The Byproduct of Breakdowns is Breakthroughs

Week #2…

The Byproduct of Breakdowns is Breakthroughs.

Beautiful Brighter days are Boundless for the Brave that continue to Brazenly go about being themselves.

Bumping your Butt on the Bottom is necessary to Breakthrough the Blahs, Bleakness and Bluish Black Haze that enfolds when we Backslide and Believe that we are Broken.

Berated and Blackballed Based on labels imposed by others Beliefs.

A Blow that I Blindly Blundered into Blissfully unaware, until Bombs and Barbs had Blown the Boundaries into a Blazing pile of Bewildering Betrayal.

Battlefield drawn, no one Bashful about Boasting Belittling Blunt truths as we see it.

Bizarre how much Bigger Blame Becomes when Blabbered from a Broken heart.

Bruised Beyond words to Be a part of the Bane of this Relationship.

None are Blameless as the Bedrock split and the space Between Ballooned.

Baffled, Badly wounded and to Blame for Believing that I Belonged Briefly.

Behavior can Be learned to Benefit others But Being Backed, Boxed and Bent to  Befriended causes Backlash.

It Begins to Breed a Backlog of Bad Beastly Boiling feelings about to Bust, no matter how you Broach it.

Backfiring Big time when the Beckoning to Beam and Be me Blew up the Beautiful picture.

Burden to Be Brainless enough to Bask in the “Better” Bountifulness and not expected to Be Bossed, Bothered and Beautiful always.

Between the Bombshells we Boldly Banged out our Bigger dreams, Bitten, Bullheaded and desperate not to Be the Burnouts and Buffoons Broadcast to all By those Beloved.

It would take a live in Butcher, Baker and Butler for this Butterball to Be a Bionic Babe!

Bit Bohemian, still scared of the Bogeyman, Brash, Bright, Boyish and usually running a Bit Behind.

Big Beautiful dreams of Bunking down in the Boondocks.

Bare open space to Better and Benefit our family.

Bedazzled in our Brains, with Back Braking work we could have a Bountiful Backyard of Blossoms, Beautiful Bucketfuls of Begonias Beside the Back porch Bench for all to Behold.

A Bubble Blocked from Bickering, liars Bluffing, where Bright Brilliance, Basic Beings and Bonkers Belong and Baked goods are plentiful.

A Place where the Bleating of Blowhards Bends no one’s ear.

Where Bengal Cats Blitzkrieg with Boundless energy and Blessed is the energy.

Bewitching, Beckoning dream that keeps us Bailing faster and faster to Be where we find Bliss.

Books are Best Friends.

I Bolt when Bombarded, an anxiety that causes Blunders Both physically and vocally.

Afraid of Being Bamboozled, it takes me a long time to Be comfortable with Big decisions.

I look to my Handsome Prince to Bolster my Backbone as my Belief in myself is Backwards and I am very Breakable Behind my Black Jack worthy Buff.

Because I’m Bent on Being Benign, I often Bottle up what I should express until I get Blocked and Bust out Barking at everyone, which does not Behoove anyone.

Blowing up in a Blaze of Beware of the crazy lady moments.

Better Balanced when Busy.

I am the Biographer.

This is our Biography.

Some days will knock your Bobby socks off and others are Boring But these are the Best days.

Together eating Bologna sandwiches on the Beach with my Best Friend By my side in life, watching the kids Body surf, feet Buried in the sand.

These are the people I Blubber about, Boast about, my Beacons in the Bleakest times, those that make this life Bearable, Beautiful, Better.

I still can’t seem to find a decent Brisket in this town But if that’s my Biggest Bitch, I’m Beyond Blessed!

Be you Beautiful,




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