The Kids Favorite Veggies

If vegetarians eat vegetables,
what do humanitarians eat?


As the Mom, Co-Captain of this ship and the Resident Personal chef to the people that live in my kingdom, I’m always trying to find another veggie dish that the kids like.

We are all big vegetable people and even one of the kiddos is a strict vegetarian.

Sometimes it’s seriously daunting to come up with an excellent versatile side dish that is beyond fantastic that also doesn’t cost a small fortune, is healthy and doesn’t take forever to prepare.

Last week I needed a yummy side to go with our meal and tossed this together.

Everyone had seconds (except Luc who doesn’t care fore broccoli yet) and became the kids favorite veggies.

They were so good we had a version of the kids favorite veggies several times last week and over pasta last night.

The Kids Favorite Veggies

Large Pan or pot with lid


2- 14 oz cans of Vegetable, chicken or beef broth depending on the flavor you wish to achieve.

*Use 1 can of broth IF you do not wish to have leftover broth in the end*


1 medium sized Onion chopped


1 Envelope Lipton’s Mushroom Onion Soup Mix

(I HATE mushrooms and this is just plain ol’ delicious so trust the process those who’d rather no fungus among us)

4- 5 Cups of your Favorite Veggies on hand

We’ve really liked different types of zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, carrots, green beans.

The kids favorite veggie combo is:


2 good sized zucchini cut into pieces


2 1/2 Cups Broccoli


1/2 Teaspoon Chopped Garlic

(Alright so in the picture there is clearly more garlic in my dish than I’m saying. Garlic and I are in a relationship… the average Joe might not want to be me but I do keep the vampires off the street. It’s a free service I provide. πŸ™‚ If you love garlic, go for it… that’s about a tablespoon or so I tossed in there. Mmm amazing!)

You can go ahead and add salt and pepper if you must but I really do feel that there is enough sodium going on already.

In your pan combine the Lipton’s Mushroom Onion Soup Mix with the two cans of broth.

High Five if you busted out your own homemade broth to use… you’re my hero!

When that’s nicely mixed, turn the heat to high.

Add the onion and your chosen veggies, mixing gently as everything is getting bubbling hot.

In no time it will be at a boil.


Put the lid on and turn the stove down to medium/low.

Let that just cook away.

I let it cook about 15 minutes so the veggies are softer side but you may certainly cook yours 10-12 minutes if you would like your veggies much firmer.

The vegetable have such a rich flavor and all of them melt together so well.


(Look… I made chicken marsala for the first time and it was good!)

If you would rather have this as a main dish OR to make it the star of leftover night… toss the veggies with a little of the broth over some pasta.

That was a leftover night we DEVOURED!

Now here’s the reason why I use 2 cans of broth, look at the amazing vegetable onion stock I’ve got here!


A good 8 oz. glass full of this incredibly rich stock.

I toss a label on it (also indicating if it is vegetarian or not) and Ziploc that yummy stuff right into my freezer.

I use this powerhouse of flavor on roasts, potatoes, chicken, soups, stews and anything you could think of that could use a zap of savory flavor. It really is wonderfully handy.

You got to eat veggies and like it too. πŸ˜‰

How very grown up of you.

The kids favorite veggies basic recipe allows new vegetables to be introduced along side old favorites and for some reason kids seem to accept it. Before long they’re eating any type of veggie and actually enjoy it.

I couldn’t get The Handsome Prince to eat cauliflower this way but I guess ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

When I make the kids favorite veggies everyone is happy .

There is something wonderful about hearing your kids asking for their favorite vegetables.

I may lose my car keys constantly, trip over myself and have a desire to drink the stock this makes with a straw but dang it I’ve done something right when they ask for more greens…. and they’re not referring to the money in my wallet. πŸ™‚

Wishing you fabulous meals with the people you love to the moon and back.

Checking for leftovers,

Meg xoxo

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    My yummy posts πŸ™‚

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