The Best Things In Life Are Free

The Best Things In Life Are FREE

About a month after I was out into the world, on my own… It hit me while standing next to my mailbox. Getting the mail, SUCKS!

As a child I’d recieve postcards from traveling friends and family as well as many cards from loved ones. I loved holiday cards as a child, with their bonus $5’s and $20’s from charished people that lived too far away to celebrate together.

That first month brough shock and resentment as FICA stole my money and I now had rent, gas, water, electric bills announcing their due dates. OH CRAPTASTIC! Suddenly those warm memories of waving at the kind mail man have been replaced by me waiting until it may be possiable the post  holding up the box may topple over, to shuffle slowly towards that evil box, only to spend the rest of the day paying bills, window shopping catalogs and wishing that my mail came as often as the old Pony Express. BOOO! To being a responsiable adult and paying bills in a timly manor! I’d rather be catching up with old friends on Facebook, than viewing whatever lurks in that awful box at the end of our driveway.

That was until I started couponing…. It’s as if coupons make the world a happy sparkly place with rainbows everywhere and purple unicorns handing out ice cream cones! Oh Freakin’ please.

They are awesome and will change the way you shop, spend, save and live! But NO unicorns, sorry.

One of the WONDERFUL pieces of mail I look forward too, now! Always goodies to find! The best things in life are free!


When I began to look into couponing, I realised that I could recieve high value coupons buy signing up for some websites. At times, some of these companies would send me a small sample of a new product and a coupons that made their new product cheap or free for me to try!

I enjoy this concept, as it allows our family to frequently try a new product in our area at a rock bottom price, that sticks within our household budget. Best part is, we have found quite a few products that have become a staple around here, this way.

Example: I am a member at Kraft Foods First Taste… sign up Here

It’s a neat program from Kraft that let’s you know about their new products, ideas, recipes… they have a whole dang commuinity over there of super creative people plus coupons!

They sent me this NIFTY green envalope the other day.

Backside of the Wonderful Green Envalope!



I was reading the back and it peaked my intrest. FREE COUPONS! Best things in life are free and in couponing too! 🙂

Oh My Goodness!!! They came at a fantastic time too. Albertsons issued “doubler” coupons in our local newspapers. Using a doubler on the second coupon with their current sale I got an additional bag for just .99 cents! 

This made for a great dinner! Kraft Fresh Takes Come in 6 flavors and can be found by your shredded cheeses in the dairy case. Love Tasting a new yummy product! The Rosemary and Roasted Garlic flavor tasted even better than it smelled! Thanks for the free coupon Kraft!

Another wonderful gem from the Postal World!!


 What’s this??? Another Package??? HURRAY!

This one has Molly written all over it!

Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats in sample packages!


 If Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats sounds familler you might have read about them here

Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats have been given many tail wags and 2 paws up by our resident cookie monster, Molly. I am thrilled to have these smaller packaged size treats for her! They are just the right thing for packing her up to go camping with us. She’s very happy with the treats provided and we’re grateful to Walmart for providing this Free sample. To find offers and free samples mailed to you from Walmart, you must look often on their website. Paying a little bit of attention, you’ll see when they are offering samples, coupons and goodies you may enjoy.

I look for FREE samples that we would like to try on the following sites often. They seem to encourage the idea that the best things in life are free. But then again who doesn’t LOVE a GOOD SAMPLE…



Kraft First Taste

Buzz Agent

Proctor & Gamble

Betty Crocker



Nikki’s Freebie Jeebies

Another GREAT way to get some good coupons for products you enjoy or would like to try, is VERY simple. Go to a product’s website and go to contact. Leave the company a short message about their product. Compliment them, ask a question, offer a suggestion or thank them for a job well done while telling them how their company fits into your life. Poof like magic, in a matter of days… your free coupons and often high enough value coupons arrive in your mail box! Companies want feed back but they also need you to purchase it as well. I issue some good coupons, magic happens and we all are happy when we can get FANTASTIC products on the cheap to serve our families. Here’s a short list of some of the Fabulous companies that I have personally contacted and recieved a responce containing a Thank You and What? COUPONS!!!!!

 Thank You AWESOME companies that feed my family and make my life SO much easier! I appreciated the coupons and enjoy the mailing list rewards! Thank you from the bottom of my cheap little heart!

Mt. Olive Pickles-

Swanson Broth-


Celestial Seasonings Tea-

Zatarains rice-

Heinz Ketchup-

Cream of Wheat-

Smucker Jams-

Green Giant-

Bumblebee Tuna fish-

Nissin Foods-



Birds Eye Frozen Veggies-


Del Monte-


Mahatma Rice-

Bush Beans-

Minute Maid-

Tyson Foods-http://www.tys


Skinny Cow candy-

I know your busy, so turn on the TV each night and contact a few companies while you watch. Be heart felt and kind. In NO Time your mail man will be stuffing your box or give up like ours and come to the door. 🙂

Well… he also seems to knock on days that the house smells of baked goods fit for sharing. See this couponing thing is just great all the way around! Everyone is happy!

We’ve tried many new products simply from recieving a good coupon for it. Once we tried it, if we liked it, you’d bet we’ll keep buying it! Of course, when it goes on sale or I get WICKED coupons for it! 😉

I know that time is the biggest reason people don’t fully maximize their monthly budgets potential. We have to take some short cuts so that we can work our way out of debt, stay out of debt and provide for our families well. During such stressful times as this economic tornado has been, look for these little tips and bits of time that you can multi task to get done but it WILL impact your wallet in the end. It’s like losing 5 pounds buy just thinking about it. 

If that could be done, we’ll ALL be thinking pretty hard about our booty right now! …The waving under arm area, that little smooshy part near the hips, the thighs… 5 lbs of the Thunder Thighs Please!!!! I wouldn’t cry if you could swap my meaty thighs for a little boob upgrade. 🙂

Since you can’t zap 5 pounds off in the next 10 minutes… how about $5 off your budget instead, by simply saying hello and Thanks!

 Sounds like a plan to me!

 There are tons of products and companies out there. DON’T be afraid to reach out and say hello.

They want you to leave your house with their products in mind to purchase. Let’s start thinking smarter, not working harder here. A little bit of effort to shoot off an email can make a major change in your budget and the way you shop.

You may find a wealth of dog snacks at the end of your rainbow or driveway.

Remember, if the best things in life are free, then we should…

Always Try To Coupon Kindly,

Meg xoxo

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