Relatively Normal

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”

~Albert Camus

fly on the wall

It is time once again!

For Relatively Normal – a Fly on the Wall Friday post! Today, twelve bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.

dvd 6

Could you turn down the stereo? Yes, yes, noise makers down and no raising of the roof.

Hate to be the Debbie Downer but for once we were (I shutter to say) relatively normal.

*Collective gasp!*

No, really! I swear! There was a whole lot of putting one foot in front of the other for everyone.

Keep on keeping on. Goal chasing, eye on the prize kind of stuff.

All excellent but as dry as a Matzo at Passover.

Okay… there were a few highlights. My people can only contain the crazy so long before some of it leaks out.

dvd 7

“Why do boys always have their hands down their pants?” Kenzie questions the Handsome Prince.

“There are many reasons for this,” The Prince sets up his wording to answer the question form an informative stand point.

“Its because they are the closest thing to cavemen which is why they act like a bunch of primitive apes most of the time. They shouldn’t be allowed in public until they have evolved,” She answered her own question and walked away.

“Did you call me an ape? What happened here?” The Prince stands in the hall befuddled by the genius that is exactly the miniature version of himself.

dvd 4

Typical K text from school…

“Mom there’s a bird on my foot chirping at me. ~>.<~

I’m gunna die!”

dvd 3

My neighbor rented a dumpster for her home remodel.

I got some serious dumpster envy.

As I look over the crammed garage at the sea of disorganized colorful chaos, I called The Prince and hatched a deep cleaning plot for the whole house.

The garage is now spotless once more and the house isn’t far behind.

That was after two trips with a trailer to the local dump, over 2,000 books donated, 7 pieces of furniture sold, 50+ bags of stuff donated, 3 milk crates of paperwork shredded/ recycled and one week of working on project after project.

We’re 92% done reorganizing the house and slowly it is getting done.

Up next… fresh paint, shower calking and bathroom upgrades!

Fascinating stuff! The calking in our bathroom.

I told you… it’s looking relatively normal around here.

Except it still looks like we’re hoarding books but that’s what happens when you have five avid readers in one house. When they don’t all fit on a shelf and I’ve run out of places to house the many shelves then I’ll admit we have a literary problem. 😉


As you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking off the blog the last few months.

Homeschooling Luc was the final straw that forced me to take a long look at the new space we were in and how to achieve best balance for everyone.

I had SO much going. I was spreading myself thin to begin with.

Then Luc needed us to be pretty darn incredible… it might take The Handsome Prince and I both, for us to equal one wickedly awesome individual but together we rise to challenges fairly well.

Getting Luc better was the goal and I got a sharper sense of what is most important along this journey.

I cook, write and take pictures all the time still.

There isn’t enough hours in the day to always put the thoughts, memories, recipes and photos into a decently crafted post so I just had to let go of the guilt over putting my priority elsewhere.

It isn’t as important as catching butterflies, creating a table sized layout of Jamestown over the last few weeks, baking wonky shaped muffins, growing crystals, hiking in the hills together and really learning so much about our youngest kiddo.

This time is quickly passing so why not enjoy every bit of it.

Tides will change, better balance will be found, pressures will lighten and I’ll be back posting more often before you know it.

mirrorMin walks in our bedroom every morning to use our full length mirror to inspect the day’s outfit.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall… DANG! You make my butt look good. Look at that booty from skateboarding everywhere! Mom, when I move out it is critical to my self esteem that your mirror comes with me.”

You can have the mirror now if I don’t have to be a part of this bonding moment with your butt, daily. 😉


You guys!
I have made strides towards the catching up with the current century…
I have a DVD /VHS player in my bedroom now!
Best part is thay it was haggled down to $6.
Gotta love thrift stores!

I donated, got a coupon and snagged a fun deal.
I even hooked it up myself.

Nothing blew up, no one got shocked

…And it works! Hurray for movies we’ll fall asleep trying to watch!

dvd 8

It has been so long since I’ve written out an actual paper check, I might have had to void the first two I attempted.

We do most things online so I’m a little rusty.

Like, I haven’t written one in at least two years rusty.

The Prince might still be laughing.

Darn shared checkbook telling tales on me.

april pics 178

Bellatrix busted wearing a bag because all the cool Bengals are doing it.

Sorry, there is nothing normal about cats that have plastic bag issues. Bella, you are Lestrange! 😉

april pics 128

I’m standing in the isle of the market with all the spices, dry rubs and marinate.
I’m looking for a spice combo I use for chicken on the grill.
K looks up from her phone and seemed confused. She picked up a package of meatloaf spices and said, “Wow! I didn’t know dehydrated space food was sold here! NASA must really need to make some quick cash.”
She was dead serious.
I must really be using my marinate wrong then, Miss K.


Let’s take a look back at the disaster that was last Easter.
Do you recall this little cautionary tale?
The snack that maimed Easter

I was so scarred that I rhymed about it. No joke!

the docotr of the future quote

30 more days into drinking the pink drink and I am now down 17 pounds total!

Went from a size 8 this month to a 5/6.

I’m craving tons of fruits and veggies. I eat consonantly and drink tons of water. Still no more soda. 🙂

I love the energy from my vitamins that I actually remember to take them daily.

Who knew it was relatively normal to feel better when you give your body quality nutrition and supplements it needs to support it right?!

If you would have told me in January that I’d spend most of this year teaching people how to use their diets to heal and strengthen themselves naturally, I would have laughed with disbelief and asked you to pass the butter.

Crazy awesome things are happening!

april pics 198It is totally normal to arrive home and find your bedroom door taped closed with a roll of fake police tape,right?


I haven’t seen my sister is a couple of years.

She lives 11 hours away.

She called me up and the next thing I know, she was standing in my house!!

She was in town for just a few hours and I can’t tell you what a treat it was to be in the same room with her.

My kids call Auntie Tiff a hoot. My hubby can totally see where the sparkly awesome side of me came from. I’m just so grateful to visit with a lady who has been my best friend for my entire life.

Now, we just need to work on the whole winning of the lottery plan so we can build side by side houses and laugh together forever more.

dvd 5Get out of here before the normal spreads!

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  1. Meg, even your “normal” stuff is fun to read!
    You’re right – we’re so used to doing it all, that it’s really hard to back away and slow down. You had to do it, and your family comes first! Your readers and the Internet will still be here when (if) pressures ease up a bit.

  2. I love your family! So full of life! I want to do a spring cleaning, but I can’t get anyone one board. Maybe next weekend….

    • Tamara on April 18, 2014 at 8:02 am

    LOVED reading about cleaning up around the house and eating healthy stuff, way to go! 🙂
    So great to get a surprise visit by your sister! Happy Easter, Meg!
    Tamara recently posted…Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!My Profile

  3. There’s no such thing as too many books! I should know… I have thousands…. 😉

    Your “normal” is definitely funnier than most! LOL

  4. Love your new normal, purging and dieting and still laughing your way through the day.
    I agree that getting your son better matters more than anything, but I sure will be happier when you have more blogging time on your hands again.
    Karen @BakingInATornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall, April 2014My Profile

  5. What is this “normal” you speak of? 😉

    Love this post. So much fun to be a fly on your wall.
    Michelle @ Juicebox Confession recently posted…A Fly On HER WallMy Profile

  6. Oh, You KNOW I get the, “We’re not normal!”
    I also understand the importance of putting the real life moments before the blogging ones.
    As a fellow book lover may I suggest piling them up for end tables? The man keeps yelling at me for buying books and finishing them that night. I definitely need to get to the library…
    Congratulations on your pink drink diet. You are really a trooper. (I say this as I’m munching Wendy’s french fries)
    I also love that you have a mirror that makes someone’s butt look good. IT’s funny how the family can always find one…

  7. I miss homeschooling. We did it from the time our youngest was in first grade all the way to graduation. ALL boys and I’m alive to tell about it! 🙂
    Congrats on the clean out/purge.
    The comments, NASA food, mirror…oh my gosh, too funny.
    One of my cats has a thing about plastic bags and paper towels…I think he needs therapy.

  8. I love your blog because I can learn new things everyday and beautiful, and this post is very beneficial for me. Good luck and take care of yourself!

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