Want Fries With That… Cake?

Lisa: Haven’t you ever looked at your globe? [Tears off wrapping paper on a gift with a tag reading “Happy Birthday! Love Grampa” on it] See, the Southern Hemisphere is made up off everything below the equ… [stares at Bart] this line.

Bart: So say in Argentina, and Rand McNally[pointing at Rand McNally logo on globe], all their water goes backwards?

Lisa: Uh-huh. In fact, in Rand McNally, people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people.

Bart:[impressed] Cool!

– The Simpsons

Luc’s accidental cake. Thank you Albertson’s, it was a plesant unexpected find!


While the boys were out to breakfast the other day, Kenzie and I were on a mission to make Luc’s Birthday cake.

We looked at our assortment of mixes and frostings, nothing jumped out at us and screamed Luc. So we decided that maybe we’d start with ice cream flavor and work our way backwards to frosting.

Sometimes a shift in perspective is all one needs to get some creative ideas flowing. Plus, we’re the ice cream ladies of the family so it’s much more fun to us to think frosty creamy goodness flavored abundantly with our favorite bits.

You may find your creativity in many places, just so happens ours was going to come from our local frozen foods section.

Don’t judge just because you had your child’s cake ordered weeks in advance… I bow to you but then give you the stink eye. We set the bar obtainable around here. My not so little guy was torn about his birthday treat and then finally decided to leave it to us girls the night before. He LOVES homemade cake so we had big plans… until we got a little side tracked.

THE HAMBURGER CAKE!! AH HA HA HA this was too good NOT to come home with us!


 Since he was a little guy, Luc has ALWAYS been up for a hamburger. For 3 solid years when ever we would ask him what he felt like having for lunch or dinner his answer was an unwavering, enthusiastic, “Hamburger!”

We went in for ice cream and left with the coolest cake for only $12.99!!

I couldn’t believe how cheap it was for how neat and detailed this cake was. There was even a side of fries dipped in ketchup!

Side of Fries?


Kenzie was positive that this was the cake for us BUT we still needed ice cream as requested by the birthday brother.

We found a small version of his favorite ice cream cake on sale too.


Thank You Albertson’s http://www.albertsons.com/searchstores… Your Bakery hit this one out of the park & for such a sweet deal!

Everyone LOVED the Hamburger cake!

Luc couldn’t believe it was cake!

Everyone couldn’t wait to take a bite of this Burger!


It was the most fun and easiest birthday cake we’ve purchased in a long time. It tasted great too! White cake with white frosting… can’t go wrong with that! I was truly surprised to find this at my local Albertsons and then shock turned to glee when I saw how cheap it was!

I am grateful to have witnessed the thrilled look Luc had when he saw his HUGE burger and fries!

It was so cool!

The moral to this sweet tale is… Don’t discount your local markets creativity. My local Albertsons seemed to have upgraded a bit and it truly shows. The quality of their products have improved but their prices have stayed the same.

Our awesome find left us free to spend a little girl time together. It’s nice to spend time with each of the kids one on one. They are turning into such different and fun people. I so enjoy listening to what they are thinking, dreaming and the plans that they are making.

I guess there is a little bit of bias mixed into my nutty BUT I think these people that teach us daily about the world, leave their wet towels on our bathroom floors and call us Mom & Dad are pretty dang neat and we’re lucky that they still acknowledge us in public still, willingly. 🙂

It might be a miracle!

Next time you need a little miracle in the form of a last minute cake… check out your local Albertsons.

We were impressed!

Homemade is always an awesome way to go but if you need a Big Hamburger and a side of Fries, look no further than Albertsons!

May your Sunday be Frosted with Giant Burgers,

Meg xoxo




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  1. I actually made a Cheeseburger Cake. I have it pictured (recipe too) in one of my earliest posts. What a surprise to see this one!

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