The Handsome Prince

“Only those who truly love and who are truly strong can sustain their lives as a dream. You dwell in your own enchantment. Life throws stones at you, but your love and your dream change those stones into the flowers of discovery. Even if you lose, or are defeated by things, your triumph will always be exemplary. And if no one knows it, then there are places that do. People like you enrich the dreams of the worlds, and it is dreams that create history. People like you are unknowing transformers of things, protected by your own fairy-tale, by love.”

 -Ben Okri

I try to write a post to love on my family on special days BUT I admit, I keep putting off The Handsome Prince post for Valentine’s Day.

Intending to Roast him a bit, I keep getting stumped. My heart swells when I think of my Handsome Prince and all that comes out is goo sweet enough to spread on your pancakes.

Sure I considered purchasing the Anti Fart Blanket for our bed because of him, he wears a purple zip up neck to ankle sack when he’s cold and he’s got a strange habit of eating cereal from my large glass measuring cup. Not the stuff roasts are made of. 🙂

I submit to you…

15 Random and Awesome Facts About My Handsome Prince

1. I started calling him My Handsome Prince when we were just friends. He is a Knight amongst men and has saved the day for myself and others more times than I can count. First to show up with tools to fix it, arms to help and if all else fails he knows just what to say to make it OK.

2. He remembers movie quotes like Rain Man. It’s Bizarre!

3. He’s teaching the kids to play Black Jack and Poker. He is a very good player but really enjoys the mathematics so by having family game night he’s increased the kids math scores by leaps and bounds!

4. I believe he may be part cat… NO ONE loves a nap more than this guy.

5. He never liked his first name and tried to change it to his middle name but no one would call him by that. Then he went to summer camp and got the nicknames “Muffin” and “Peaches” that stuck for the next 15 years. 🙂

6. “Muffin” is a motorcycle guy. Works on them, rebuilds classics, dyno tunes and creates custom fuel maps for them, rides and races them. He’s especially handsome in his leather suit… yummy.

7. “Peaches” is also a licensed boat guy, Smog Man, car mechanic and a pretty dang good welder as well. Crazy part? He is freakish about staying clean so you’d never know he’s been wrenching by looking at his hands or clothes. Heck! I walk in the shop and I get covered in schmootz!

8. He had never held, rubbed or owned a cat until a couple of years ago. Horribly allergic to cats with a family that loves them, he set out to find a cat breed he wasn’t allergic to. He found our “Lily” and then was so smitten with her he added “Snape” shortly after. Still claims to be a dog guy but I have pics he would kill me if I posted with 2 cats and a dog all napping on him. 🙂

9. My Handsome Prince lives in today. He accepts everyone for who they are but has a unique gift to see the longer picture in people. I often wonder why he puts up with some people, then I realize I am one of them. He sees potential and is not shy about guiding and encouraging. 

10. Our song is “Hold On Loosely” By 38 Special. That pretty much sums us up. 🙂 I met my Handsome Prince in high school and we were best friends for over a decade before we got it together. We waited SOOOO long to make sure. We had a intertwined life, kids and a puppy before we said I do. Upside down and backwards but ya know what? We’d not trade one dang moment. That’s what built our foundation.

11. The Handsome Prince may seem like a suave tough bearded motor head BUT if you crack that outside candy coated shell, he really has the kindest, softest most sweet heart. He thinks of everyone in every situation. That sensitive part of him might be the most endearing and allows us to have lengthy conversations without saying a word.

12. Fork it over if it’s chocolate, covered in sugar or gummy. Shhh don’t say anything but one drawer in his nightstand is dedicated to all things milk chocolate, gummy and snack. He shares though. 😉

13.He is the Teen Whisperer. I have never seen someone have the ability to get to the point, listen, compromise, dish out consequences for behavior and have the hormonal teen feeling really good about this little chat they had. Teens are not easy. Maybe it’s because we kind of live in our own never never land refusing to grow all the way up but he has such a knack to identify with and understand people which has been a freaking lifesaver! I wish I could bottle some of his magic.

14. He walked away from a million dollar opportunity because it would have made him miserable. He chooses quality of life verses quantity of cash. I LOVE him for it. Simple life lived happily is what he’d prefer and I couldn’t agree any more. He has a passion for what he does, a statement most people wish to make about their career. I couldn’t be any more proud of him. He’s pretty remarkable and very brave to plow a course that works for him.

15. He holds the dog every night. No, I mean he sits on the bed and Molly jumps up to park all of her 100 lb. frame on his body in his arms. They whisper sweet nothings to each other for about 15 minutes. Just holding each other happily, then Molly sits on me until I don’t pet with both arms and she huffs off the bed.Seriously, I melt when I see” Peaches” gently stroking her fur and telling her what a wonderful old girl she is.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am clearly my Handsome Prince’s biggest fan.

We’re the type that does things for no reason all year so long ago we decided to not really exchange gifts on holidays. If we want or need something we talk to each other and try to make it happen as a team. Frankly, I’m so cheap that I hate to spend because of a day when we’re still so dang infatuated with each other we don’t need a day to remind us.

I think it was the year he decided to spray paint some roses from the yard purple for me that we disbanded the gifts and went with trying to do just a few extra nice things for each other.

He has hinted that this year he got me something for Valentine’s Day.

My only hint… It could be perishable and I’ll love it for a long time.

I’m scared.

Did you all know that my mail box has not been fixed yet? Today was the due date! Yes honey, even the best screw step in it and forget to fix it. Read more about my mail box here.

Could I be getting a gummy mail box?

A little nibble as I go, should last me a few years. Wonder what the mail man will think. 😉

That wasn’t much of a hint considering the way his mind works decoded it means it’s not perishable so it’s not alive or consumable… unless it’s a box of Twinkies.

All the highs and lows, I am grateful for every moment I’ve had with this wonderful man.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other half of our lives and still absolutely head of heels in love.

It’s my most favorite fairy tale and that’s why he’s The Handsome Prince.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meg xoxo

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    • Roshni on February 17, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    awww! such a cute post!! Hope you guys had a fantastic day together!!

    • Teresa on March 30, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    I found you by inquiring about Corriganville. Then one thing led to another and before you know it, I was reading about your handsome prince. What a sweet tribute to your friend and hubby. I love it! Thank you for all the frat info on Cirriganville too. I enjoyed the read

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