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A Little Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” -Helen Keller   Several weeks ago the talented and beautiful Roshni at Big A Little a, bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award! It’s really neat to receive an award from a blogger I adore. She’s an exceptionally talented writer that delivers with such …

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25 Things About Me…

The Beautiful Blogger, The Sadder But Wiser Girl thought it would be a hoot to know more about my Nutty. She tagged me in the newest go round of the Facebook trend of yesteryear, 25 Things About Me. What is that you say? Oh, I just knew you were dying to peel back another layer …

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Easy Lemon Pepper Potatoes

“How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?” – Paul Sweeney Have you walked into your kitchen, looked through the fridge, pawed through the pantry and then threw your hands up and ordered take out? Even though you have plenty …

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The Family Dinner

My Homemade Challah... my family is known for eating out the insides so it looks whole until you go to cut it. Then they're busted! :)

One of the problems of our youth is that the family unit is broken up. When we’d sit down to dinner together as a family, we’d learn about each other. We had something people don’t get today. -Paul Prudhomme My Mother gave me this lovely book. I have read it cover to cover and have to …

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

The Best Things In Life Are FREE About a month after I was out into the world, on my own… It hit me while standing next to my mailbox. Getting the mail, SUCKS! As a child I’d recieve postcards from traveling friends and family as well as many cards from loved ones. I loved holiday cards as …

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