Swimming In Chocolate


cant stop the waves

I had paddled my surfboard out into the warm blue waters off the coast of a beautiful Hawaiian Island.

Closing my eyes and enjoying the gentle rocking of the water for a moment, I inhaled deeply.

Mm what a wonderfully chocolaty aroma. Did I catch a whiff of peanut butter in there too?

I dove off my board and went swimming in chocolate.

I had a blast there surfing on the chocolate waves with a peanut butter undertow.


My eyes flew open as I lay there next to The Handsome Prince at one in the morning.

I smell chocolate and peanut butter.

HP super sirius

No, I was not having some crazy sugar fix… I seriously smell chocolate and peanut butter like it’s in my bed.

I peeled back the comforter to discover that indeed I had been swimming in chocolate after all.

Picture it: The night before Mother’s Day.

The Handsome Prince presented me with an even better version of the slippers that I had requested. Awesome! He’s a great gift picker.

Then he opened the king sized Peanut Butter Snickers and took two of the squares out, setting the package next to me. We both are suckers for peanut butter and chocolate, especially PB Snickers.

Aw, what a nice guy to share.

Except I wasn’t paying any attention to the candy and eventually it got tucked into get with us that night.

I had showered and then tried on the beachy sun dress I was planning to wear the following day to the theme park to see if it fit.

I got distracted doing a few other things before bed and wouldn’t you know, I fall asleep notebook in hand, dress still on.

Then I went swimming in chocolate.

I must have snuggled the Snickers because I had that sucker all over my arms, all over the sheets, and coating 42% of the dress was the peanut butter portion of my Snickers freak show.

I leaped out of bed, screeching something about feeling candy coated.

The Prince leaps to attention ready to save me from whatever was causing such crazy while he’s sleeping only to find me covered in chocolate and pulling the sheets off the bed with him still in them.

He stood up long enough for me to clear off the sheets and then grabbed his pillow, pulled up the comforter and went back to sleep.

I got in the shower, dress and all.

Didn’t you hear that it’s totally more fun to hand wash things in the middle of the night, in the shower none the less? It sounded like the logical choice giving that I had liquified chocolate from my hip to my knee, in my hair and places that shall not be named.

I was a sorry scene.

When I had the clean up taken care of, I gave up on sheets for the night and went back to sleep.

Sitting upon the sands of a gorgeous beach, I reached into my bag for the sunscreen.

Rubbing the lotion into my skin, I’m struck my the fact that my Hawaiian Tropic does not smell like perfect summer days any longer.

It smells of… Chocolate!


I can now see in the thin stream of morning light that the comforter had been mauled in Snickers too and was extremely sticky.

Before I can do anything, The Handsome Prince does his trademark move of roll and snatch the covers.

I flipped the sticky part onto it’s self and held on to the last bits of my side of the sticky as all get out covers as he tried to snatch something he really doesn’t want after all.

Slowly I start pulling the comforter back towards me to rescue him from the yuck.

He woke to find me once again standing by the side of our bed with a wad of chocolaty blanket.

“Hi” I wave at him.

“Hello,”he chuckles. “Have you been attacked again?”

“Same vengeful squares of Snickers.”

We gave up and started our day.

Wasn’t exactly the way I would have like to have kicked off Mother’s Day but it was memorable none the less.

I like Peanut Butter Snickers but it’s best not to sleep with them.

Hope you had a day you can’t soon forget too. ๐Ÿ˜€

Look before you tuck in,

Meg xoxo

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  1. Unless that candy got licked off of you, I’m turning you in for the crime of wasting that candy.

    • Roshni on May 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Dammit, Meg! I had to scrounge through all my hidden stashes after reading this!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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