The Fur Pile

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“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” 

 ― Robert A. Heinlein


The Fur Pile around here started with a sweet goofy Labrador named Molly.

Then the fur pile expanded to include a small spotted exotic Bengal kitten we named Lily .

Molly and Lily quickly became friends and the two of them ruled the house and the silly humans that reside within it.

The Handsome Prince is extremely allergic to cats and immediately fell head over heels for the first cat he was ever able to pet, let alone nap with and happily live with.

Lily was the furry answer to our prayers.

We were so smitten with our little leopard-like Lily, that we saved up for another Bengal Cat to join the fur pile.

Before too long I got a call from My Handsome Prince.

He had been to see a litter that we were considering and had fallen in love.

All he said was, ” I’m bringing Snape home” and hung up.

Our dark arts master, Severus Snape or just Snape as we call him, joined the ranks of the fur pile to be worshiped by the humans that he reigned over.

Bengals are a unique hybrid breed of cat that is produced from the mating of an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. Want to know what it’s like to live with exotic cats? Go HERE to read more about living with the fur pile.

Snape was carefully matched to Lily to insure that IF breeding did occur that the litter of kittens would be exactly the type of cat we wanted to own.

Snape and Lily fell in love.

Calling to each other in the rare moments they are separated.

They genuinely enjoy getting into trouble together, playing, napping and turning on the faucet to bathe like birdies in the sink. Always by each other’s side.

Right about the time we thought that maybe these love birds wouldn’t be having any bitty spotted kitties to add to the fur pile, there in the hallway for all to see and hear was not a doubt that these two had just crossed the friendship line.

That was a really fun conversation to have around the breakfast table.

The Birds, The Bees and The Bengals.

Before long Miss Lily was pregnant.

We had a good idea when their kittens would arrive so it was no shock when she alerted me to the fact that those little kitties were about to have their birthday. She wanted to have them on our bed, then perhaps under the bed on the ab lounger that we never use but then we convinced her that the box we had prepared for her weeks earlier was really the hot ticket. Thank heavens!

The family gathered as Lily labored. She was very loving, communicative and did an excellent job delivering four beautiful fur babies into the world.

To witness instincts and the bond that exists between a mama and her babies immediately had us all in tears. There are no words to explain the terrifying exhilarating joy to experience something so incredible with the people that you love.

The fur pile might be itty bitty for now but I am confident when I tell you that there is no bunch of kitties that are more loved and wanted.

Keeping with our Harry Potter tradition of names, I am just pleased as punch to present to you the newest members of The Fur Pile:

Draco Malfoy

He was the first born and from day one, the most aggressive about getting his fair share of food… and his siblings too! He’d blindly claw at a sibling until they’d cry and move. For bully like actions, we figured he’d make a good Draco. He is a very laid back little guy. He doesn’t seem to mind be handled at all and would really like to get into trouble exploring. He just started swatting at sibling tails or limbs for fun. The other day he looked like jaws, biting everything that came near him. He looks at it, smells it, bites it, them tries to see what happens when he uses claws against it.

Luna Lovegood

Loony, I mean Luna is the brave silvery second born little girl. She has been the girl to do it all first and seems to always be trying to hatch a plot to escape from her box. From the moment she opened her big eyes (like her mama’s) she reacts to our voices and now will come straight to us meowing. She has become one of the favored kittens with the girls because of how high pitched and sweet her little cry is. She arched and hissed when getting extra loving from the dog… but the hiss that she gave from the bottom of her bitty toes came out a meager “Kkkk.”

Bellatrix Lestrange

She’s always on Luna’s heels and it’s often hard to tell the girls apart. Bellatrix is actually a very sweet little lady unlike her name suggests. We just love her markings and one of the kids suggested that all these stripes and spots looks like what fires out of Bellatrix’s wand… and it stuck. She loves to be pet and leans into your hand to get a better scratch. Once she started grooming herself, she started grooming everyone else too. It’s really sweet to see she snuggle up with Lily and clean mam’s face with her tiny little tongue.

Alastor Moody

Alastor was the last born. He looks to be a replica of his big daddy, Snape. Alastor has the richest red tones to his pelt and the largest of the kittens so he’s not hard to locate. He’s an eater and a squawker. He has a shrill cry when removed from mama but as long as this snuggle bunny finds a warm cozy place, he’ll curl up for a nap in no time. He sucks his tongue when he sleeps… his paw, his siblings nose, ear or paw for that matter.

His little face reminds me of a lion.


Snape has his nose bent out of shape due to the fact that we’ve been keeping mama and kittens separated from him.

He isn’t aggressive in the slightest but oops is not an option so I choose to be safe than sorry. He does go in with the kittens while supervised and he is very loving and mama Lily comes and goes from her babies to be with him too. Not to fear, his little heart isn’t totally broken being separated from his mate. Lily, Molly and the rest of the family are making sure that he knows that he’s still the star of this freak show.

They all just opened their eyes and are starting to becoming steady on their feet.

The Fur Pile Family will be reunited and racing down our halls in no time.

I can’t wait and am terrified at the same time.

It’s all I can to to resist the temptation to crawl into the box with them and be a part of the fur pile.

They are just an absolute delight!

To share such a miracle with my family and to watch these beautiful fur people is such a blessing and a gift.

You can read more about Lily HERE.

How we got Snape HERE.

When Snape was a cat martini HERE.

The TRUTH about owning an Exotic Bengal Cat HERE.

Gosh, I’m just a bit obsessed about these fur people, huh. 😉

We long since gave up on having clothes without fur on them somewhere.

We like it that way. Lots of people and the sneeze free fur pile that makes us smile.

More Pictures from The Fur Pile Soon!

Purrrfectly happy,

Meg xoxo

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    • Roshni on December 11, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    They are sooooo cute!!!!!! So amazingly itty-bitty!!! Love them!! Smooches to the babies and the proud parents!!

    • Megan L on December 12, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    I WANT ONE. So cute and adorable and fluffy!

  1. Amazing photos of these intriguing kitties, Meg! I just Fwd-ed your blog post to all my Dear Families who LOVE cats, so you may have some new visitors…

  2. DH and I got 2 Rag-Dolls this past summer. They’re brother & sister, and are currently curled up in a “fur pile” behind the computer monitor.

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