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I was recently contacted by a really neat company that thought I could use their product.

Boy, were they right!

I pack a sack lunch for four kiddos and my Handsome Prince every day.

Not only is it the healthier choice but it also helps to keep our budget in check.

Here in Southern California we are blessed with beautiful weather. That nice weather does get HOT. There are many tricks to trying to keep our favorite foods cold but alas most of the time we abandon the efforts and go for something easier.

I once wrapped a sandwich and strawberry milk so many times in tin foil attempting to keep it cold that the child that received said lunch as well as started picking up cable channels for her backpack announced that it took her longer to bust into her lunch than it did to eat it.

Clearly PackIt was thinking about people like us when they created their fabulous product lines.


They sent me a very snazzy zebra print personal cooler lunch box that they call “The Wild” print to try.

They just rolled out a whole new line of colors!

First thing I thought about was cleaning it. You know kids equals spills and a certain level of toughness.


I am thrilled to report after the yogurt incident of yesterday that a few wipes and a strawberry flavored explosion was no more. It’s really a snap to wipe down and spot clean.


We encourage our children to be responsible with our resources and Packit has made it easy to set an example that we can feel good about. Using The Wild Personal Cooler Lunch Bag actually encouraged me to pack the lunch or snack in reusable containers because I knew that I’d be getting them all back, making our lunches even more Earth Happy.

pack it 10 colage

It’s very simple to use. It easily folds up to be placed in the freezer overnight. Unfold it and you now have a lunch box that really does keep the contents cool for 10 hours.

I went to the expert on this. The picky opinionated and obscure eater… my daughter Kenzie.

I asked her what she wishes she could pack in her lunch but hasn’t been able to keep cool.

Tuna sandwich, frozen grapes, flavored milks, yogurt, cheese and crackers, chocolate, homemade pudding, fresh juiced drinks, cold ranch, chilled crisp veggies and she misses mayo on her turkey sandwich.

I started thinking about how handy this PackIt Personal Cooler Lunch Bag really was. They have a full line of sizes, wine coolers, family sized picnic coolers and even shopping bags! We really need one of those shopping bags to get our popsicles home in one piece in July and I think I know a mama to be that could really use this when she goes back to work pumping. I started having visions of neatly packing everyone’s lunch into PackIt Personal Cooler Lunch Bags and tossing them in a back pack to walk in for a day by the pool. Normally I’m trying to tote in a huge ice chest, chairs, umbrella, towels, direct the heard of turtles I’m trying to juggle… my people, I have found my solution to the madness!


PackIt Personal Cooler Lunch Box really does work!

My daughter was so thrilled with crisp cold milk that my son was begging her to use it.

You want to take the zebra bag?

“Oh yeah! I don’t care what it looks like, it’s SO COOL!” was his response.

He rocked the zebra bag as did the Handsome Prince.

Another two thumbs up.

“It’s refreshing to reach in for a snack and have it be just like it’s served at home.” says the Handsome Prince.

I have to say that PackIt seems to have become a new trusted member of the family.


Are you ready for the really fun news?

PackIt Giveaway!

Not only are the makers of PackIt brilliant but they are generous too!

They want to give ONE of my readers a PackIt Personal Cooler Lunch Bag in the color of your choice!

How do you get such a wonderful prize?

Easy! Go HERE to visit the PackIt website and pick out the color you would want when you win so you can tell me when you enter the drawing below.

Giveaway will close at the stroke of midnight on Monday 3/11/13.

Good Luck My Friends!

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A huge thank you to PackIt for creating a product I’m thrilled to use and allowing me to share one with you!

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  1. Oh how fun—a giveaway. I love it! I have missed your nutty and fun site and know I’ve been distant with everything. Spending a committed this weekend getting connected as I preach to others. = )

    Miss you and all your good reads.


  2. Hi, Dolly! Great article, as always! – I’m Entered – Good Luck to ME! ;-} Hugggzzzz to You!

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