Tomato Butternut Basil Soup

“Grilled  cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.”

-Ina  Garten


Tomato Butternut Basil Soup is a kid favorite around these parts.

The Handsome Prince and I totally agree that there is something about plain old tomato soup that makes us instantly lose our appetite.

That would be putting it lightly, we both abhor tomato soup.

It’s a double hate for The Prince as he loathes soup in any form for the most part as well.

You can try to toss some crackers in there or maybe a spot of cheese but still, we say yuck.

I know, we’re weird.

I was helping a friend cook for a dinner party she was hosting.

We argued about her soup being a “bisque” or not. She says bisque and I say if it doesn’t contain seafood it’s not a bisque, it’s a soup.

Either way, it’s good and I got to play with her super cool immersion blender.

An immersion blender is a MUST for budding cooks, fans of creamy soups and lazy folks like me!

It allows you to completely skip the step of transferring hot liquids from a pot into a blender.

I look at that as an opportunity to NOT burn myself thank you. Immersion blenders are also awesome for making chocolate milk, Ovaltine, diet shakes, protein mixes and for the lazy, you will find SO many wonderful short cuts from this gadget.

I made the Tomato Butternut Basil Soup for my family and they LOVED it!

It’s become one of those treasured family recipes over the years that everyone looks forward to.

It is really simple to make, friends will request the recipe AND it’s vegetarian!

You do have some options to not make it vegetarian friendly as well… because we’re all about what ever floats your boat around here.

In a pan saute over medium heat:

1 Large Diced Yellow Onion

2 Tablespoon Fresh Minced Garlic

1 1/2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Saute until the onion and garlic is nicely browned.

Add into a large pot:

The contents of the saute pan

2 1/2 Cups of Cubed Butternut Squash

For you squash haters out there, the flavor will only enhance the richness of the broth and give this soup a creamy infusion of some awesome nutritional benefits! As a bonus, Butternut Squash is readily available and super cheap during the winter months. I have been purchasing my butternut squash for no more than .99 cents! This makes it an extremely cheap and easy way to include some excellent healthful practices into our foods.

3 1/2 Cups of Diced Tomatoes

Dice up those bad boys from the garden or you can always use a 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes or the equivalent.

1/4 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves Chopped

2 1/2 Cups Vegetable Stock

If you would like to take this dish away from the vegetarian path, you may add beef or chicken broth instead of the vegetable stock. I have made it each way and I do prefer chicken if I was choosing between beef or chicken.

Sprinkle Kosher Salt and Pepper to taste.

1/2 Teaspoon or so should do unless your so moved to get crazy.

1/2 Cup Tomato Paste

1/2 Teaspoon of Thyme

Bring the pot to a boil, put a lid on it and then turn it down to simmer for the next 30 minutes or until the squash is tender and falling apart.

Now grab that awesome immersion blender and blend until smooth.


Put the soup through the blender in small batches, blend until smooth and then return to a large pot.

Remember when you work with hot liquid, ’tis better to do many batches that don’t explode hot magma-like tomato butternut basil soup across you, the kitchen, the pets. It’s tomato butternut basil soup is excellent but so not worth 3rd degree basil burns.

When the soup is back in the pot and smooth… we’re going to make it creamy and amazing!

Add to the pot:

1 Cup Greek Yogurt, Whipping Cream or Cream Cheese

Ahhh, too many choices? Yogurt is the healthy version but yes it does lack the super thick punch that the full fat gives but it’s still really good. I make it most often with Greek Yogurt. Whipping Cream is always in my fridge and has made an amazing soup or two in my kitchen… just last week. 😉 Cream Cheese is how my girlfriend makes it and it’s obviously wonderful enough to get me excited about her recipe. It depends on what you need or want from this dish.

Mix the creamy wonderful awesome some what fatty item of your choice into that soup and heat over medium until it’s nice, toasty and perfect to serve.

Top it with a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Serve with croutons, bagel chips, french bread, baguette or our favorite way…

with a little cheese crispy on top!

(cheese crispy post coming soon)

I served my family the tomato butternut basil soup and then proceeded to announce to everyone at the dinner table,

“I am putting the leftover soup in the fridge but BEFORE any of you re-heat more, let me know so I can get some pictures first.”

I am trying to teach myself how to take better photographs.

I think I owe it to ya. I try not to burn your retinas because I love you. 🙂

I had been reading tricks to photographing foods in different mediums that suggested that I should consider photographing food cold.

Thus the putting away of the soup for the night.

3 AM two of the kiddos decided to make a snack of the rest of the Tomato Butternut Basil Soup.


Best part is they both left their bowls on the table as evidence.

I stomped and huffed. I strutted about squawking like a chicken.

I totally got a full visual of me wearing feathers which made me laugh and make my family suspect that there might be more than one personality in my skin.

Everyone went off to school and I went to work scraping the sides of the pot to gather the last bits of this lovely tomato butternut basil soup.

I felt bad for griping at them.

The light bulbs in my kitchen conspired to go out within days of each other so I headed outside for some natural light.



Having trouble. I’m not getting my expected result for what I was trying to do.

Everything is wet outside so my lazy said no to putting a drop down that would get damp so I could picture easier.

My dumb butt thinks that I really can do everything until it ends up in my lap.

As I was carefully balancing the tea cup on top of my knees and Iaid contorted across the stacked for the winter patio lounge chairs, my oh so helpful Labrador launched herself at a taunting lizard on the wall.

In her bumbling leap, she side swiped my stack of loungers.

Looking a bit like a seal balancing a ball, I saw it happen.

Hands full of an irreplaceable camera, body contorted, teacup spinning like the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disneyland shooting tomato butternut basil soup directly across the offended dog’s rump roast before toppling over.

Some spilled up my legs.

Plenty went into my lap, across my shirt, all over my hands but not a drop made it to the camera.


I sat there tomato butternut basil soup coated and laughed at the hit from the karma bus I had just sustained.

I took a few more pictures to commemorate this special moment in the history of my many failures.

Molly had licked herself clean from the soup and was now trying to “fix” my pants too.

I argued that dogs don’t eat soup but she thought otherwise.

I let her in the back door and decided that I would just take my pants off right there so I wouldn’t track soup through the house.

I wiped my hands off on the clean parts of the pants, stuck my tongue out at the doggie on the other side of the siding door and dropped trow.

With camera hanging around my neck, pants around my ankles, I hear a noise as I’m falling over trying to get out of my tomato butternut basil soup pants prison.

The neighbors behind us have tree trimmers inspecting the tree at the back corner of their property.

They are all standing there like fish with their mouths open, my electric blue lace drawers the only thing separating this from a lady bits moment.

Like a freaking genius all I could think to say was, “Uh, I spilled” and proceed to laugh like I had just inhaled the happy gas with the hyena.

I’ve got to hand it to them because they did turn around as I fumbled in the door leaving the offensive pants on the ‘Wipe Your Paws’ Mat.

I quickly pulled the drapes completely closed… like that was going to erase the fact that I just flashed the neighbors workers in a blue thong.

I laughed. I cried a second. I called My Handsome Prince, we laughed until my side ached and my face hurt.

Tomato Butternut Basil Soup… excellent for eating, not so much for wearing.


Still smelling like Basil,

Meg xoxo

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  1. This looks really good. I never thought to combine my two favorite soups! I know you’ve been by before, but please come share this recipe at my Farm Girl Blog Fest:

    Happy Holidays!
    Fresh Eggs Daily

  2. Funny story! I make messes like that all the time. The soup looks great, in and out of the bowl.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe with Foodie Friends Friday. Hope you will come back after the holidays and link up again!

    Cynthia at

  3. Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday! Please come back on Sunday to VOTE!

  4. What a mess! Looks like it made a lasting memory though! LOL The soup sounds yummy! 🙂 My name is Cindy and I blog over at I wanted to invite you to link up your recipe and any others at our Gluten Free Fridays Recipe Link up party! It happens every Friday and we’d love to have you join us with some of your awesome recipes! It doesn’t mean that you have to be a gluten free bloggers. If you have some recipes on your blog that are gluten free that counts! 🙂 Many recipes are naturally gluten free.
    Thanks, Cindy

  5. Rich and creamy butternut squash and tomato soup is a nutrient-rich comfort food, easy to prepare on a chilly autumn or winter evening. Although butternut squash is harvested in late summer and early autumn, the flavorful squash stores well and is available in most areas throughout the winter.

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