September Fly On The Wall

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.

~Jerry Seinfeld
fly on the wall

It is time once again!

For a September Fly on the Wall post! Today, fourteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.



Once or twice each year, I command our offspring to pick a date and a theme for a few family photographs, that are taken by me. (… because I’m cheap and dang it, if they don’t appreciate it in the moment, they will someday!) Then we send a few off to family members, include them on the holiday DVD card every year and stuff them in the September Fly on the Wall for good measure. 😉


Long before the first photo is ever taken, there must be tears from no less than two members of the family (one is usually me… just keeping it real), several people will argue, a key article of clothing will go missing, at least one pair of shoes will vanish, bribery will ensue, threats will be issued and a thick layer of guilt is applied liberally. This time was going to be different! We told the kids they could choose the color scheme/theme amongst themselves and they could decide how the photos were shot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the year of the band t-shirt.

We said theme and that’s what we got.


I made two versions of this hash brown potato casserole that long ago was dubbed “Funeral Potatoes”. (The name is a whole other story and not related to the actual dish as much as where it is consistently served.) As we’re chatting at dinner, K says, “Your potatoes are disgusting and at the same time savory in the oddest way but I’m drawn to them and might still eat it. I mean, you can’t eat them by themselves but if you mix it with another something on your plate, they kind of do something strange and it makes me want to try it again to see if I keep getting the same reaction.”

I got Funeral Potatoes officially banned.

It was four against two… I thought it could be improved upon and K was sad that I didn’t save any for her to eat for breakfast?!

Sept Phone 288

(It says: Tell the dog she smells nice today! She got a bath and is feeling sassy.)

We try to support everyone around here.

Yes, even Molly.


I turn to find that she had figured out that if she put her iPod to her nose, her mouth acts as a speaker.

This is our oldest, mind you.

So at one point most of our SUV was rolling down the road with their devices pressed to their nostrils.

Sept Phone 287

There is a cute boutique style thrift store that happens to be on our way home so we pop in there once a week, for fun. They have wonderful high end things on the dirt cheap and the ladies that run it are so nice.

On one lucky day this month, I scored an entire Wii system and three games for $15!

I thought scoring The Apartment and Avanti! for ten cents was going to be the steal of the month.

Sept Phone 235

The Handsome Prince announced that he wanted to swap our television in the master bedroom with a large one we moved from another room.  “We shall have Netflix in bed!” he proclaimed. Mind you, we’re old and never watch more than thirty minutes of a movie before we’re crashed out but not having television for nearly three years makes Netflix kind of nifty. One problem, he needed my help to pull out the armoire from its alcove. That baby has been in that spot for eleven or twelve years. This person has never pulled that massive piece of furniture out personally and I dust around it using hose attachments on the vacuum. When things fall back there, its dead to us. Sorry, The armoire ate it.

We pulled it out to find years of dust, tons of tennis balls, bouncy balls, cat toys and a treasure trove of movies!

I also collected $3.89 in change and $22 in bills.

So basically I got paid to do some deep cleaning in my own bedroom.

Right on!

Start chucking your change being the largest piece of furniture in the house and eventually, you’ll have a lot of motivation to get back there to clean. 😉

Sept Phone 070We’ve spied the wild K, in her natural habitat…

guitar in hand and covered in The Beatles garb.

Sept Phone 040

The Handsome Prince was running errands so I asked if he could pop by the store next door to his destination and grab me incense. This has worked out rather comically in the past but if he was willing to take an errand off my list, I was going to be grateful.

This time, not only did he find exactly what I was looking for but he out did himself.

He got me the whole darn box of the smaller boxes I wanted.

I think I’m set for a very long time.


Sept Phone 093Twice in one week, I got a flat tire. Seriously?!

Five new tires needed to be purchased.


Sept Phone 177

I had hoped to be back blogging regularly once everyone was in their school routines.

I started taking a couple classes online and homeschooling Luc (I love doing both but it takes up a considerable amount of time) so I decided I would roast a couple chickens and write up a few easy but delicious recipes using that chicken. One day and I could knock out the pictures for several upcoming posts. Sounded like a great plan!

Until I got in the way… again.

My rusty blogger butt took exactly four photos the entire day I cooked with the kids.

I have a few awkward shots of raw chicken but we did have fun.

I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to pick up the camera again and, ya know, capture the whole reason why we roasted the darn chickens in the first place.

Guess what I’ll be trying to accomplish again next week. My family is going to feel like they are living the food version of the movie Groundhog Day. 😉

Sept Phone 118

The Handsome Prince built Min a new skateboard rack.

I suppose I’ll now have to upgrade the security system, given that no one could make it through the entry without nearly killing themselves on a skateboard until now.

When she gets her next board, she’ll actually need another rack to house her well used and admired collection.

K is working on learning the clip above for her State Honors Choir Audition.

She’s working really hard on it and it has become one of two pieces that have been the constant soundtrack of our September.

The Handsome Prince was giving the girls the ten minute warning before they leave for school when he come back into the bedroom with a strange look on his face.

“K is in the shower fully clothed, shaving her legs and singing in Italian again. Why? Why?! Just when I think I understand her, she goes and does something that just defies logic. You women are so weird!”


“My hair was really strange last week and remember how the cats were obsessed with my hair? I was using the new shampoo under the sink. It smells so good. I was going to ask you to get more but then I read the organic oatmeal and vanilla dog shampoo label. Don’t get that kind again. It made my mane rough and unmanageable.”

adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience

Rarely do I cook something that The Prince hates with quite the fiery passion as funeral potatoes so I asked him later that night what it was that he loathed entirely about it.

Turns out, the part that he hated was everything.

He is a great sport about taste testing and is always encouraging me to try new flavors, recipes and create whatever floats my boat.

“It was freaking hash brown base. How can you hate hash browns?” I question teasingly.

He flung open the bathroom door and wagged his toothbrush at me, “Don’t you dare call that hash browns!! You soiled the good name of hash brown with that abomination. That is and never was any sort of hash brown that should exist EVER. If you love me, you will never make me eat that again. It is still on my tongue, like a film. Eh! I can’t get it off!”

I realized he was only half joking when I watched him lick a hand towel repeatedly.

Perhaps I should steer clear of hash brow potatoes for a bit. Something tells me he isn’t going to be thrilled with the stuffed acorn squash tonight. 😉

ratI decided from the moment I opened my eyes this morning, that today was going to be super productive. I’m going to get everything on my list knocked out with gusto and early to reduce the stress!
Awesome plan! I fed the pets and the children. Dishes done.
Look out! I’m on a roll!
Headed out the the garage to get this laundry thing going.
Turned on the washer, pour the soap, open the lid…
and get accosted by a big wet rat.
It flew from the slightly open lid and slammed into my chest, held on to my shirt and leaped off my shoulder smacking its tail across my face.
I launched the liquid soap everywhere while screaming like the worst actress in a slasher flick. The rat is trying to get away from me and I’m doing the cootie dance and flailing wildly in all directions. I was apparently in its path to freedom. It ran right at me to get out the door and I nearly climbed the refrigerator.
My family finally responded to my screams to find me hanging off the fridge door, crying with my foot in a bowl of watermelon.
This lovely productive morning as been postponed to allow for extra irrational crying and scrubbing off evil rat cooties.
Excuse me while I get a grip.
  breakfast- fruit loop in a cherrio world

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  1. Love the pictures!!!
    YAY for the great finds, both the Wii AND the hidden treasure! 😉
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall – September 2014My Profile

  2. I thought the armoire was going to be my favorite part of your post…until I got to the RAT! OMG, I read it out loud to my hubby and we both shuddered deliciously. Good Lord, I don’t know how you lived through that one. I’m not afraid of rodents, per se, but that would have been a huge ugly surprise.

    Shake it off, Meg. Shake it off.
    Lorinda McKinnon – the Rowdy Baker recently posted…Fly on the Wall (stuck in squirrel mode)My Profile

  3. Your family pictures are gorgeous, what I love most is that you can “see” everyone’s unique personality.
    Your flat tire picture, not so much. For some reason my son’s car gets flats in groups, never just one.
    Love the ipod up the nose trick. May have to try that one for the kids, LOL.
    Karen @Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall, September 2014My Profile

  4. Loved the family pics and thanks for sharing what goes into getting them done. Brought back memories and smiles. I remember finding a mouse behind the fridge and freaked — didn’t like that memory –
    Carol Graham recently posted…Flattery? What’s that? (Fly on the Wall)My Profile

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