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I know some people think that all I yap about now is this “Pink Drink stuff”.

Plexus, Plexus, Plexus!

Well… truth is, I can’t give this Plexus thing a rest.

It has totally changed my life!

Plexus Body Cream pics

If you had something that made you feel totally better, naturally increased your energy levels, helped blood sugar issues, helped you to cut out a wicked soda habit cold turkey, shed over 25 pounds, boosted your immune system, made you love drinking water, balanced your body enough to help free you from several daily prescriptions for issues like anxiety, insomnia,depression, severe reflux, chronic pain, helped your migraines and changed your diet from overly processed to craving fresh fruits and veggies, without any more effort than remembering to drink a yummy drink and washing it down with some probiotics and some awesome vitamins, I would be more than a little upset if you didn’t tell me about it!

That’s what friends do, we look out for each other. If I think it could help something you are struggling with, I’m going to tell you about how Plexus has positively impacted my health because I don’t want you to suffer like I have. Knowledge is power and helps us to make good choices.

I started Plexus because a friend suggested it. She knew my health issues and though it could help.

I took the darn 7 day trial pack just to prove that this pink drink what a bunch of nonsense… a week later I was not only eating my words and joining as an ambassador to get the cheapest price but I was actually seeing/feeling a big difference and a lot of relief!

haters 3

I ran into a gal this morning and she asked if I was still doing “that Plexus stuff” in a rather snooty way. She commented that she thought I would have come to my senses by now and realize that I don’t need it.

“You have always been thin, you don’t need to be on a diet,” she tells me, in the most uppity tones possible.

I just smiled and offered her my business card. I simply told her that it totally changed my life and to call me when she wants a sample.

Some people don’t understand and need to hang out and watch you for a while. I totally get it.

Change is scary but it is totally worth it!

Plexus Results 2This is the first day I started Plexus.

I don’t think this really qualifies as “thin”, my skeptical friend.

It is funny to look back on this picture because I vividly remember how much I hated it. I was now totally confronted with proof that there was some work to be done. Seriously?! Middle age crept up and had settled around my center.

I may have shed a couple of big fat vain tears at this stage.

I was so uncomfortable in every possible way and my health was wildly spinning out of control.

I thought that we just had to accept ailments and issues as we got older. I really didn’t think that I had any power to create positive changes in any aspect of my health.

I had meds to help with the side effects from other meds and I was rapidly turning into a sad, angry, defeated, couch potato, who’s life was revolving around health problems.

High five, depressed unhappy me, for taking a chance on products that you may, or may not, have made fun of, on more than one occasion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That choice changed your entire life for the positive!

plexus 012plexus 013This is me today.

(Please excuse our dirty hall tree mirror. We own lots of young-ish people and pets. Just keepin’ it real.)

I wouldn’t quit Plexus for anything.

I’ve got plenty of goals still yet to reach but my Plexus journey hasn’t been about what you can see on the outside as much as the inside.

I don’t even bother to step on a scale anymore because that number doesn’t matter. I don’t slyly sneak out of family photos anymore. I don’t constantly feel uncomfortable in my skin, for one reason or another. I don’t drink soda by the liter. I don’t need anyone’s approval to feel good about myself (… for the love of pink drink, that was a biggie for me). I don’t have to miss out on spicy or acidic foods anymore. I don’t have to constantly struggle with my health.

Plexus has empowered me to get a healthy balance within my body and change issues that I thought I would never see relief from.

When I look at these badly taken selfies, I don’t pick apart my body. I see a strong, healthy, solid chick that fought pretty hard to finally feel really good.

Plexuc Success- Matt before after 3

My hubby loves his Plexus too and together we have lost over 50 pounds!

Isn’t he a hunk?!

The old me didn’t believe that any of these changes were possible and the Plexified me is actually excited about the awesome stuff to come!

I wish I could give you all the amazing gift of feeling better!

Hold up… I totally can.

You can do Plexus too!!

plexus 019These are my daily Plexus must have products.

Everyone is different and we all come to try the Plexus products for different reasons.

Plexus isn’t a diet.

You don’t replace meals with Plexus.

It is about creating a healthy lifestyle and empowering some wonderful changes from the inside out. There isn’t a whole lot to it. It is super easy system that takes less than five minutes of your day.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have but if another Plexus ambassador sent you on over here to read this, I ask that you take your questions back to them so they can help assist you on your Plexus journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a gift be be able to unpack a lot of baggage and grow with this opportunity for positive change.

Being able to help others be free from the crud that weighs them down too, is such a blessing that just keeps multiplying.

For other articles of mine about my Plexus journey, hit the SayHeyToPink tab at the top of this page.

To order or join my team, click the graphic below. xo

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