Salsa Con Queso


“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

-Gilbert K. Chesterton


Salsa Con Queso just sounds zesty and fun!

Or maybe I’ve just said it so many times now that it’s the only Spanish word that I don’t totally butcher all to pieces. 😉

Any who, it’s dang near the easiest recipe EVER!

This baked Salsa Con Queso ends up attending ALL of our family events from Thanksgiving to birthdays.

It’s an excellent appetizer that you can take the spice UP or DOWN a notch depending upon the palate of the people you intend to feed.

Excellent for Game Night, Watching the Fight, Poker Games, Movie Marathons, any time a little nibbling is in order this Salsa Con Queso seems to fit!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tossed this together at the last second when out of the blue we have a bunch of people over.

Without fail I receive praise for my AMAZING dip and emails later requesting the recipe.

This is SO easy!

There is no excuse or popping open a jar of the plastic cheese variety… unless it just really sounds good. I hear ya! I have a thing for the high school football game plastic cheese nachos on occasion.

I promise , it’s really hard to mess up this tasty appetizer!

As a BONUS, I’ll share what we do with our leftover dip… if any. 😉


Ready to start?!

Pre-heat the oven to 350 Degrees.

Ever hear of Longhorn Cheese?

You will need 3 1/2 Cups of Longhorn Cheese, Shredded

My favorite market doesn’t carry Longhorn so in a pinch you may grab a Sharp Cheddar instead.

Now decide who you are feeding and if this dip is going to be mild, medium or extra spicy spicy.

This is totally all you.

I know you can make this decision. I trust you.

We are non spicy peeps so I always go with a mild salsa.

Use 32 ounces of a favorite salsa-

That’s 4 Cups for you all using homemade salsa.

High Five you DIY Awesome Salsa Makers! I want to come for snacks at your place!

Here’s the REALLY tough part.

Pay close attention!

Very Tricky!

You sure you’re ready for this?

Mix the 3 1/2 Cups of Cheese with the 4 Cups of Salsa you have chosen. (Save a hand full of cheese to the side to sprinkle a layer over the top.) If you are feeling spicy, go ahead and toss in 1- 4 ounce can of Diced Green Chilies. It adds a fun kick if that’s your thing.

Pour the cheese and salsa mix into the dish you intend to serve it in… that ALSO happens to be Oven Safe.

I like to split my cheese/salsa mix into 2 parts and make 2 dips for either end of the table and cook them in a cute pie dishes.

A casserole dish will be great too!

Bake in the oven at 350 Degrees for about 20 minutes or until the cheese becomes browned and bubbly.

WOW! That was REALLY difficult! 😉

Now open a bag of tortilla chips, Frito’s Scoops, pita chips and YES, even veggies like bell peppers make excellent scoops for this delicious salsa con queso appetizer dip.

I’m a little nutty… like we didn’t already know… I like to eat this dip with cold crisp slices of cucumber.

Cucumber is a super food but the combination of cold, crisp and hot, spicy is just incredible!


You can even toss some guacamole, sour cream, olives, beans and salsa along the top to create a neat twist on the old layered dip!

I told ya that we have this at ALL our occasions so I’ve come up with fantastic ways to use our Salsa Con Queso leftovers.

* It re-heats in the mircowave well so we eat dip for days

* Toss with Rotelle Pasta for a zesty pasta dish

* Use on a salad to make a mock quick Taco Salad

* As garnish on Taco Soup, Garden Soup, Funny Bunny Stew.

* Sprinkle along the top of the last few minutes my meatloaf or chicken have left to cook to take my main dish up a cheesy notch.

* Serve over steamed Broccoli or a favorite steamed veggie

* Add as the cheese on our burgers- so good!

* Cut a loaf of French Bread in half lengthwise, sprinkle dip along both halves and then place under the broiler for a minute or so for a yummy Tex Mex bread.

Salsa Con Queso is a crowd pleaser but it’s also good to know that there are unlimited AWESOME possibilities for the yummy leftovers.

Be not afraid to serve this simple dish for you shall happily enjoy it in many wonderful ways to come!

Now all you have to worry about is keeping Uncle Ted from spilling ribs on the couch and Cousin Rose from scratching the floor with those sky high heels.

Never fear… The Salsa Con Queso will save the day!


Well, kinda. Maybe. Okay, it wont make your family act like the normal humans you wish they would be in front of company but eh, the food will be so good no one will notice that the cat is wearing a boa and a 3 piece suit.

Stay Cheesy,

Meg xoxo

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