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Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character.  ~S.W. Straus

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There is a magical place where all types of wonderful treasures can be found, haggled over and purchased at a rock bottom price. This fabulous fun place of savings has affectionately become known as “The Will” around these parts.


“The Will”, Goodwill, thrift store, treasure barn, second hand shop… call it what you like but it is one of the most fun ways to add a variety to a wardrobe.

The kids are going back to school in a matter of weeks and outfitting four people with new clothes, shoes and supplies gets extremely expensive.

Seasoned back to school Mama tip: Start at The Will and see what you find first before hitting major retailers.

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Twice a month The Will has a 50% off sale.

If you donate clothes or goods to The Will you receive a 25% off coupon good for that store.

You may also use that 25% off at the 50% sale giving you 75% off!

Do I have your attention now?

We’re getting 75% off everything… even that .25 cent tchotchke or $200 bedroom set if it so moves you.

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Each of the kids goes through their current clothing and makes a list of items they would like or need before the sale so we know what we need to accomplish before school.

This year we attended the big sale and had too much fun shopping together.

Each of the kids found tons of things that they loved and many were brand new with tags still on!

thrift 2

We filled 2 1/2 carts FULL of band t-shirts, vintage cardigans, skinny jeans, board shorts, blouses, brand name pants/dresses, zip up hoodies, shorts, books and of course I found plenty of VHS tapes that needed to come home with me.

thrift 10

Hello! Gone With The Wind for .5 cents, Thank You!

After 75% I spent a grand total of $132.00.

They got way more than EVERYTHING on their lists and I might have tossed in a few things too.

That is FOUR new unique wardrobes for less than a night out.

thrift 11

Saving so much and having the kids beyond thrilled with their purchases made us still come in under budget even after going to the mall to purchase the brand name sneakers and a few special extras they each desired.

Sure I’ll be in Target picking up another pair of pants for someone or new under things in the next few weeks but we saved so much already that we can indulge providing we check the Target website for some of their great printable coupons first. I’ve picked up some excellent cotton t-shirts for less than $2 with coupon so heads up shoppers!

Sometimes we find nothing but sometimes we find almost too much fabulous.

thrift 7

My kids are asked all the time where they got a cool shirt or an outfit they put together and they proudly say, “The Will”. We have kids that want to hit The Will with us because we have the best time and find the neatest stuff.

I look incrediable

Great part of having a big family is that many pairs of eyes leaves no excellent deal unchecked. 🙂

We had a blast and totally knocked out most of the back to school stuff in two hours. The kids have closets and drawers stuffed with brand names to one of a kind relics. They own twice as much as we could afford at full price. I paid .25 cents for each Ralph Lauren Polo that looks just the same as the shirts sold at Macy’s.

thrift 3

Hmm… call me crazy but I’d rather get ready for college tuitions than yanking out plastic for a lifestyle that isn’t going to teach our kids a darn thing.

Plus who doesn’t like feeling like you can walk into a store with a couple bucks in your pocket and walk out with mostly anything you wanted?!

thrift 8

Shopping at The Will is not only fun but it is teaching our kids life skills.

They’ve learned how to budget, toss together a professional outfit, pay attention to details, combine colors, try out different styles, what NOT to purchase second hand, how to turn unwanted items into a fat discount of something you can use and that a little creativity goes a long way in stretching a dollar further.

thrift 9

Not a bad education before school even begins. 😉

Happy Shopping!


Meg xoxo




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