We Are Property of “The Half-Blood Prince”

“I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death  if you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.”

-Severus Snape

 Any given day of any random week, if you asked my whole family, if someone was currently reading a book from the Harry Potter series http://harrypotter.scholastic.com/ for the past several years,  you’d find at least one of us, if not more is reading and then re-reading the books. Every time another Harry Potter movie would come out… we’d all re-read the whole series again before hitting the movies, it seems.

Luc’s LOVE of The Wizarding World has been comical to down right maddening over the years. At 3 he was trying to leap from the sofas to fly on my broom, carried a snitch in his pocket to Kindergarten and often was caught sleeping in his closet wearing his Sharpie Scar boldly on his forehead. He created the magic and we all fell in love with the books and movies.

When we purchased our first Bengal kitten in November. We all took one look at her and agreed instantly… She’d be our little Miss Lily Potter. You can read more about Lily HERE http://justalittlenutty.com/bengal-cat-our-living-room-leopard/

The first week we had Lily we were so smitten with such a bizarre, active, yet beautiful and sweet Bengal breed.  We knew kitty #2 would be in our future. We started saving up and enjoyed every single minute of joy that Lily brings to our lives with her antics and aerial feats. Bengal cats are one of the only breed of cats that we can own due to the fact that my Handsome Prince is EXTREAMLY allergic to cats. Sneezy, puffy, itchy and miserable if he’s in the room with the average cat for 5 minutes! Bengals have no to low FLD-1 in their spit, making some lucky cat allergy sufferers able to enjoy Bengal ownership sniffle free! 🙂

 The Bengal Breed has been such a wonderful blessing to add to our family.

We couldn’t help ourselves…  we fell into just the right deal! Snape had my Handsome Prince summoned to his side, twisted around his itty bitty little paws and before we knew it, We Are Property of “The Half-Blood Prince.” Our Family has again grown by 4 paws! Please welcome our new spotted sweetheart…

Mr. Severus “Snape”

Folks, we’re rewriting the tale of Harry Potter around here. In the books, Snape has a life long love for Lily. He did not get the girl but gave his life to the cause and tried to protect her son. AWWWW, so sweet. So Now for all of his troubles, at least at our house… Lily and Snape can be together forever.

Lily has chosen to keep her current last name instead of taking his… she is a progressive woman ya know. 😉

Smaller than a baby sock monkey….

Fits in the palm of one hand …

Born 1/1/12 this Potions Master has cast a spell over all in his kingdom!

Those sweet blue eyes will become the burning amber color like Miss Lily. Growing to be the size of a large house cat but with the temperament of a domestic cat but many of the jaw dropping skills of their wild Asian Leopard Cat Great Grandfathers. He will be able to leap higher than any domestic cat I’ve encountered and already have a series of vocalizations that are very expressive.

He may be tip the scale at only 2.2 lbs but The Half-Blood Prince is already action packed leaping, fetching, growling, stalking and very sweetly inquisitive. His spotted fur is going through “the fuzzies”, where they look a bit like they stuck a claw in the light socket as the courser fur is slowly replaced by a smooth sleek softness. Oh, these cats are soft beyond all reason. It takes all my will power not to bury my face is soft spotted tummy fur while he’s sleeping.

Both cats are more than happy to oblige us tummy rubbing time! For an animal that is a hybrid pet, they are both surprisingly affectionate to kids, others pets and strangers alike. They both choose to vocalize with chortles, hisses, whistles, throaty at times sort of frog like sounds, the sounds and pitches all mean different things and soon you’ll find yourself feeling like you can add Speaks Bengal Cat Fluently, to your resume.

Make no mistake, these are an interactive breed that will be up to no good unless properly trained, challenged, supervised. Although they wear a Cat Skin, these guys act very much like a dog as well as a cat. Playing fetch, announcing the arrival of guests at your front door, enjoys playing in water, confident, loyal, can walk on a leash easily & wiggle themselves right into the fabric of your life. They have a very high intelligence so Bengal owners need to keep these beautiful babies, an active member of the family.

Bengal Cats were created to replace the use of the Asian Leopard Cat in the fur trade industry. Sad. Breaks my heart to think of our fur babies as a coat sleeve! Bengals are the hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. Due to the restrictions of keeping an Asian Leopard Cat, many of the Bengals that people encounter at their pet stores are 4 or more generations from the original wild ancestor. I found that it was harder to acquire a cat and much more expensive if it’s father or grandfather was an Asian Leopard Cat. Those cats are really ONLY for the VERY experienced Bengal owner, not just the casual fan. We’ll be sticking to our 4th generation cats and have the best of all worlds. 🙂  You can NOT be too careful, when you add a pet to the family, please only do so knowing that you are responsible for that soul for it’s life time. Only purchase an animal from a trusted and thoroughly researched breeder, shelter, rescue group and take them to the vet immediately. Their life and comfort is important. A happy well cared for animal, will be healthier and easier to train.

Lily was not so sure about her new bud Snape for the first couple of days. Now they live in a fur pile and frolic down the hall together like a funky box of circus monkeys. Lily will stalk him, leap out and Snape’s fur puffs out from nose to tail, arches up like a classic Halloween cat decoration, makes a sound like a tiny machine gun while crab hopping sideways. I just want to squish him with loves!

Harry tells his son, “you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them [Snape] was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”

If you’ve been under a rock for the last decade, fell into the center of the earth and have been spending time chilling out with the dinosaurs…  then I can understand if you haven’t been following this tid bit of pop culture by J.K. Rowling. The rest of you… how did you ever escape POTTER MANIA?! I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to get the kiddos into Greek mythology because these books are littered with references that the kiddos found fascinating. “Fluffy” sparked the first great lesson! Check out LACMA… they have a wonderful ancient Greek exhibit and if you bring a kiddo under 18 you both get in FREE!!! http://www.lacma.org/ Highly, highly recommend a trip to your local museums!

We’re over the moon to be the Property of The Half-Blood Prince!

We may be the biggest dorks ever but we really don’t care, we’re crazy in love with our Lily and Snape!

Enjoying the Soft Snuggles of the Spotted Dark Arts Master,

Meg xoxo


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