Shredded Salsa Pork

Pulled pork jokes never get old.

~Joel Edgerton

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Let’s get one thing clear… in no way am I trying to pass my shredded salsa pork as the awesomeness of carnitas. I have actually never made authentic carnitas myself but we love it off our favorite taco truck.

I figure, why mess with a fantastic thing so I never attempted to make authentic carnitas the way they do it because their tacos are a wonderful treat, I look forward to when I’m not cooking.

This is the easy way I make pork tacos.

Different, yet similar but equally awesome.

Shredded salsa pork is a super simple, slacker way to make a flavorful meat that ends up in our tacos, burritos, salads, quesadillas and snacked on alone. Since I slow cook it all day in the oven, I would assume that this recipe would work marvelously in a Crockpot as well.

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Start with grabbing the right cut of pork.

I usually use the cheaper shoulder cut picnic ham. Remember that it is a fatty cut and is bone-in when you are purchasing it per pound. I usually cook 8+ pounds for my family of 6.

Pork lion works marvelously, as well and does not have much fat so it is not as moist and juicy but still rather wonderful. It works very well if you are making this in a Crockpot. I would make two good sized pork lions to feed all my people.

I have even used thick cut shoulder steaks for this recipe, so I could make a much smaller amount.

You can customize this recipe to fit how many you intend to feed easily.

Get out a large oven cooking bag (in the case of a Crockpot, do use a Crockpot liner because the salsa is crummy to scour, soak and repeat to get it clean).

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Decide on a favorite salsa to use.

I typically use about 24 ounces of salsa.

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Set aside 1 1/2 cups of your salsa to mix into the meat when you shred it. The rest of the salsa gets poured over your pork inside your cooking bag.

( You get a high five and a gold star if you made your own salsa.

One of my favorite salsas to make is The Pioneer Woman’s Restaurant Style Salsa… in case you were wondering where to begin in your quest to make a yummy salsa. Or open a jar, no one is jugging. It is all pretty darn fabulous in the end anyway.)

This needs no more seasonings or spices other than our salsa.

shredded salsa pork 8 shredded salsa pork 9

Cook at 275 degrees for 8 hours.

(For a Crockpot: cook on low for 8 hours)

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When the pork is done, it almost falls apart, it shreds so easily.

Drain 90% of the liquid from the bottom of the bag, around your pork.

Remove any excess fat, skin or bone (depending on the cut of meat you are using), shred the meat with forks and then add that remaining salsa to the pork, as needed.

shredded salsa pork 2

We like our shredded pork a little on the drier side so I add my additional salsa a half a cup at a time until all the salsa is mixed in nicely but the meat isn’t swimming in it. That way people can always add more spice to it when they serve themselves but the people that prefer it more on the mild side will be happy as well.

You don’t have to be bland like us.

If you are spicy people, spice this fabulous meat up with some hot salsa, a favorite hot sauce or any ol’ way that makes you happy.

shredded salsa pork 4We eat pretty healthy but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy wonderful foods.

We love to eat tacos but to lean it up a little, we make shredded salsa pork tacos inside slices of bell peppers or wrapped in a a long, crunchy romaine lettuce leaf.

Our family is so crazy about the shredded salsa pork that they get pretty darn creative about coming up with new ways to eat our favorite leftover meat.

I love it because it is so easy to prepare, it makes the house smell incredible and makes such wonderful lunches the next day.




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