Super Saving Friday

If you can, you will quickly find that the greatest rate of return you will earn is on your own personal spending. Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich.

-Mark Cuban

 Good Afternoon Super Coupon Peeps!

Hope you all are ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend!

It’s no secret that I favor shopping at Albertsons. My local Albertsons is totally coupon friendly and the weekday morning staff can not be beat! After 3 years shopping there I have yet to have any issues that were not promptly resolved with many appoligies. From staff to management, I have nothing but kind words and good feelings about Albertsons… It’s my store!

I haven’t told you yet just quite how much my local Vons has cheesed me off for the last time! It is the closest store to my home but after many extremely bad experiences with management, I have made the choice to NOT spend my money with their corporation any longer! Having nothing to do with coupons, couponing or their bogus coupon policies at all. They are rude, curt and the manager that I’ve repeatedly had to go to for problems or being overcharged is absolutely Mr. Snippy from Snipperton, sometimes he spends time in down-right-rude-ville but much of the time he acts like a donkey’s behind. Yup, done with the entire Vons Corporation. I don’t care if it’s free, if it’s at Vons it’s NOT for me! If I have to be angry, frustrated and take 30 minutes to get the listed price for my purchase, well I take my business elsewhere thank you. I’ve had some good experiences with Vons in other areas. If we ever move, I’ll keep an open mind and try them again.

Jons Marketplace


 Jons Marketplace is a neat International Market with many locations in Southern California. International Market= you can find a bit of anything and everything from around the world. The neat part of Jons is that you can find produce there that maybe you haven’t tried yet or you find something that you haven’t had in years. They run some really great prices and offer “daily deals” usually Wednesday- Sunday. Their “daily deals” are what catches my eye and brings me in. Once there, I ALWAYS find another screaming deal that I had not seen yet. Have you ever had a real sugar Coke from Mexico? Oh yum! They have them there too! Friendly store all the way around! They allow coupons but I was told my local store does not accept Internet printed coupons. Don’t know if this is a store by store policy as I did not see it listed under their corporate coupon policy. I use very little coupons there as I usually go there for produce most of the time. Their deals are really good but like with every store you have to watch because sometimes it’s not the hottest ticket in town that day.

Guess how much I paid for 8 bottles of soda, almost 10 lbs. of onions, 3 red peppers & a bag of 3 organic lettuce…


 All of it was only $8! Not kidding!



 One of the Friday “deals” 5/18 only… 10 lbs. of onions for .99 cents! Yes, Please!

What shall I do with so many onions you ask?

I’m splitting my purchase in half and giving the other half to some friends of ours. They are totally worth the .50 cents spent for a good reason to stop by to gets some loves, visit for a few and catch up. We’ve all been so busy and I miss them. They are super shoppers too so I knew they’d be thrilled to enjoy my good deal. Silly… how else am I going to eat 10 lbs of onions? Unless I want to smell a bit like Shrek. 😉 

Red Peppers


 These sweet red peppers were on the Friday “deal” too for .79 cent per pound.

The Handsome Prince and I love to cut red peppers in half, take out the seeds, coat each pepper lightly in olive oil, fine sea salt sprinkled over and bake them in the oven for 15 minutes. When done the peppers peel out of their skin easily. I boil up some favorite pasta, toss it with a bit of butter/olive oil and fresh garlic. Add in the pieces of roasted peppers and were in heaven for dinner!

Let us grab cheap Lettuce!


 3 heads of Organic Romaine Lettuce for, wait for it… .99 cents! Don’t have to threaten me with a good time! Hop in my cart cheap Organics! Thank you!



A nice deal… must buy 4 but no more than 8 per person. Each .59 cents + CRV. Soda isn’t my favorite for the kids to drink but with the summer months ahead and BBQ’s coming, I’m ready to make some Root Beer Floats!

Sunkist Soda


 Meandering down the soda isle I spied a deal I missed & just so happened to have the right coupons for it in my purse! Sometimes the stars align and I am ready without making a return trip. 😉

Again with the soda. 🙂 About a month ago we were issued a .55 cents off Sunkist/Sun Drop coupon in the “Festival of Reading” portion of our Los Angeles Times Newspaper. I clipped them out and stashed them in my mini coupon folder in my purse along with those other coupons we frequently use but don’t have a deal in mind for yet. I just so happen to have 5 of them left and for this deal, you must buy 4 in the same transaction. I placed my extra coupon on the shelf in front of the Sunkist to stoke another shopper and got my 4 for .38 cents each +CRV. Sunkist makes for great homemade Slurpee’s!

For only $8, using only 4 last minute coupons we have soda for cook outs, salad for dinner to go with our roasted pepper pasta and a good reason to make the time to visit friends we dearly miss!

I have an errand to run by Jons tomorrow morning so you bet I’m going to stop in and pick up their Saturday “deal” of 20 eggs for $1.29! We have a freezer full of free sausage from a few weeks ago and some cheap bacon too. Maybe a big family breakfast is in order!

When you find a store you enjoy shopping at, master the art of shopping there. Talk to the staff and find a comfy stride. Don’t be afraid to try shopping at other stores with coupons or not. Most companies really want to serve their customers well and take pride in it. Never hurts to ask questions or clarify something your confused about before check out. I know many of the staff at the places I shop at by name. I find that because I give them respect and kindness, in return it is shown to me 10 fold. It makes for a very pleasant experience. I enjoy grocery shopping because there are many wonderful people that I look forward to and genuinely miss when they are not there. I like spending the extra few minutes to hear about their trip, how their kids are doing or what’s new. Makes my community seem small friendly cozy bubble in the world. Maybe I need a life but I can’t imagine a better one than the one I currently own. 😉

Save those pennies, they turn into dollars right before your eyes!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Making a dollar work for me,

Meg xoxo



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