When Feet Attack

I’m  not clumsy, I’m just accident prone.

-Daniel  Radcliffe

It happened again.

This is becoming an epidemic.

When feet attack!

You remember a few months ago how K decided to Have a nice trip, which then landed her having surgery and being casted with wires holding the bones together for weeks.

Good grief! A time I am trying hard to block out. It was so awful as a parent to watch my child experience pain that I was helpless to control. We teach our children how to be cautious of strangers, places to avoid, influences to be bigger than, how to safely manage their way through a variety of obstacles that life dishes but there is an even bigger threat lurking out there waiting to bring someone else down too!

Lock your doors!

Gasp and look like you might just swoon…

K’s feet have claimed another victim!

When feet attack!

Little Miss Clumsy met a good friend.

We’ll call him Mr. Clumsy.

Little Miss Clumsy and Mr. Clumsy remind me of the Handsome Prince and me in high school. Best Friends, like brother and sister. Ironically, they look like they could be siblings too.

If they aren’t playing video games together, they’re window shopping the mall.

They both are really good kids so we’re happy they enjoy hanging out.

The last trip to the mall before vacation ends and they’re back to school. It started out normal and turned tragic.

When Feet Attack!

K’s feet no longer have it out for just her.

They have spread their evil powers further!

Team Clumsy was walking along.

Miss Clumsy teases Mr. Clumsy, which then required a retaliatory gesture.

Mr. Clumsy fatefully choose to try to start the game of ‘I’m going to step on your feet’.

Mr. Clumsy must have forgotten the fact that he was dealing with homicidal feet with intent to cause pain and destruction where ever they see room.

When Feet Attack!

Mr. Clumsy tripped on the way to step on Little Miss Clumsy’s foot, naturally.

When he landed upon the intended homicidal foot it sent him careening the opposite way.

Mr. Clumsy landed squarely on his shoulder.

I get a text from my kid:

“I’m at the ER. Mr. Clumsy dislocated his shoulder.”

Off we went to get her wondering how the heck someone dislocates their arm while shopping.

Turns out it wasn’t dislocated but broken.

When feet attack has become a curse around here.

I’m thinking we might have to do a sage smudging of the feet.

Perhaps a few dozen blessings or maybe we should see someone to have the bad juju removed from the little piggies.

Two broken Bones, six different casts, one surgery, two pins for six weeks, two slings, three splints in THREE months has the feet claimed!

When feet attack is getting expensive for everyone bitten by the curse of the clumsy feet.

From now on I think we might need to keep Mr. and Miss Clumsy in bubbles.

It might be safer for everyone.

I cannot protect you from the feet. If you get within striking range, I cannot guarantee how long it’ll be before you break something by way random foot attack.

You have been warned:

When Feet Attack can happen to you too.

The ground will rise up and gravity will claim another victim.

Tying my sneakers tight,

Meg xoxo

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    • Roshni on January 7, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    OMG! So sorry for him but that was funny!!

  1. its winter so i’m like living in slippers around my house. So far i’ve fallen down steps in my house twice! My husband is so upset with me that i’m soooo clumsy. I can’t help it!

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