Pumpkin Squares With Denial is Divine Frosting

“I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”

 -Mean Girls

Now hear this: Pumpkin Squares are for All Seasons! I dare you NOT to eat this for breakfast too.  No one can keep their hands off until there is only crumbs left in the pan. Makes your house smell good enough to take a bite of and it makes so much that they are excellent to share!

STOP… Before you do anything preheat your oven to 350 & take your 3 oz. cream cheese & 3/4 c.butter or margarine out of the fridge.

 Set on your counter to warm. Don’t set it too close to your stove or it will melt. Trust me, you’ll thank me for listening to this step.

Pumpkin Squares

2 C. Flour

2 C. Sugar

2 Tsp. Baking Powder ( That box in the back of the fridge)

1 Tsp. Baking Soda

1 TSP Cinnamon

1 TSP Nutmeg

1/2 TSP Ground Cloves

(Sometimes I like  to substitute the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for roughly 2 TSP of Pumpkin Pie Spice. I love Pumpkin Pie Spice and use it often in everything from coffee to french toast)

1/2 TSP Salt (A Pinch or a dash if your that kind of baker)

1 C. Oil

4 Eggs

1 large can of pumpkin or 2 cups

(When my Mother makes this, she prefers to use the smaller 16oz. can. Her squares are slightly lighter than mine. More of a pumpkin flavored cake. The equivilent to a Large can produces a richer pumpkin flavor but a slightly more dense cake. Both are YUMMY, it’s a personal preference. You have the knowledge, make your choice!)

Pre-heat your Oven to 350.

 Throw all of the ingredients into a mixer or start mixing by hand until batter is mixed well and smooth. Non-stick cooking spray or grease your jelly roll pan. Jelly Roll Pan: AKA a cookie sheet looking thing with 1/2 inch or less solid edge all the way around. Pour your batter into your greased pan. Bake in oven 35-40 minutes until the toothpick test says it’s done.

The Toothpick Test: Insert a toothpick or fork into a cake. If it’s done the toothpick with be clean or only have some fluffy crumbs attached to it. If it’s not done, the toothpick will come out gooey. The line between moist and gooey is very clear.

When It’s done take the cake out and set aside to cool. You want these to cool before frosting. DO NOT frost when too warm or hot unless you want your icing to run all over the place in a less than attractive way. Setting your pan to cool on top of the hot oven it came out of does nothing for your cooling purposes. Just sayin’.

Now for the reason why we’re all here… A Divine Frosting Intervention!

Hi, state your name, I can not help but jab my finger into this frosting, lick it clean and repeat! It’s OK, we’ve all been there and will be there again and again! Shhhhhhh, if you don’t read the labels, the grams and calories don’t count! It should be the law. BUT that’s why we’ve always called this cream cheese frosting:

Denial Is Divine Cream Cheese Frosting

2 C. Powdered Sugar

3/4 C. Butter or margarine (softened)

3 oz. Cream Cheese (softened)

1 TBL Milk ( Sweetened soy, almond, rice & hemp milks will all work too.)

1TSP Vanilla

Place all of the above in your mixer and let it work it’s magic until it’s silky smooth. I’m lazy, if it can go in the mixer it does, so of course your welcome to flex your pecks and beat the snot out of it until you have whipped it to perfection too. 

Now listen closely… THOU SHALL NOT PUT THE BUTTER OR CREAM CHEESE IN THE MICROWAVE TO SOFTEN IT. It is wrong on so very many levels. Listen, you will not rush greatness! If you nuke it or throw chilled ingredients in, you’ll get a lumpy chunky frosting or worse runny and painfully thin. You’ve come this far, don’t detour and take innocent pumpkin squares down with you. Stick to the plan and it wont fail you.

 Mix up your frosting, spread it generously on top of your cooled Pumpkin Squares and cut to the size your heart desires.

If you would prefer a lighter frosting, my Easy Homemade Whipped Cream tops this very nicely as well.

For holidays or special occasions, I’ll add food coloring to my frosting for an extra pop of fun color, add sprinkles on top or use your cookie cutters to cut shapes out. My kids really loved fun shaped foods when they were little. The older upgraded version of our children seem to poke fun and roll eyes when confronted with dinosaur, heart shaped or Hello Kitty shaped foods.  Although I have a daughter saving for a peace sign toaster, that’s a whole other banana to peel. How ever you choose to cut these beauties, hardly a crumb will be left behind in no time!

Because nothing says Holidays and special times like Pumpkin Squares With Denial Is Divine Frosting!

 We love them and I’m positive you will too!

With Heaping Spoonfuls of Love,


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  1. These look great. I think I might do this recipe with Maddi in a couple weekends and try it out. She loves to cook. Me….I can cook, but baking…..welllllllll, its better if I just go to the bakery section. But I definately get an E for Effort = )

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