Price Check Your Coupons!

“It was while making newspaper deliveries, trying to miss the bushes and hit the porch, that I first learned the importance of accuracy in journalism.” 

 ~Charles Osgood

If you collect coupons each week, it’s likely that you will have a few newspapers delivered to your door each Sunday.

I often hear of people in other areas that receive their “Sunday” coupons on Friday or Saturday as well. When they mention that fact, they are then peppered with questions about how to get the coveted coupons early. The answer: depends upon where you live, how your coupons are distributed and when they go out.

I am often asked what newspapers I suggest people purchase for coupons. I really think that is a fairly personal choice. First I believe that you must scout out your local papers one week. NOT ALL newspapers issue coupons and no matter how many time I hear that newspapers issue all the same coupons, I will LOUDLY be disagreeing. You need to find out what newspapers in your area issue coupons. Then out of those newspapers that issue coupons, which ones issue the heavier inserts or contain and “extra” insert that the others do not.

In my area, I feel like the LA Times is the best newspaper for coupons. However, they raised their rates this year by .50 cents so their paper is now $2.00 each! BOOOOOOO!

Sunday Los Angeles Times


 They do frequently run various specials and deals that make a subscription easier to customize to your needs and down right dirt cheap sometimes. Best deal I’ve seen come by, a few times for the LA Times is $10 per Subscription for Sunday ONLY. When you see a deal like that, you want to take advantage and order multiple subscriptions should it move you.

What if you only pick up a paper when you know there is a coupon coming out that you want to use?

Your still not stuck paying full price, silly!

Ready for a nice little bonus for those who might want to pick up an extra couple of papers that week to work a sweet deal or those who haven’t taken the leap to a regular subscription and are still schlepping to the store every Sunday morning to get your paper if a bunch of people didn’t beat you too it?

Ta-Da! The Los Angeles Times Weekend which happens to be only $1.50 each


When the LA Times raised their Sunday rate to $2.00 per, magically their cheaper Weekend paper stopped issuing coupons. I figure it was an effort to steer their customer base to the more expensive edition of their print… frankly, it worked.

When ever I thought to pick up an extra paper, I stopped thinking of the LA Times Weekend and shelled out the .50 cents extra for the Sunday edition. Shame on me.:( I’d like to shake those execs until I get my dollars back. I know everyone is hurting but REALLY? Take it out on the people that make paying your bills possible? Nice. I’m secretly giving them the mad couponer stink eye… I like to think of it a kin to the Care Bear Stare, if enough of us bears give the stink eye at once maybe it’ll make their coffee taste funny.

 Long story shorter, I picked up some fresh bagels this morning and saw the Los Angeles Times Weekend for sale on their rack. I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a peek to see if it had coupons inside. Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I peeled back the cover as though I was experiencing my very own Golden Ticket moment and Bing! I Spied some Coupons!! Apparently, my self control was dialed down to a minimum today or small elves read my mind and slipped the Weekend edition into my order to be purchased.

Magically, I hustled home eager to compare the Weekend Edition Coupons to the Sunday Edition Coupons.

Yeah, I know… vacation, life, I’m sure I need to get a lot of things but Hey whatever keeps me fetching my Handsome Prince soft delicious cheese bagels works for him… if he’s happy I’m happy. Look Coupons bring us closer.

Um, OK maybe not exactly, but it certainly helps our budget.

 The coupons were exactly the same!

 So the next time your tempted to do this…

$2.00 per paper for the Sunday paper


Try looking for the Weekend paper first. Check to make sure that there are coupons in there but if there are, they seem to be exactly the same as the Sunday edition coupons, again. 🙂

Look for the Weekend LA Times for $1.50


 There are many other papers out there to choose from. I also have subscriptions to The Ventura County Star newspaper The beautiful part of The VC Star is that I really enjoy reading this local quality paper but you can also find the Sunday edition at some of our local discount stores, Dollar Tree & .99 cent Store, for .50 cents off news stand price! The Star also runs some great deals on subscription prices so keep a look out!

I prefer to read The VC Star but I do prefer the coupons of The LA Times… see, like I said, what newspapers you choose to get is a bit of a personal thing.

If you do not yet have a subscription or subscriptions to newspapers, I encourage you to do so, when you see a deal that works for you. Subscriptions offer you the cheapest and easiest way to receive your coupons to your door each week. Sure, strolling up to your 7-11 for your cup of coffee and Sunday paper is a lovely way to start your day. However you slice it, you’ll be paying top dollar all the way around from your coffee to your paper. It is a really nice comforting tradition I enjoyed for years, until I shifted the way I viewed money saving practices. Now, I’m recognising the best way to maximize your savings in this coupon game is by ordering a subscription or subscriptions to the paper(s) of choice.

Toss your coffee or tea into a nice To-Go cup to fake you out that you didn’t go out for your beverage, leash your puppy, grab the kids and take a walk… you have plenty of extra time now that you don’t have to go fetch overpriced coffee and newspapers anymore.

Bring Sunday back to a day of rest and family… not OMG, hit the store to snag newspapers before all the other crazy coupners!

Relax and let the coupons come to you!

What are your favorite Newspapers? Are coupons a part of your Sunday traditions?

My way is NOT the only way, it’s just what works best for us as we see it.

When we share our tips and ideas, we can all collectively learn and grow in ways that interest us. It’s the best FREE education, when we get together with friends and exchange thoughts and ideas. I’ve been blessed with some wonderful talented friends that are such an example to my life. Without all these characters, my life would not be so colorful.

Just looking out for your .50 cents so you don’t want to shake the executives silly too!

Those who care Always share,

Meg xoxo

Contains the same awesome coupons just one is .50 cents cheaper than the other! Heads up my friends!




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  1. I am still fairly new to couponing and I find that it is tough to find great coupons sometimes. Manufactures are making it harder and harder to get free items. However, if you shop carefully you still can get some great deals. I love it when I can get items cheaper.

  2. What a great post! I live in the DC area and get my Sunday coupons from the Washington post on Saturday. I get coupons from my local paper on Sunday! It keeps me busy clipping! Thanks for sharing this at the Living Big on Less Money Series! See you next week. I am pinning this so others can read it too!

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