The Less Than Grand Canyon

Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.

-George Will

canyon 2(All the pictures in this post were taken by The Handsome Prince his freshman year at NAU and rephotographed badly by me with his permission. Thanks Babe!)

Every family has their odd stories that get weaved into the the fabric of our strange life we share together, only to grow larger over time until you have a full blow conspiracy theory on your hands.

Only in my family, you say?

Well… this is how the less than grand canyon came to be the stuff of legend.

Let us begin at my childhood, I vividly remember getting into a huge argument with a family member about the fact that I had not been to the Grand Canyon but they swore that I had been there with them until vacation photos proved otherwise.

Was it THAT important? Nope but I was right and would have loved to visit.

Twice in high school I tried to get my group of avid campers to do the Grand Canyon donkey express down to the bottom, then spend the week camping and hiking.

I got really close those times but given that we all like to camp AND surf, I had a tough time convincing my beach bum pals to willingly head to a land locked state for that long.

canyon 3

The Handsome Prince went to Northern Arizona University after high school. He would call me in Cali while he drove to the Grand Canyon to watch the sun rise and take pictures for his photography class.

I was SO jealous.

We made several plans for me to visit but each time something major would crop up to cancel our adventures.

My other best friend moved to Arizona so I thought that nothing would stop me from visiting those two now!

I was wrong.

More plans were made and we all swore that this would happen!

The Handsome Prince called shortly before the visit to announce that he had decided that he needed to change gears, careers and was moving to Florida for school.

Florida?! Oy.

canyon 1

There was no time left to squeeze in our trip to the Grand Canyon before his next life adventure so we promised to make it a fun road trip another day.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that it is a giant hole in the ground and you either love your visit or find it rather lacking. I thrive on being outdoors so I believe that I’ll find it as moving and inspiring as my better half did nearly two decades ago.

Fast forward a bit… four kids and a dog later, we decide to do our trip to the Grand Canyon.

canyon 5

The car was packed and we were leaving the next morning!

Right on cue, at about 2 am the first kiddo started vomiting. Shortly followed by the second and then the third by 9am that morning. Sweet! Grand Vacation called on account of the flu.

Seven months later, on the eve of our rescheduled family trip to the Grand Canyon we had a kiddo come down with a double ear infection and I broke my toe tripping over the dog.

Trip cancelled due to total irritability with the world and the fact that two members of the herd weren’t going to be happy campers. By that I mean me. Dang it! I just wanted to get to the darn canyon, take some pictures, have a few small panic attacks about the height and the thought of my children getting too close to the edge, make some good memories and go home.

Was a fun educational family vacation too much to ask, Universe?

canyon 4

We had planned, saved and did our very best to make it happen but it was not meant to be.

When the topic of trying to plan a family trip comes up, so does the legend of the less than grand canyon.

The Prince and I have tried twice more to go just as a couple for a little “us” time.

Both times we had to cancel due to last minute work obligations.

Drat! Being a responsible adult stinks on ice!

We live close enough that if we left our house before breakfast, we could be there for lunch.

To solidify the stinker that would be our “vacation” this year, someone tossed out the less than grand canyon idea to celebrate our anniversary in August.

The desert in August may not sound swell but I was willing to take it if it means a vacation would be had.

The Universe was listening and promptly demolished our plans the following week.

The less than grand canyon plot was shelved for another time once again.

canyon 6

So… I have this theory.

Perhaps the world will come to an end if I ever get to the Grand Canyon.

On at least ten occasions I have made an attempt to visit but was thwarted.

Maybe having two such amazing things in once place (*snickers*) would be too much awesome for this planet to handle and the natural balance of incredible would be drastically altered.

Maybe this whole time I’ve been saving all of our lives with my inability to execute a proper vacation.

You’re welcome. 😉


Meg xoxo


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