Permission Granted


As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.

-Marianne Williamson

permission granted

Welcome to Permission Granted- a Fly on the Wall group post. You know how this works…Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around!

Strap in, this ride could get bumpy!


“What makes Asian food Asian?” Asks Kenz. “There are a lot of countries in Asia and they all eat different things so why call it Asian cuisine?”

Min replied,”Duh,it came from Asia. I can’t believe you had to ask that!? I can’t talk to you”

text me 7Forgetful much?

phone cam 027K is one in a million.

Dr. Who shirt, nebula pants, a ton of bracelets and Docs.

Love her.

phone 077I heated up some leftover take out for lunch.

I got a call and had to run out for ten minutes.

I carefully made sure there were no cats in the room and closed the door.

I returned to an open door and this was what was leftover from my leftovers.

Did I mention exotic cats are smart… and slightly evil?

text me 2Permission denied but I love the idea!

a plexus slim drinkThere have been a lot of changes this month.

I started drinking a really tasty all natural drink. In one week I lost 3 pounds and I my digestive issues are on the mend.

I needed permission to think of myself for a change and how excited I am for the changes that are happening. Drink pink and shrink! 🙂

phone 016Snape roared in his sleep and actually scared himself awake.

It was a manly jungle roar from such a sweet fur person.

I can only imagine what he was dreaming about.

phone 129THE CLIP has found me again.

You know how awesome it is when you find a clip that can contain the ridiculous mess of hair upon one’s head.

The top clip survived almost a year. Now missing four teeth and faded but still holding my long mop the best it could.

I have hunted high and low for the clippy of wonder.

Then I came upon only one set of the clips I had been looking for.  Hurray for my local Dollar Tree!

The old clip once looked like the bottom one.

As I retire my old pal, I shall not forget the sacrifices it made for the confinement of my auburn curls. Many miles we traveled, yet it stuck by my mop in greasy times and in dry.

Best $1 ever spent!

text me 6She might need to know these things one day.

Or maybe she just needed a smile.

hedgehogs“Do hedgehogs live in a hedge or are they just related to pigs?”


cats 110Guess what happens when we sleep past 6 AM…

The Bengal Family gathers.

You shall put the kibbles in the bowl or have your toes hunted.

Equal parts endearing and freaky.

banana bites 003The Handsome Prince has to get a chocolate covered banana at any street fair, farmer’s market or theme park. If there is no cho nanas, he’ll be just fine with kettle corn.

On a trip through the market, he came home with these little gems.

They have become everyone’s favorite dessert.

Finally a snack with a serving size that’s actually realistic and delicious!

text me 3She gets me.

plexus 020Luc has been under the weather and dealing with a few hurtles.

It has been a strange time but we’re seeing a bit of progress and relief for him.

One of the bonuses of being a part of a big family is that there is an abundance of love, support and encouragement when someone needs a little extra. All positive thoughts, awesome vibes and a few prayers tossed in there, would be much appreciated while we move a few mountains and get him healthy again.

We’re officially home schooling to add a little fun flair to Casa de Nutty.

Deep breaths.

We got this.

permission slipPermission granted…

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we allow ourselves the freedom and permission to feel, grow and do what makes us happy.

a tailThere wasn’t even a full moon but there was one furry tail that couldn’t be missed.

puma pants

text me 4Nope, I wasn’t.

use your words 005I met a fantastic gal because our daughters are friends.

We have so much in common and I have the best time chatting with her.

She made our family the most amazing enchilada casserole for dinner and made K a special Vegan version.

That sweet act of kindness was such a relief and bright spot in a tumultuous week.

I can’t wait to return the favor, spend a little time with her again and to get that wonderful recipe!

Incredible people I am so grateful for.

catzHurry up and Fly over to the other Fly writers.

Quickly please!

Our nutty is contagious.


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  1. YIPPEEEEE for the yummy pink drink!!!
    I hope it continues to be a huge blessing!!!!
    stacysewsandschools recently posted…Fly on the Wall – February 2014My Profile

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that Luc’s not been feeling well. My thoughts will be with you, I hope to hear that he’s back to normal soon.

    I have to admit that the members of your family are the most unique cast of characters i’ve read about in a long time. if you were a reality show, I’d watch!
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall, Feb 2014My Profile

  3. Meg,
    Prayers sent up that your family will be well very soon. I love that your daughter feels destined to grow wings and fly. That made me smile 🙂
    The casserole looks amazing; having it delivered to your family by a new friend? Even better.
    Snape. Best cat name. Ever. 🙂
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Fly On the Wall: February ’14My Profile

  4. Your cats kill me! They seem just like a two year old.
    Was the pink drink Plexus? If so, it didn’t work for me until I added probiotics, then it worked really well.
    I hope Luc gets better quickly, my friend.
    Lorinda-The Rowdy Baker recently posted…Fly on the Wall, Yo Ho Yo Ho editionMy Profile

      • Meg on February 22, 2014 at 6:50 am

      Like little furry toddlers.
      It is Plexus Slim. 🙂 Just the drink was working for me but we just started the ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse this week.

    • tam on February 21, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    What is the yummy pink drink?????
    Our 1 cat drives me insane when he is hungry. Can’t even imagine a herd of hungry felines…

      • Meg on February 22, 2014 at 7:01 am

      The pink drink is called Plexus Slim. It is an all natural healthy solution to help you lose weight but it is go loaded with good stuff that it actually is helping my migraines, digestive system,skin and I’m steadily losing inches. I am loving it so much, everyone in my house is drinking pink. 🙂
      I wrote an article about the changes I’ve experienced so far-
      There is a lot of info on my Plexus page-

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