The Glad Game

“Instead of always harping on a man’s faults, tell him of his virtues. Try to pull him out of his rut of bad habits. Hold up to him his better self, his REAL self that can dare and do and win out!”

-Eleanor H. Porter

The Glad Game!

It’s no secret that I tend to favor a good comedy, am a sucker for a sweet romantic tale and tend to lend towards PG than the bang ’em up bloody gory flicks.

I find that I really am effected by what I choose to watch or in my case, turn on for background noise while I’m doing other things.

I don’t like sad, depressing, negative or most war flicks… there is enough of that already in daily life that I would rather watch or listen to things that uplift and make me feel good. If I need to see someone shot I can turn on the news thank you.

As a child I vividly remember watching the movie Pollyanna.

I was struck by how much the girl playing Pollyanna in the 60’s version of the movie, looked like me.

Even at my young age, I envied how she connected with people and secretly wished I could be more like her.

For those that don’t know the tale, here’s a brief summery I found on…

Optimism shines in this classic 1960 Disney film starring Hayley Mills. When the newly orphaned Pollyanna comes to live with her wealthy aunt in Harrington Town, life looks promising. Despite her aunt’s insistence on propriety and modesty, Pollyanna’s cheerful, optimistic ways spread throughout the town–converting even a cantankerous recluse and a whining hypochondriac. Only Aunt Polly has trouble welcoming her young niece into her heart. In a clash between the townspeople and Aunt Polly over local politics, it’s Pollyanna’s influence that helps individual townspeople find the inner strength to stand up for their own beliefs. When Pollyanna is involved in a serious accident, Aunt Polly finally realizes how much she loves her niece. Can Aunt Polly and the entire town somehow restore Polly’s optimism and ensure a full recovery? Pollyanna is wholesome entertainment that will leave the entire family eager to play the “glad game.”

–Tami Horiuchi

Pollyanna has an infectious way about her.

She does everything but physically throw rainbows, unicorns, sparkles and joy at people.

All while remaining totally true to who she is. I LOVE IT!

In the first 10 minutes of this sweet tale we’re shown how The Glad Game works.

Pollyanna tells the story of how she had wished for a doll for Christmas but her parents were missionaries and they did with what they had donated.

When the donation barrel arrived she was so excited until she realized that it contained not a doll for her but a pair of crutches.

She cried until her father taught her to play The Glad Game.

He explained that she should be glad that she was healthy and didn’t have to use them.

For every stinking rotten thing that happens to us or around us, there is ALWAYS something that we can be glad for.

Even during hardships Pollyanna remained optimistic by playing The Glad Game.

Like a little candle in the darkness in a town full of negative, she was not afraid to share her light, her optimistic Glad Game and re- ingite the spark of all those she touched.

I was memorized that one little girl could be the change.

Then she had an accident.

It was those around her that she had touched and taught to play The Glad Game that would bring the sunshine back to her.

One little girl brought a community together by having a sunny outlook and sharing.

The rules of The Glad Game are simple.

Look for the good in each situation, replace the negative with a positive and press on.


*My Laptop is fried and I have to replace it. Instead of being devastated about lost work and the cost we really had not planned for ( OK I was for a bit)… I’m organizing a HUGE garage sale. My dead laptop is the catalyst to clear out our home/garage/ and stock from our business. Every dollar earned is closer to my goal of replacing my laptop AND I’m thrilled to be clearning some extra space in our home. I’m Glad to have things we’d like to sell, for extra space and to eventually purchase a new laptop that suits our needs. Lynn from An Elegant Touch reminded me, I am Glad and Grateful to  have a driveway/ garage in which I can host a sale from.

* I tore my favorite jeans right in the rump roast. Instead of tossing them I sewed a cheeky “Kiss My Patch”bright red pair of lips patch on that I’ve always wanted to but never had the nerve to rock. So I don’t wear them out to the market, work or PTA meetings but I rock ’em when we go camping or working in the yard. I’m Glad to still have my jeans and to finally add the patch I’ve been saving for just such occasion.

* I had a bad falling out with a family member. Instead of hardening my heart towards them, I delved deeper into exploring my own triggers and gained a better understanding as well as compassion for myself. We have not yet resolved our differences but using the strife as a positive helped me to be in a better place to repair our relationship. I’m Glad for growth, the opportunity to be understood and to understand their point of view more clearly.

* My tire blew at 11PM on our way home as I was crossing through a less than “safe” neighborhood. Alone with 4 children sleeping in the car. I was Glad to have a smart phone to provide me with instructions. I was Glad someone took the time to write the post that I read and walked me through this tire change. I’m Glad I know with confidence that I can change a tire again.

* Instead of being frustrated at having to work extra hours and take in odd jobs to fill in our gaps. I am Glad to have jobs, to have the ability to contribute to our family financially and take pride in the example to shows our children.

 Playing The Glad Game in NO way means we need to go about being perfect, robotic ,Stepford like people, happily obnoxiously extatic ALL the time.

Things have to be difficult so that we can appreciate when they are easy.

Have you ever noticed when you change your perspective or feelings towards something, you feel better?

When you change your attitude, everything else around you follows suit.

Things will come together and start to happen for you.

There will always be a laundry list of things to complain about.

The dry cleaners used too much starch. You lost your keys, arrived late to a meeting and then got rained on walking 4 blocks to your car. Dinner turned out awful. The kids have too much homework. This bill is twice as much as normal and the company is giving you the run around. You had to use your vacation fund to cover the car repairs. You have a kink in your neck, stubbed your toe… A change in perspective is in order or you’ll be left stewing miserably.

We all have a friend that does nothing but complain and never does anything to change any of it.

Time and time again it’s the same old negative. Like answering the phone to Eeyore.

At some point you look down at your incoming call and think ” Gee I’m not feeling up to getting dragged down for no reason” and not answer. 

If you are unhappy, change. If you can’t change the circumstances change your attitude and develop better coping skills.

We are the only ones that can choose to make happiness for ourselves.

I am by nature, NOT a positive person.

I had to come to understand how destructive a negative attitude is to my health, my relationships, my environment and my mental well being.

 The Glad Game has been my tool to tweak my attitude and perspective for much of my life.

Everyone wants Grand, Good, and Glorious things in our lives.

Reality is that life sends giant waves to crash upon us and hold us down, all while we are doing our very best to just keep swimming.

The Glad Game helps me to find that glimmer of hope.

The Silver Lining.

After a while, I don’t realize I’m even doing it.

My knee jerk negative pipes right up first but the glad steps up to squash it.

It’s a beautiful life but when your glasses are fogged you can not see all the wonders and color surrounding you.

In the movie there is a scene where Pollyanna is given a prism.

She is enamored by how it refracts the light and sends beautiful rainbows dancing across the walls.

The prism is like us as human beings, by all accounts normal looking on the outside.

When that clear prism is shown a bit of light, it takes it in and sends the most brilliant colorful rays of dancing rainbows like fingers to shine in every direction.

I choose to be a little flame. I choose to shine.

I choose to be happy and grateful no matter how big the crashing waves are.

I know that there is MUCH in this world to be glad about.

Turn the frown upside down and take stock.

I’m Glad you are here with me.

How do you choose to change your perspective?

Those who share care!

Love Always,


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    • Irish on August 26, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Oh my goodness! You just rock my world with how positive and motivating your are. = ) I love it. I love how you are so good at putting things in perspective of how to look toward the good in situations. I am going to be sending you and Lynn an email this week about a post I did and a question (project) I am up too. = )


    • Mercy on August 7, 2013 at 10:15 am

    I agree. Being positive makes life easier to live and problems easier to overcome.

    • Dana on August 8, 2013 at 7:48 am

    What an uplifting message! You are so right; there are many situations where we feel powerless to change anything, but we can always change our outlook or attitude. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Pollyanna is Absolute Nonsense on May 28, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Pollyanna is eerily similar to Invasion of the Body snatchers

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