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You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.

-Joel Osteen

Use Your WordsToday’s Use Your Words post is a new writing challenge issued from the ever fabulous Karen at Baking In A Tornado! This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once. Each writer has received their own set of words. No one knows who got what words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.


Happy #UseYourWordsFriday !

words 1

The Handsome Prince and I go on and on about needing a vacation, wanting a vacation, plotting for it and every so often we’ll even shed a tear or two over that ever illusive vacation thing we hear tale of.

Living in Southern California is a bit of a vacation already. The weather is pretty darn fantastic so it allows for a lot of great times outdoors. Many of our friends have pools, entertaining yards and often invite our nutty family over for a day of cooking on the grill and visiting while everyone plays.

A girlfriend of mine had just closed escrow on her new house. The same day she moved in, she sent out an invite to a pool party that coming weekend.

At the bottom it said: B.Y.O.C.

Bring Your Own Cat?

Nope. Bring Your Own Chair.


They had never had a backyard before so they had the pool now but seating would come later.

I rummaged through the garage for a set of those old banana lounge chairs that we had acquired when we were purchasing storage units. They were old but oh so awesome to hang out by the pool with back in the day. They got tossed into the back of the truck with the cooler. The kids and I set off to celebrate this great big step with our pals in their new digs.

The place was hopping with people. The kids instantly went off with their friends and I munched my way past the snack table and unfolded my lovely retro banana lounger in the perfect spot near the tree. I figured I’d get a little sun and then be grateful for a bit of shade later.

I took the home tour and chatted with people I had not seen in a while.

Then she busted out a blender that they had gotten for their wedding (8 years ago) and had never opened. She was thrilled to finally have a space for it and went out to the outdoor bar behind me to see if the electricity worked. When the miracle of working plugs happened she announced, “Green Smoothies for everyone!” She promptly went to work blending up margaritas, um, uh… I mean green smoothies. 😉

I sat down in my chair and relaxed in the sun. Ahhh, so nice.

After declining a green smoothie, I was given a “smaller” one anyway so I leaned back and enjoyed the view… for a few seconds, at least.

“Meg! Meg!” my friend was screaming and waving at me furiously.

I gave her a quizzical stare and waved back dramatically like I was a queen in the parade.


“BEES! BEES!” She screamed at me pointing at the tree.

Which is the Meg equivalent of “Flipping run! You are about to be murdered swiftly by winged death”!

(Not scared of them, just very allergic.)

I had a couple bees already on me, so naturally I wigged out.

I tried to jump up but part of the lovely ancient banana lounge let go from underneath me as I abruptly jolted, which launched me and my drink. As my butt hit the concrete, the darn drink coated me but in the smoothest of moves I had gotten one of my feet stuck through the warped, cracked rubbery lounge slats and was now firmly attached by the calf to this chair.

I could hear the humming of their evil little wings so brightly, I tried to plant my other foot on the ground to get some pavement between us.

However, my pride had other plans.

That brilliant other foot found another portion of the now twisted chair to lock into.

I might as well have been wearing cement shoes and swimming with the fishes because that spawn of Satan chair was not letting go. Now, I’m shrieking, failing, wearing a sugary drink and trapped in a flipping chair as unknown to us all, a ball had hit a bee hive in the tree and knocked it down sending angry bees everywhere.

Next thing I know, I’m looking at her husband wielding the massive hose they filled the pool with, aimed right at me. He’s spraying me down and yelling for me to get in the pool.

The chair and I did as we were told.

words 2

It was chaos but we all made it safely into the house.

Ye ol’ medication was fetched just in case I started to have a problem but fortunately no one got a sting that day.

There we all stood. Seventeen of us, mostly sopping wet straight from the pool, on their brand new three day old hard wood floors and laughing like the house was filled with silly gas.

“In a time of crisis, there’s Meg waving from her chair like a princess. (starts laughing so hard she can hardly breathe.) You… you threw the drink in your own face… *gasp* I’m sorry we tried to kill you but you have to do that again so I can get it on tape. Funniest… Oh, Oh best thing I’ve ever witnessed. Chair! Chair!” she razzed me nearly doubling over with laughter.

I’ll give it to her. She can tease me after an attempted murder since I was still kicking and we were currently floating the floors they worked so hard to get. We’ve always been the crew to decompress with a warped sense of humor.

I could see the story now…

“Local Woman Trapped In Chair Gets Buzzed To Death”

words 4

That would have been one hell of a way to ride into the sunset.

She has attempted to reform her murderous ways and has taken measures to not invite the flying death brigade back to the party again.

Now when it is time to give the signal to clean up the fiesta, they go to the garage, get that broken lounge chair and toss it in the pool. Then they tell the story of their housewarming from hell while everyone pitches in to clean up.

With friends like these, it is not necessary to use your words.

Acquiring a fairly good set of survival skills, now that’s a must. 😉

words are a source of magic

My words are:

Massive hose ~ quizzical stare ~ banana lounge ~ green smoothie ~ ride into the sunset

These awesome words were submitted by:

(Side Note: Although I tease, they are wonderful people and I love them dearly. I wasn’t going to out their murderous plans here but how many times in life does someone ask you for a banana lounge story. Come on. Right?!)

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  1. I laughed. I am sorry lol. Just picturing the chair and someone tangled together. Poor butt too. I bet that landing was hard! Did you at least enjoy a little of the drink??

      • Meg on January 17, 2014 at 8:47 am

      Nope. I held it for two minutes before I launched it into my own face. It was refreshing though, I suppose. 😉
      My butt was bruised so bad I sat on a blow up hemorrhoid pillow for two weeks after.

  2. I swear I’m laughing WITH you not AT you. OK, well maybe a LITTLE at you.

    Hysterical story. Great use of your words. You rock. As always.
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Use Your WordsMy Profile

  3. Meg, I loved this story! I can only laugh at the one-foot-stuck-into-a-banana-chair/covered in margarita scenario because it so sounds like something that would happen to me. Hey, you gave the new home-owners a story to cherish forever. Cheers to the epi-pen!
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Use Your Words!My Profile

  4. Laughing HYSTERICALLY at this!!!! I swear it sounds just like something that would happen to me! LOL
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…USE YOUR WORDS!! January 2014My Profile

  5. I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing but here I am, giggling away. What a great piece!

    (Glad you are ok!)
    Michelle @ Juicebox Confession recently posted…Use Your Words: My StormMy Profile

  6. Thank you for the wonderful laugh — and I laughed harder because it sounds like something that happened to me. It was most enjoyable story.
    Carol Graham recently posted…Can You Say ‘No’ To Those Soft Brown Eyes?My Profile

  7. You did great in using these words, they were a challenge. Had me cracking up!
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…A story of love…Feb. 2014 USE YOUR WORDSMy Profile

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