Pajama Super Bowl of Thanks


“Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year.  And then discover once a year is way too often.” ~ Johnny Carson

fly on the wall

It is time once again!

For the Pajama Super Bowl of Thanks,  a Fly on the Wall post! Today, sixteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


Next week is Thanksgiving!!!

Otherwise known in my strange little brain as the Super Bowl of food pushing. For people like me who love to cook, it just pleases us to no end that on Thanksgiving people actually condone the hoarding of food and cooking of epic feast- like proportions. I LOVE when people come together to enjoy a meal I have created. Fabulous!

Even better when they are all wearing pajamas, for to gain entrance to our holiday feast you MUST come dressed in your pajamas. No jammies, no feast!

Pajama Super Bowl of Thanks 2014!

This year, as we gather together with gratitude in our hearts, there shall be no gluten upon our plates.

Yup, we’re eating clean and gluten free!

I am super excited for our pajama super bowl of thanks… and the fact that the Handsome Prince is taking a few days off back to back. Priceless!

Nov 2014 272The shop keys… with the largest key chain I’ve ever seen.

I about died laughing when The Prince pulled these from his pocket.

I’m thankful I don’t have to tote these suckers around.

llama sock 2

Hanging with the locals at the watering hole this fine morning.

llama socks

My lucky llama socks.

I gave a pair to a friend who needed the extra luck of the $1.50 Target llama socks to get through her own Super Bowl of Thanks gathering this year, with people that could drive a perfectly sane person over the bend… aka her extended family.

Sometimes when we don’t have a friend at these functions, we just need to wear a couple of our own. 😉

LLama socks to the rescue!

bengal cats 19

Nothing to see here!
Just the neighborhood crazy cat lady running down the street in her reindeer pajamas, chasing an exotic cat that loves to play tag, while shaking a bag of food and screaming commands at the feline Houdini.
It’s no wonder our neighbors love us.
I make sure it’s never dull.


 Since last Fly, we decided to make the costumes that the Handsome Prince and I would wear to a friend’s Halloween birthday party.

You know I can’t do anything easy, so Luc and I turned it into a homeschool project on the earth and globe too. Some year I’ll get around to blogging about it.

It took us 5 days to create the earth and the asteroid that would hit it.

We went to the party as the end of the world

and got a fabulous grade on a sweet project too.

Nov 2014 193

We all know that the stories of my awkward are legendary.

I suppose I should have thought twice about busting out adhesive without supervision.

Nov 2014 192

However, we did learn from this experience that if you super glue both hands together, parts cleaner for cars will breakdown the glue before your husband comes home to laugh and take pictures.

Nov 2014 215

Then I glued myself to the door knob.

When the kids finally rescued me with more parts cleaner, I had successfully glued much of my right eyebrow with red glitter as well.

I’m surprised I’ve lived this long if super glue nearly does me in.

Nov 2014 188

 The next day I only glued myself to a costume twice and got my fingers stuck together.

Everyone was thrilled with their attire and that what counts.

I am thankful that there is many months before I have to do that again.

My eyebrow is coming back in nicely.

Nov 2014 242

 We had a bag of raw sugar in the cabinet.

Then I woke to sugar…sugar EVERYWHERE!

It was all over the kitchen but it was also through out the whole entire house.

Whoever said owning pets reduces your stress level, has never mopped the house and then greeted the day with a sugar explosion. There was sugar on the walls in the hallway!?

These are the moments when I wonder why I quit drinking.


Sweet find for .25 cents!
The first and the best of the Gidget movies!

Nov 2014 337

Doesn’t everyone’s toilet wear a t-shirt?!
Lol. No?
I’ve been to a few dozen stores looking for one of those funky, retro, toilet tank cozy things.
None are to be had.
Our jungle cats skid off the top of the tank and slam into the walls when anyone showers.

1 plexus 8

I booked my very first trip by myself!

Me. The overly anxious introvert that travels about as far as my bathroom alone on a day to day basis, is going to drive 8 hours to another state by myself, stay in a hotel for four days and attend the Plexus Convention in June. You know how many thousands of people will be there? Yikes! So many fears I’m totally plowing right through on this one.

I’m going! It’s booked!

Wahoo! I am SOOOO excited and kinda nervous already.

I have been taking care of people for so long that it seems so strange to do something like this just for me… and even more bizarre that I can’t wait to take a trip that would normally scare the stuffing out of me for far too many reasons to list.

My Plexus business is changing more than just my health.

Don’t look now, I think there may be some personal growth happening.

Holy sugar free cannoli!

Nov 2014 231

The house smells like library.
This makes every nerdy part of me thrilled.

Nov 14 too 003

“Snape! Take a selfie with me,” I say.

“No!” he is adamant.

“Come on, be a sweet kitty.”

“No!” he complained loudly.

I went in for a snuggle and he roared at me.

Snape selfie was not to be.

Nov 2014 201

I have a habit of putting my hair up in a bun to keep it out of my way.

It is long enough that I can tie it in a knot but I often stick my extra red correcting pen in it to hold it better, plus I never lose track of my pen that way.

This drives our girls crazy and they are always trying to hand me a pony tail holder.

I’m not quite sure what they find so offensive by my practical multi use hair accessory.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then my hair is well armed and the fact that it irks the teens in the house makes it that much more fabulous.

seattleA gem from K:

“When I move out, I think I’ll stay in California but I’ll move up north. Like Seattle, I think.”

I informed her that Seattle was in the state of Washington.

“Really? Seattle is in Washington? Since when?” she replied, totally flabbergasted.

Well… it has been a city since 1902 but it has, in fact, always been in Washington state.

Nov 14 too 022Every year, the moment the egg nog hits the market shelves, I end up excitedly purchasing it.

Hurray for the nog that evokes warm happy memories!

I pour myself as big glass and enjoy…

For about fifteen minutes and then I was about to die from the ensuing bubble gut, ralphy feeling that hangs out for the next several hours.

Every year I do this.

You would think I would learn but alas, no.

Pass the egg nog, please! 😉

Nov 2014 313May your Super Bowl of Thanks Day be fabulous, memorable and filled with joy.

Safe travels to you and your loved ones!

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  1. What is it with cats and sugar??? Whenever someone leaves the top off the canister (at least twice a week) the cats just have to play in it! Then I’m dumping out the sugar and starting all over again. SIGH…

    HILARIOUS post!!! 😀
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall – November 2014My Profile

  2. Hahaha…you have the same issues with superglue that I do. Before I even remove the cap I have a bottle of fingernail polish remover and a couple of cottonballs ready.
    I try to avoid artificial fragrances whenever possible, but that can of library scent is calling loudly to me. I may have to compromise my principles this once.
    Love the jammies – sounds like so much fun!
    Bet you’re still finding sticky sugar deposits here and there. Ugh.
    As usual, your post blows me away. 🙂
    Lorinda McKinnon – the Rowdy Baker recently posted…Fly on the Wall – NovembrrrrMy Profile

    • karen on November 21, 2014 at 10:41 am

    OMG…that is so me with the super glue. I tore part of my bumper against an ice wall last winter. I was able to super glue it and duct tape it for a while, but I got glue all over my hands …it was horrible.
    karen recently posted…Fly on the WallMy Profile

    • Robin on November 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    I’m going to make the Pajama Superbowl of Thanks a new trend. It’s now my mission for the next week!
    Robin recently posted…I am the Lord of the Flies… Wait, what?My Profile

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