Replete With Deception


“The true  hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”

-Andre Gide

Is the whole dang world simply replete with deception?

Is honesty passe?

Doing the responsible thing is no longer en vogue?

So what I’m understanding is, we elect representatives to help to set the rules to govern our society, protect the people and their rights.

Then some schmuck comes along and thinks they are above the rules.

The honest folks end up paying because the stinkin’ world is replete with deception, liars justifying everything and anything to not have to shoulder their share of the burden.

Yes, I’m talking to you soccer mom who thinks they are entitled to stop the flow of traffic because they don’t feel like waiting so give the finger and make the illegal u-turn. More douchebaggery goes down in front of elementary schools than one could ever believe.

I’m talking to you six figure earning stars that have heavy tax liens. I have never owed the state or government money beyond the due date despite the fact that I don’t rake in the big bucks. Why? Everyone knows not to mess with the tax man! Us normal folks budget and pay our bills because Charlie Sheen doesn’t write us $100,000 bail out checks. Dear Mr. Sheen, feel free to make any donations you wish… My donate button is on the bottom of this page. Huge Smooches!

I’m talking to you Lance Armstrong. The idea that the world is going to tune in to watch him confess his misdeeds to Oprah makes me ill and ANGRY. When you put yourself in a position of power and influence you take on a higher responsibility. Shame on him.

I’m talking to you who keeps that extra few bucks that was miscounted by the cashier. At the end of the day a hard working individual with be penalized for an honest mistake. Okay, so that’s a grey more karma based area but still, doing the honorable thing is NEVER wrong.

Why did I leap upon my soap box today?

I witnessed an accident this morning.

Not serious but a pretty good fender bender.

Years ago I was a licensed EMT so when I see someone in need, I don’t hesitate to assist someone until help arrives.

The driver in car A was screaming at the top of her lungs when I got out of my truck so I went to her car first. As I got to the door I realised this was not pain, she was in a total rage. She was screaming about how everyone’s Starbucks got spilled when I asked if everyone was all right.

She had caused the accident and asked if I saw it.

When I said yes she launched into how she doesn’t have insurance or a license to the adult in the passenger seat. I stood there listening to two of the world’s biggest dunderheads hatch a plot to ease this issue in their twisted minds… all in front of their car FULL of children.

The kids were shaken and very upset but I was the only one concerned for them.

 It blew me away.

I ran back to the truck to grab a roll of paper towels so the kids could clean off the hot chocolate that was all over them.

The other driver did have some injuries and was being helped by another vehicle that stopped.

The good samaritan that stopped had offered to retrieve his registration and insurance information for him so he would stay still. He was not insured either.

Emergency services arrived and had things under control in a flash.

The ranting lady was suddenly stricken with a host of injuries and was the first loaded up and taken off.

I got back in my truck and pulled into the nearest parking lot.

I was shaking I was so angry.

We tell our soon to be new driver all the time that driving is a privilege not a right.

I know times are tough for everyone. The economic pinch is felt strongly in our home. We had to make some serious choices and changes to weather life as small business owners.

I couldn’t help but mentally tally how much 7 large spilled Starbucks drinks costs.

I can’t remember the last time I pried open my wallet for such a luxury.

I treat my family to hot chocolate often… at home where I can make a large batch for less than the cost of one purchased out.


I need to save the money because I like running water, electricity and the ability to taxi my people where they need to be.

We, like most hard working stiffs live on a tight budget. It requires setting goals, constant communication and careful spending. We make do, get creative and sometimes eat pancakes for dinner just to shave off a few extra dollars to apply elsewhere.

I loathe cutting the check to pay things like car insurance but that’s the cost to obtain the privilege to drive a vehicle. How much do ya think I love paying for business insurance that we’ve never had to use and it costs over half of what the company generates. The cost of doing business and there is no way around it.

The media makes such a big deal when someone signs a prenuptial agreement or a mega contract. Pssh, if only people could grasp that fences make good neighbors and contracts are just the same.

It’s simply a code of conduct that we’re all mutually agreeing upon.

In sickness and in health. If we split I keep my stuff, you get yours. Big deal.

We agree to pay you a salary of X and in exchange you will do or do not do this list of things.

It’s gets no clearer what is expected so that everyone is happy. Hello! If the rest of life was as straight forward as a contract. 

Laws are just the contracts that we agree upon to serve as an expectation of conduct in our society.

I do not agree with a great many laws that are in place but I am responsiable to my family and the other community members that share this beautiful area to conduct myself in accordance with the laws.

We have to act in accordance with the law to respect others rights and recieve the same. It’s not about you, me or even the crappy economy that had bleed people so dry that it tapped out their give a crud button. I’m queen of the Free To Be You And Me Free Thinkers Club but holy heck we need to take more personal responsiablity as a whole.

There was a time that I could not afford to make my car insurance payment for 2 weeks. I put kids in the stroller and walked them to school, to the market and everywhere I had to go in those 2 weeks. I would not put myself, my family or other community memebers at risk. It’s the law and I stay on the right side of the law man thanks. Yes, it was humiliating to admit to a friend when I needed to go further than walking distance but she understood and gave me a hand.

Life often dishes more than we feel we can handle.

We do a disservice to ourselves and others when we choose not to be honest, respectful, law abiding citizens. Question things, change laws if you see a problem but until then we need to be the example of responsiablity and honesty for the younger generation.

Today I saw a woman show 5 children to lie, cheat, work the system and prolong the inevitable noose that she’s tied for herself without any concern for their safety and welfare.

It’s easy to judge. I’m not in her Uggs.

If I were, my Uggs would have been walking and avoided having to hire an attorney.

Oh what a web we weave when it’s acceptable for the world to be replete with dishonesty.

If two rule breakers had to have an accident, I’m glad they found each other.

Take care of each other and be the good example.

Tripping off my soap box,

Meg xoxo

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  1. I’m blown away by the sense of entitlement out there. I’m glad that in this case someone who WAS following the rules wasn’t involved.
    And that woman will convince herself that she wasn’t in the wrong and SOMEone should have to pay her for the damage (and the coffee.)
    Her kids don’t have a chance.
    Very well written!

    • Roshni on January 15, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    So very well written, Meg! I’m so sorry for those children who are growing up with all the wrong values Money to pay for Starbucks for not for insurance!! Wow!!

  2. I’m glad you’re an EMT, I may need your help. I think I may have done some real damage to my neck nodding it up and down so vehemently throughout this whole piece. And about that ESP, how did you know all those thoughts were in my head too?

    • Sara on January 16, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Wow, unbelievable!! I feel for the kids with people/parents like this to look up to.

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