The Chronicles Of The Blue Pot…

“I know by my own pot how the others boil.” 

 – French Proverb

BEHOLD! The most awesome pot ever!


 If you don’t cook you won’t understand how one pot could change your universe.

It won’t make the world start spinning the other direction, your left earring to be found, do your mountain of laundry or make your toilet seat to always be in it’s desired position.

It will change the way you cook!

I’m not kidding at all! I’ve always enjoyed cooking but then when I was responsible for creating and serving most of the meals around our home, my casual interest turned toward a desperate passion. Having 4 kids under 6, I was desperate to find meals that my kids would enjoy while exposing them to a variety of new palates AND working within the budget. Now that they are all so much older, cooking has become a treasured past time, a way to connect with each of my children individually, a educational tool, an experience but in the end we’re all going to gather together at the end of the day so cooking for my family has become an expression of love and affection.

I have had a variety of pots and pans over the years. None stick out as better or worse than the other, they were there to do a job and they served their purpose. I would frequently hear about or see a display for Le Creuset Cook Ware. They caught my eye with their vivid choice of color and style. I had a gift certificate so I thought maybe I’d go get that pot my girlfriend hasn’t shut up about.

That’s when it happened…

There I stood in the middle of William Sonoma head over flip flops in LOVE with a Le Creuset French Oven Pot.

Some people know it as a Dutch oven. Oh No… now no fighting between the Dutch and French, we’ll think of it as a Dench or Futch oven if we must combo it but either way Dutch or French it ROCKS!

That’s great Meg… I’m reporting you to that My Strange Addictions Show

I promise it’s not Jerry Springer worthy love of this pot I feel. Hang up the phone. No need to get Dr. Phil in here.

I embraced my new found pot..I know I’m not the only one that can be caught hugging and grinning at my lusted after purchase, as though it were a cute fluffy new little kitten. No? Just me? Eh, at least I give other shoppers something to talk about at Bridge Club tomorrow. Anywho, I was hugging my pot. Then it happened.

While I was running my hands over it’s gorgeous enamel cast-iron, I felt THE STICKER.

THE EVIL STICKER ruined my day! 🙁

My $100 gift card would not cover even half of the cost!?!?!?

What! Oh Shiitake Mushrooms!

I almost passed out but potentially taking out displays and cracking my noodle on the ground and gushing blood everywhere, might damage my innocent pot friend. I tried breathing and tearing the pot back out of my grasp. It could not come home with me THAT day BUT someday it would be mine. Oh Yes, MINE! Air felt oppressive as it deflated right out of my happy pot dreams. I pouted, stashed my gift card and started planning how much I needed to save each week to get it. Plans! Goals! Ticked off! Leaving to eat a cookie!

Months later my beautiful pot would come into my life via a gift from a very sweet family member. Thank You! Oh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! I was so thrilled I was rendered speechless, which is a rare moment indeed. 🙂

Oh Holy Cow! I was like winning the kitchen lotto! I have quite a few wonderful kitchen items that I adore and appreciate but this Blue Le Creuset French Oven is used EVERYDAY. Have you ever received a gift that you used EVERY single day? It’s a rare and magical moment when you can give that gift that is so incredibly AWESOME that is used, loved and appreciated daily but also changes how you do business in your kitchen.

Girl, you must think I have a money tree, spending close to $300 on a pot!?

If you do have a money tree, share a clipping so I can grow one too!

I know it’s expensive… that’s why I only have one so far. Friends, the Le Creuset line is absolutely hands down worth every single penny spent on them. They cook like no other cook ware I have ever been privileged to use. I am as frugal as they come but yet I am saving to buy another one. Once I have another, I’ll be saving for another and another, until I can replace all of my current pots and pans with them. They are THAT good! If my penny pinching paws would cough up the cash, you better bet it’s worth it and then some!

They are VERY heavy, enameled, cast-iron, French oven that is dishwasher safe and can be used in an oven up to 450 degrees.

I LOVE the fact that the knob will withstand up to 450 degrees!

I have made everything from steaks to cornbread in this pot. It has seen countless veggie dishes, cakes and seafood. I mastered our favorite chicken and rice dish in this. When it’s a grey day out and I pull out this pot, it’s like it has it’s own gravity. Suddenly my kids are circling in and out of the kitchen offering to clean, cut and chop for the soup that is always made.

Sure, I burned some dishes in this and my hand too. It taught me to appreciate the wonderful things we have right here and enjoy them today, the pot. Patience and perseverance to achieve those praise worthy goals of tomorrow, the other pots in COLORS!

Worth it, yes! YES!!!

It cooks evenly and is so very durable while also being such a stylish stand out piece in your kitchen with it’s flair of color. Dishes that I struggled to cook before magically came together with ease after this pot came into my kitchen arsenal.


I had never been using real quality equipment. The equipment that you use in your kitchen, does make all the difference in the world! Now I choose quality over quantity and I have never been happier.

You can find Le Creuset many places but some of my favorites are…

William Sonoma

Sur La Table


Crate and Barrel

Bed Bath and Beyond

I love it and I know you will feel the same way… how did I ever live without this!

No doubt it’s a costly addition to the family.

Sleep with it by your bed at night and you can justify this heavy sucker as an addition to your security system, as well as a seasoned pot that will work magic in your kitchen!

Just a thought. 😉

Save your pennies today & Le Creuset will be on it’s way… in no time!

 I am Dying to try the their frying pan too. Maybe my Handsome Prince will add it to our security system. wink wink;)

Nah, he’s hip to my tricks.

I heart my frying pan post to come as soon as it is carefully picked out and paid off.

Wishing You Window Shopping Joy,

Meg xoxo


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    • Stephanie on July 21, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Hi…Just a note for those that truly cannot afford Le Creuset. I, too was coveting this cookware. Before finding a similar enamel coated cast iron pot at my local HEB supermarket, ($29USD) I began to study Julia Child. I found that she used Descoware in the beginning. Made in Belgium. This can be found on Ebay for a good price but the shipping will get you. I began to scour Estate sales and the like and have put together a fairly nice collection at a decent price. I have a skillet, 2 sauce pans and a small casserole dish. Le Creuset can be obtained the same way if you just look!

    Odd for a woman that swore she would never cook with cast iron because it’s so heavy! How wrong I was!

    No matter the brand…you will LOVE enamel coated cast iron!

    Thank you for the great article!

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