Our Princess Is 120 Months Old Today!

“What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to  soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be.” 
 -Helen Claes

Happy 5th Birthday to you! WOW.. you’ve grown up so much since then.


 Ten years ago today, a very impatient baby arrived 6 weeks early. Weighing a slim 5.5 pounds, Kenzie was a bitty little thing, happiness seemed to radiate from her and she seemed determined to check things off her to do list just as quickly as she could.

I remember sitting one night looking down into her chocolate brown eyes and thinking, we’re so lucky, she’s just amazing! She was the 3rd baby of the four and also the 3rd girl. With tons of beautiful brown hair and brown eyes, she stood out in our family of blondie blue eyes… I knew that she was going to be unique and keep me on my toes.

This is also the same girl that at 2 years old, firmly decided that she was NOT EVER going to take off her favorite shoes. They were a simple little pair of black Mary Jane shoes, cute just like her. We’d sneak into her room after she fell asleep and take her shoes off, put them next to her bed or replace the old pair she’d grown out of. That went on for over 6 months! Not wanting to stifle her process, it was funny to watch her grow and change into a young woman capable of taking her shoes off and now leaving them EVERYWHERE!

I personally like to believe that she heard what I’ve been squeaking about… Be prepared! Sweet little ray of sunshine took it to heart, or I suppose, to favorite Mary Jane Shoe.

A girl after my own heart!

Not THE Mary Jane Shoes but one of her favorites to wear to play with her sisters


 She did love her “Binky”.

Funny thing, she was the quietest little girl. “Binky” in mouth eyes darting all around, slowly studying what everything and everyone is all about. Like she was making a list and taking names. She’s always been a stubborn one so I knew if we could harness her powers for good not evil, she’d be unstoppable!

Once the “Binky” was retired, we were shocked to find that our sweet, quiet baby girl, did actually contain a defect. Her volume button seems to be stuck on a choice of LOUD and LOUDER.

Inside voice? What’s that??

Sorry, Sweetheart! Not totally all your fault kiddo!

LOUD runs on both sides of our gene pools. It’s in her DNA… we’ve been working on it for years and were getting better but the natural volume setting is, Can You Hear Me All The Way Across This Huge Wide Open Field, loud. 🙂

Kenzie & Papa at Chucky Cheese


 Kenzie and her Papa had a very close and special relationship. They always made a point of having their picture drawn together. Memories we’re so grateful to have.

Oh how I love the missing teeth pictures!


 As she grew, so did her silly, sweet and very literal personality. She’s a rule follower. A cautious, zillion question asker, I’ll watch you try it from a safe distance and if it looked like fun and you lived through the experience then maybe I’ll consider giving it a go, kinda gal. She LOVES nature and hiking but acts like she will be slowly consumed by a flesh eating disease if asked to pee behind a tree in the middle of the woods… no one but squirrels are the wiser. Oh, SO NOT HAPPENING! Gotta love a girl that believes strongly in personal hygiene, hand washing frequently and following rules to a T.

Our Handsome Prince hanging on for moral support and a bit of last minute coaching


 I look up to Kenzie, there are so many wonderful attributes that come effortlessly for her. She sets a goal and figures out how to make that goal happen. She has an incredible amount of faith and knows through and through who she is and is totally comfortable with every last bit. She’s always been a very pretty little girl but it’s her inner beauty that shines and attracts people to her. She does not experience self doubt, rather plows forward until her way isn’t working anymore, asks for help and just attacks her goal another way. I love her laugh. She laughs often with her friends, family, at the world and at herself. Her wise little soul just seems to know not to sweat the small stuff and always to keep a sense of humor.

Kenz Indoor Skydiving At iFly


 As she grows, I am struck with her compassion. Maybe not always towards her own siblings 🙂 but she dishes just as much as she takes from them. She has a simple kindness about her. She wants EVERYTHING in the world to be fair, just, equal and right for EVERYONE. I love how she truly desires to take care of and “smother Mother” everyone she loves or comes in contact with.

Personal space is not something that she notices, BUT the reward is tons and tons of hugs and sweet things whispered all day long.

Every parent says it but, wow, where did the time go? 10 years seems to have flown by and now our Littlest Girl reads like a fiend, rides dirt bikes and can cook or bake almost anything you’d like. She’s becoming a talented artist and loves to do anything crafty.

She’s a wonderful yet spicy blend of sporty, caution, creative, loving and bubbly.

 Kenzie, We Love you forever and look forward to a beautiful lifetime of memories and experiences with you. Thank You for all of the smiles, the tears and even all those extra grey hairs. Thank You for always loving us, inspiring us and teaching us each day about how to be better people.

Thank You for being an irreplaceable part of our NUTTY family. Thank You for letting you always shine through… there is only one you my dear, and we’d not change you for all the Scooby Snacks in the Mystery Machine!

Remember where you come from and who you are. Always remember how strong you are and that you can accomplish any goal no matter how long the road is to get there. Different is what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place to live. Nothing is Impossible!

Happy Happy 10th Birthday to Miss Kenzie!

So sweet we wish we could keep her small forever… achieves so much and makes us proud of the beautiful intelligent young woman she is becoming.

 Hope you all have a day as wonderful as Kenzie’s will be!

She has plans up her sleeve. Kenz will be celebrating for a few glorious days. Lucky Ducky!

Making Cherished Birthday Memories,

Meg xoxo


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    • Stacy on January 14, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Happy 10th Birthday! The Big One-Oh feels great! Hope she enjoyed her day!

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