The Dance Of The Plastic Cutlery

“Way down deep we are all motivated by the same urges, cats have the courage to live by them.”

– Jim Davis

If your home is bless with the pitter patter of kitty paws, chances are good you have been treated to the dance of the plastic cutlery a time or two.

Cats will always amaze me.

One moment they look so cute and sweet. The next they have made a new game up and are performing aerial stunts like little spotted circus clowns.

Alastor decided that he needed to go exploring.

He found my picnic bag that contained a bag of plastic silverware. Of all things to attract his 12 week old little eyes but he decided to select a plastic knife to co-star in his abstract performing arts piece.

Ever so gently he retrieved his plastic cutlery prize and laid it upon the floor.

He studied his new partner in calamity.

I give you A Crazy Bengal Production of the beloved interpretive classic, The Dance Of The Plastic Cutlery.

Falling backwards while hugging the knife adds a dramatic twist to the tale…

No matter how many expensive toys you try to buy for a Bengal, they always seem far more interested in bits of trash and things you never thought they would want.

Alastor’s Mama likes to steal straws right out of our drinks when we’re not looking.

His Daddy is our pack rat cat that hordes prizes he finds around the house.

Bengals do everything with sheer joy and exuberance.

The Dance Of The Plastic Cutlery is currently being performed sporadically through out the day.

Want to know what it’s like to live with an exotic pet?

Check out my article Living With Bengals for the truth about living with these spotted little friends.

It might get just a little nutty around here with all these spots but it’s a privilege to be owned by such fine furry friends.

With lots of Bengal Kisses,

Meg xoxo

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    • Roshni on January 27, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    He can’t love it and he can’t leave it!!! LOL!! So very very cute!!

  1. I can just see you with a big smile on your face taking picture after picture. These are just adorable. If I had kittens to watch I might never blog again, so entertaining.

  2. What a cutie pie!! Hey, don’t laugh, the way things go, that could be a new Olympic gymnast event in a few years LOL. Seriously though, sounds just like kids and presents – no matter what you get them, they eventually end up putting it aside and playing with the boxes. 🙂 [#TALU]

  3. That is probably the prettiest cat I have ever seen. I have never heard of Bengals. How fascinating. (talu)

  4. What a wonderful set of photos!

    My cats are almost 11 years old and they play a lot less than they used to. That just makes the times they DO play more special. ~TALU~

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