Sail Away

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain

b surf 2

Welcome to Secret Subject Swap- Sail Away. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:

If you could choose any other country to live in, what would it be and why?

It was submitted by:

If we had to sell our possessions and take only what we can transport to another country, it would be a welcomed respite from the daily rat race that one must run in order to afford to breathe the Southern California air.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Cali but not the cost nor the squeeze they put on small business.

It might be time to sail away from this old life.

b map

Without a doubt, we would move to Central or South America. It would depend upon the work visa status of the country as to where we would choose.

b captain

The Prince is licensed to work on vehicles, motorcycles and boats. Once upon a time he serviced those high end yachts of the coast of Newport Beach, California. He makes custom fuel maps for high precision track motorcycles. He fixes everything. The man is rather gifted when it comes to anything with a motor and he thoroughly enjoys it. He would rather nothing more than to be The Old Crusty Captain of his fleet of sightseeing/fishing vessels. Working in this industry has given him a second language that he uses day to day, Spanish.

b heart

I’ve taught yoga for more than a decade and surfed over half of my life. I’ve run every aspect of several small businesses from the ground up. Fishing was a part of the culture where I was raised. Frankly, most days I’d rather take my chances with the creatures of the ocean rather than the two legged kind that walk on land. I’ve longed to live a life the revolved around the ocean. I understand a great deal of Spanish and am sure that within months all those years of Spanish classes might come back to me. Our children would be in for a bit of a culture shock but once they got over not having a GameStop close to get that new Nintendo DSi or Wii game, I’m sure they would appreciate a life that offered them much more freedom, life experience while working closely with their family. Min has been taking Spanish for several years, K just started, our two youngest have been learning a great deal from all the flash cards,  studying and dinner conversation around here.

b sand

Naturally, with all this chatting about water, boats and fishing, you may have figured it out…

We would happily sell of everything to purchase a facility to service/ rent watercraft, motorcycles, and cars, provide shipboard sightseeing tours, offer surf/dive lessons/equipment rental.

We’d entertain the idea of moving to several countries.

Costa Rica for the steady tourism, diverse habitats/species and reputation for traveler safety. However, the cost is prohibited in comparison to some equally wonderful places.

Most likely we’d settle in Panama, Argentina or Uruguay.

b cash

The currency trade would allow us to maintain a thriving business, create employment opportunities within the community, spend more time with our children, own a larger home and bring a few of our current businesses under one roof. As difficult as that transition would be, it would be a move directly reflective of the fact that we are, in fact, opportunistic A-holes.

That’s right.

The only reason why we would liquidate our lives and move out of the country would be to make a bunch of cash… or I should say double our worth. Hey, I’m being an honest douche bag here. We can’t afford to put all of our businesses under one roof in California.  In another country, we can more than afford to dream big, plus there is no home owners association to tell me that I’m not zoned for livestock.

funny llama face

I am SO getting a llama.

Look out, she spits.

I will concede that there are plenty of things that need be considered before pulling up stakes and making a run for the boarder and sail away for this new life. Safety is most important but I currently live in what was ranked one of the safest cities in America and our house has been broken into twice. Think I feel any less safe in a country where I can wear a firearm and play Pirate with the tourists… for a living?


I’ll take my chances in South America.

The food is amazing. The wine is bursting with flavors. The culture, the travel opportunities, a slower more creative existence filled with fillets of what the old man caught that day, on the grill. I’ll finally learn how to make dishes rich with layers with just enough spice. We’ll attend big family dinners that are loud, filled with food, babies getting passed around to snuggle, lovely people and my pet llama because she’ll get really upset if she’s not invited too. She likes flan.

b llama

Min will be running the front desk at the rental shop because all the boys rent their jet skies or surfboards from us just to have a reason to talk to her. She’ll help with public relations and marketing after she reaches her goal of becoming fluent in the language.

She makes sweaters from my llamas wool on the side and saving up for flight school.

b goat

K will finally realize her dream of hanging out with a sloth.

She runs the surf/dive school and will become famous for rescuing the high ranking government officials prized goat form a jelly fish attack. Goat Girl quadrupled our business!

b squid

Kenzie runs one of the boats… right into the dock.Then she becomes first mate. She handles all employee scheduling, teaches all the tourists what each fish is and what they do.

She pulls in a new species of fish that she names Squidward, after her favorite television program. Turns out that the fish was quite special after all. The headlines in the paper will read:

Squidward Cures Cancer!

b maid

Luc runs the jet ski tours and handles all the repair work with his father. Soon he’ll have a couple boats of his own and will open a second location. One of his best customers comes in and pitches him an idea for a bar she’d seen in Florida.

Luc and his business partner turned wife, own eight nightclubs that feature live merfolk (he’s an equal oppertunity employer, mermaids and mermen are both welcome!) swimming in tanks.

It’s a hit!

My llama dies.

b sloth

Eventually we offer our long time employees the opportunity to get into business and we start to slowly phase ourselves out.

Well live out our days together in the salty sea air, picking veggies from the garden, watching our family grow, change and fly away.

What the hell am I waiting for?!

Time to make some tracks and sail away…

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  1. Um, yes please!! Other than the scary spiders, I would absolutely be on board! My husband’s family has llamas. I’ll have to tell them (the llamas, not his parents) about you! Wonderful writing as usual! It’s freezing here today. I’d love to be by the sea 🙂

  2. There would have been a time where reading this would scare me, I wouldn’t want to lose touch with you. But (selfishly) I can comfortably say that I hope your dream does come true, as long as there’s internet wherever you end up.

  3. I really hope your dream comes true also!

    • Meg on November 8, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    It really isn’t our dream to move to South America.
    It was just the area we would move to IF we HAD to move out of the country.
    I don’t plan on moving any time soon… let alone to another country for kicks.
    Just a writing assignment.

  4. I need your help planning my life. Are you busy next Tuesday? 😉

  5. Can I come live with you? Please, please, please?

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