Presto… Delicious Pesto

Definitions of: pesto

Definition: A sauce used in Italian cuisine, typically made by blending olive oil, basil, garlic, pine nuts, and grated Parmesan cheese; it is served hot or cold over pasta, meat, or fish. Where pine nuts are expensive, sunflower seeds are sometimes substituted.

Cheating once again… I told you already about how much we like Fresh & Easy’s Basil Pesto HERE.

Cheating because I haven’t made my own Pesto in almost a year.

Honestly, why would I when I’ve found a brand that has proven trustworthy, consistent, budget friendly and we enjoy?

Presto… Delicious Pesto in less than 10 minutes!

Nope, I don’t work for Fresh & Easy, they have no clue how nutty I am. I do like shopping there. Prices are very good for high quality and we have started to depend on some of the goods they carry. I do LOVE that they are constantly marking down day or two old perfect produce, products and fresh meat. We get many wonderful items and treats this way.

I found the fresh Basil Pesto marked down so we tried it.


I tossed it with some pasta and shaved some fresh parmesan cheese on top.

The kids LOVE it!

They love it so much that they can hardly wait for me to cut a loaf of bread or a baguette so they can dip straight into it!

I also got Fresh & Easy’s Roasted Tomato Pesto to try as well.


It too was wonderful!

We ate some over pasta, with bread and we found another favorite too…

Bagel Crisps!

I am a sucker for garlic. These are fabulous!

Bagel Crisps are great by themselves, dipped in your soup, with a salad, as part of an appetizer!

We tried both of the pestos on our bagel crisps too. Ate and ate and ate until the crisps and sauce were gone. 🙂

I found the Bagel Crisps at our .99 Cent Only Store. I made sure to check the expiration date and stocked up on a bunch of bags. Love shelf stable yummy multi use foods on the cheap! 🙂

The next time I was at Fresh & Easy I picked up another Basil and another Roasted Tomato Pesto. When I got home I split each container between 2 LABELED Ziploc freezer bags. I stuck them right into the freezer. A week and a half later, I grabbed a bag of the Roasted Tomato Pesto and defrosted it to use as a side dish for dinner.

It was Great!

I tried the Basil Pesto for lunch the next day and it too turned out just as it has when it was fresh. 🙂

Why did I separate the container into 2 baggies before freezing?

All the girls in our house like Basil Pesto so by freezing enough to serve 2-3 at a time, I can make pasta then toss it in this sauce for these 2 and that for the others. Makes it simple, easy, cost efficient and my whole family is reminded at meal time how much they are personally thought of when their favorites appear before them. Not always can I run my kitchen like a diner but by using some of these shortcuts for quick and easy meals as well as utilizing leftovers or being about to take advantage of a great sale. Quick meals are great but I find that sometimes I forget I have a product or something I intended to use until it’s spoiled. By freezing I am wringing every last dollar out of it.

How else can you make LESS than $3 become 2 meals for 6?!

When your out pick some up! Don’t be afraid to try it… rather healthy and extremely tasty too! Eat some now and freeze some for another day! 🙂

Bonus: Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Foods! 🙂 You’ll have friends that will be grateful for your choice to serve a Vegan friendly food! So many people are choosing healthier, lighter foods and adhere to a strict diet. We don’t want them to stare at our get togethers! A go to dish to help get you by.

Thanks Fresh & Easy and the .99 Cent Only Store! I love trying new things and hunting down great deals in your stores!

Lots Of Love,

The Happy (& Full) Shopper Meg XOXO


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    1. I LOVE your blog
    2. Your fam is adorable
    3. Pesto is amazing, try making it with different ingredients. I used radish greens, almonds, parm cheese, and grape seed oil

    Thanks for your time.. your site rocks!

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