Two Weeks

After two weeks of working on a project, you know whether it will work or not.

-Bill Budge

plexas- pour it shake it drink it

When we started taking the Plexus products we signed up an ambassador to get the discount because we’re cheap that way. It was helping some friends of ours so we gave it a whirl.  They encouraged us to take before pictures so as we went along the journey to better health, we could look back and see the changes for ourselves.

I found a t-shirt that I claim must have done a little “shrinking” in the dryer because it was a bit tight now but then again, I was under the impression that I just had a little extra weight from a sedentary job that I carried well. I was going to  be drinking my pink drink to feel better and get healthy.

Then I saw my before pictures.

fat me 3fat me 1Holy Fish Sticks! Who put that there? What in the can of busted biscuits have I been doing? This is not the body I ordered!

I was shocked, discouraged and nearly shed a few tears when I looked at the photographic proof of my muffin top with a bonus extra spare layers on top. I really had not been taking care of myself and I now had pictures to prove it.

Pass the Dr. Pepper and goldfish crackers… hold up, this may call for Bavarian cream to make it through this crappy low point too.

My friend said to give it a few weeks. I faithfully drank the pink drink each morning.

muffin top 2 week 2 muffin top 2 week 1Two weeks later we took pictures.

The first set of pictures bummed me out so I was in no rush to upload the new set.

Plexus sucess 2 week 1 Plexus success 2

I had been feeling fantastic and I knew I’d lost some weight but when I put the pictures side by side it really hit home how much my health and life has changed in those two weeks.

I am finding that it curbs my sweet tooth and I’m am wanting to eat less fatty, starchy and heavy foods naturally. I had previously tried to cut soda out of my diet but never with much success beyond cutting back.

Now I have no desire for soda and find myself craving plain water.

how much water should I be drinking daily

That NEVER happened before. I am a card carrying member of the Water Tastes Yucky Club but I find it super easy to drink nothing but water now. I used to crave coffee and chocolate… now I can get enough strawberries, apples and broccoli. Sounds bizarre and I tell you that it couldn’t be more true. I LOVE it!

Many little weird health issues are disappearing, I’m steadily losing inches off my body and I feel good from the inside out. You can read about all the changes I’ve noticed since starting on Plexus here

It is pretty dang cool.

I am super excited!

I got rid of 9 pounds of junk in my trunk and can’t wait to see what another fourteen days will bring!!

What changes can you make in two weeks?

Want some more information about this pink drink or need to get some for yourself… Here’s where you go!

I am changing myslef

I have learned a lot in the last month about my body and how to stop fighting myself.

With that knowledge, a little pink drink, super supportive pals (online and in person) taking this journey with me, the inches started falling off for the first time ever. The best part is I eat more than I used to and I’m always full but I’m shrinking at the same time. Crazy awesome stuff!

Now to get my arms back in shape so I can keep up with Kira out surfing this summer. She’s got a lot to learn and I finally have the energy to out paddle her. 🙂


Meg xoxo


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  1. Good for you!!! I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the first picture, but when you put them side by side my jaw dropped. You look GREAT.

      • Meg on March 11, 2014 at 7:39 am

      Thank you so much!! You are so sweet. I feel a lot better too. 🙂

  2. Great job. I need to try this stuff, it sounds amazing.
    Christy Garrett Parenting Tips recently posted…$25 Gift Certificate to The Crafty Bow-tique Giveaway Ends 3/24/14My Profile

  3. Was complaining about how tense and sore my body has been feeling lately and was reminded that I’m not drinking ANY water. Having a job that keeps me on my feet all day long makes this difficult. Another great reminder of why I should be drinking more water. Love your results. You must be so happy!
    Jacqueline recently posted…Hiding away in collegeMy Profile

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