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“If nobody is everybody then somebody can be anybody.”

claws 12Welcome to Take Two of July’s Secret Subject Swap. This week, 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Today is extra special… You all remember my daughter Kira from her most excellent Secret Subject Swap post a few months ago. Give it up for a girl who’s talent is not walking and chewing gum but she’s a fabulous budding artist and writer. Not many thirteen year old kids jump at the chance to take on a deadline and work for free but I’m glad she agreed to share her passion with us.

Welcome back K!

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This month the “Secret Subject” is: 

You are a character in a fairytale. Your name is Solaria the Giant Kisser. After an exhausting day searching for your next victim, you come across a clearing. In front of you, there are 3 huge blue doors. Which one will you go through? What do you see on the other side?

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the book stickThe Land of Universe

After a long day of searching for someone to kiss, I walked up a very tall hill with long grass that swayed in the slight breeze as it blew from the East. As I get to the top of the hill I can see that there is a large field up ahead down the tree lined path through the forest. I walked the short path until I reached the field and could see it all clearly.

claws 11

In the field there was three humongous blue doors, like the color of the sea just before sunset.

Curious, I trotted down the slope to check them out.

“Am I dreaming?” I wondered.

The doors looked fake, almost transparently plastic like.

Which one should I go through?

claws 10After thinking my decision through for a few moments, I decided that I would try the door in the middle.

The doorknob shined as though it were brand new as it glimmered like a shiny nickle. I reached out tentatively with my right hand, grasping the knob I slowly turn it causing the door to unlatch and slowly swing open towards me.

I could feel a cold breeze that smelled of freshly baked bread and Nag Champa incense.

“Ooooo!” I said prancing through the door.

Once I was inside, I began to feel strange. I was a little light headed and then the room started spinning when I developed a splitting headache. It suddenly passed and I realized that I had human hands. Not only did I have human hands but I had human feet… I looked like a human!?

“I’m… I’m… Oh my gosh, I’m NORMAL! Ugh!” I yelled exasperated at the disgusting sight of my plain and repulsive normal.

claws 6

What was around me was anything but a normal conventional place. The trees wore bright purple leaves and the grass was the color blue of a cloudless desert sky. This sky was a splash of tie dye with the colors of a rainbow streaking through it as though the heaviest rains had just come through messing with all the colors of the sky.

The door behind me seemed to vanish, like it never existed in the first place.

I began to get really scared so I started running down the path in search of anything that made a bit more sense. This world seemed never ending as I passed by the oddest of things. Strange animals, multicolored birds with four feet and six orange eyes each with its own set of long pink eyelashes. Cats with two tails and tentacles that slither when they slip, dragging them along the ground like scaly snakes. It was like a million eyes, they call to me.

Something hit me hard as if I were body slammed with a wall of steel and I slowly dropped to my knees and blacked out.

When I woke, I was lying upon a soft fluffy white marshmallow…literally.

“Welcome Newcomer,” a pretty girl said to her in a soft voice.

“Um… Where am I?” I asked her.

“You are in The Land of Universe, my friend. My name is Prudence.”

“I’m Solaria.”

Prudence became serious, “Would you like to stay one day here or leave now… your choice.”

claws 8

“Well… what is there to do in The Land of Universe?” I questioned her.

“There is rafting down the chocolate rivers, rolling in the mint field hills, of course watching the cotton candy clouds make shapes and climbing the candy cane trees to get the gum drops is always fun,” She informed me excitedly, jumping up and down slightly.

“Do you think I could look around and stay for a little while before I go back home?” I asked her hopefully.

“Of course! But… you may only stay one day and then you must leave,” She said strictly. “It is the law, you only get one day and then… you’re gone! You will go on a journey to find your way back.”

“Okay,” I meekly whispered rather sad to have to leave so soon.

I began to explore the mystical, delicious and magical place of The Land of Universe.

claws 12She was right, this place was truly amazing. They had anything and everything that could be imagined coated lightly in a dusting of sugar growing straight from the candy littered ground. Sweet candies, vegetables and fruits dusted in sugar growing from every possible surface.

The land was a very mild 73 degrees with a slight wind that smelled of peppermint that sent chills up your spine… perfect. I felt weightless, like I could soar through the cotton candy sky like an eagle. This feeling was unlike any other… one of a kind. I wasn’t sure where I really was, if this was a place from my dreams or if this was really the new reality.

I met so many extravagantly elegant Universe folk, dripping in candy and dipping sweet treats into vats of caramel, chocolate and candy coatings they offered me to share. They all had such kind hearts that it made me wish desperately to stay with them in this marvelous wonderland of sugary goodness.

claws 9Wandering along not really noticing where I was going, I can across a field. Looking down the little hill I could see the same three doors just as before. This time I noticed that each of the doors had two large squares engraved upon each one of them.

“Wandering around lost was the journey? Really?!” I asked out loud feeling sort of stupid for believing there was some great challenge before me. It was my choice: Leave now or hopefully be stuck here forever… as a normal.

I threw myself down onto the grass and began to sob heavily. How could I possibly choose between the world of my dreams and my real life that I was beginning to miss. Being Solaria the Giant Kisser did have it’s perks and I missed my friends at home. I wondered what the penalty would be if I tried to stay forever. After sobbing for so long I finally drifted off to a long and restless sleep.

kiss 1 I woke I was in the field… without the doors… without the magic they hold.

I started to cry when I looked down to see that once again I had soft purple fuzzy feet with four little black claws upon each one.

“I, I didn’t e…even get to ch-choose!” I realized.

Then it made sense to me that I belonged rightfully in this world. It was a big job to be Solaria the Giant Kisser and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I was happy to be home when I crawled into my warm, soft, cotton sheets in my very own bed again. I thought about the next day and my plans of searching for my next victim to kiss. My thoughts drifted back to the land of my dreams that I will never forget… The Land Of Universe.

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  1. Kira,

    You truly blow me away. I have chills. So hard to believe that your imagination and writing skills are this well honed at such a young age.

    How do I love this? Let me count the ways . . .

    The world is yours to write your way through. Can’t see where you go next.


    • Roshni on July 19, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Wow! That was so very imaginative!! Loved it, Kira and Meg!

  2. What a creative and wonderful story, Kira! Keep up your writing… it’s going to take you to great heights of success!

  3. Dude .. Meg, your daughter wrote this? Holler!
    Great job Kira with the prompt and your imagination is astounding!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. This was amazing! Your imagination and creativity are something to proud of girl! Keep writing, you’re going places 🙂

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