the whipped cream you see in a tub.

Split the whipped cream in half. Save half for frosting the cake later and the other half gets mixed in with that delicious mocha pudding you have chillin’ in the fridge.

angel toffee 4

Mix the pudding with half of the whipped cream and that becomes our filling between layers.

angel toffee 5

Start with the bottom ring of cake and cover it with a nice layer of that filling.

I pretend the hole isn’t there and glob right on over it.

angel toffee 6

Then take those crumbled English Toffee bits and spread them generously across the filling.

(Light on the toffee between layers if you are not a big crunch to your cake fan. I’ll do half heavy and half light sometimes because we are a house divided on the subject of toffee bits.)

angel toffee 7

Carefully add the next ring of cake, slather it with filling, add toffee bits and pop on the top layer.

angel toffee 8

I add extra toffee bits to the center hole to support my whipped cream frosting but you certainly do not have to. Those bits with the pudding turn into the coveted last bites of this dessert so might as well make it awesome!

Now it is time to frost this baby with the whipped cream then top with more of those awesome toffee crumbles, however you are so moved.

angel toffee 11

This is not meant to be perfectly frosted, in my opinion. I like the loose organic look of whipped cream frosting covering everything but creating it’s own patterns and unique swirls. Like a humble sweet cake that grabs you by the taste buds and gives you a kiss before knocking you out.

Cake smooches… yum!

angel toffee 10

Very little real work to this, mostly assembly.

If you purchased the angel food cake, you only technically had to cook for about 3 minutes… I know, darn pudding. 😉

My kids call it “Papa’s Cake” although he never got taste it but you could count on him to have a pocket full of Heath Bar minis that he was giving out. ALWAYS.

He was the nice old man giving candy to strangers, literally.

He may be our angel now but his toffee obsession is carried on by the generations who’s lives he sweetened.

Let them eat easy cake and think you are the guru master of the spatula!

Dig in!

Cake smooches and lots of love,

Meg xoxo

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  1. That looks both easy and amazing, one of those cakes that you make when no one’s home and tell them you’ve been slaving away at it all day!

    PS: I think my eyes are getting too old and tired for your passwords, LOL.

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