Our Man With The Dark Mark Slays Cone!

 Mr. Severus Snape has spent the last 14 days oppressed, in pain, rejected by the love of his life and was diagnosed with kitty depression.

Kitty Depression?!?!



If you were The Cat Martini, had your girlfriend break up with you because you were sporting a cone and a funky set of stitches, I guess you’d be a depressed Cat too. 🙁 He would drag is cone around here looking slightly like a bobble head doll but mostly pathetic. He was clingy, medicated and a sad little fur bag. Read more about why HERE

Depressed Cone Head


He suffered and stumbled to make this cone thing work. Poor kitty would use the cat box only to truge into Mom and Dad hanging his cone as if to say, Oh help could you clean my cat box covered cone again? So gross but little kitty poo cone was doing his best. We had alarms on our phones set for his meds and everyone revolved around poo cone boy for 14 days. Snape bonded deeply with each of us while his girlfriend was being a twit about his new neck wear he was sporting.

Ms. Lily playing the part of the loving girlfriend again


 My Handsome Prince had Snape trained to sit and accept taking his meds within a day. Despite living with these critters and seeing it first hand, we’re still astounded at the level of intelligence they perform at. After 14 L-O-N-G days Snape again went back to the doctor, received a glowing report, had gained a whole 2 lbs during his lazy rehab days and got his stitches removed! No More Cone! No more spastic leaping into the air just to walk over the rug. No more dipping cone into water, cat box, food and then try with gusto to give kisses to ALL from his funky cone! No More Depressed Kitty!!!

Snape was Master of The Cone! He may have been depressed but he vanquished his foe over time and is back to being the sleek Master of Disaster he is meant to be.

The SAD whiskers of The Half Blood Prince


Many of Snape’s whiskers broke after being trapped inside the cone for so long. 🙁

That doesn’t seem to be slowing him down much.

Snape and Molly share cone free kisses!


“Bengal Kisses” are often more along the lines of a rough loving head butt. We were cautioned that Bengals often dislike dogs but as you can see, at least in our house, that is a rule that does not apply. 🙂 It’s quite opposite! Molly, Lily and Snape share a tight friendship, some kisses, the occasional watering hole and baths often.

He hasn’t missed an opportunity to show some lovin’ since the cone came off. A little Lily Love!


The first 24 hours cone free, Snape was a wild man!

He had to smell, taste, touch, rub on talk to and about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the house! He explored EVERY single level of the house from the floor to the ceiling. Once he confirmed this was his space and he still could access every square inch of it at will… even if this paws were not allowed there and they know it, he settled back into his normal. Normal is still high energy but not rebounding off the wall. He seemed a bit more grateful without his cone and is still that over the top love bug that he grew into during his oppression. 🙂

We’re all grateful that our man with the dark mark slayed his cone!

He’ll have a scar that will not be visible and this will just be a funny time in our lives. Just a hidden dark mark for Mr. Snape.

Welcome to the club kitty, everyone here has a few funky scars we’re pretty proud of. Snape is back to being our living room leopard and we couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s back in action almost 100%.

If you would like to read more about how we got Snape you can do so HERE & about his surgery HERE

If you would like to read more about Lily you can do so HERE.

Snape wont have any lasting effects from this experience except perhaps a bit more humble a heart.

Now that our boys ALL have their stitches out… let the summer fun begin!

Thank you for all the emails of concern about Mr. Snape! He is doing very well but it warms my heart to know how many of you really do care about our fur babies too. 🙂 Thank you for keeping his furry spotted little pelt in your thoughts and prayers! I solemnly swear he’ll be up to no good and featured in many a post yet to come! 😉

With Many Grateful “Bengal Kisses”,


14 days post op and his scar looks SO much better than it did when he first came home!







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  1. You have two beautiful cats! I also love that you named them Snape and Lily – perfection! Enjoy life getting back to normal.
    I found you at the TGIF Blog Hop.

    • Brandy on November 10, 2012 at 7:58 am

    Love, love, love the names of your cats! This is coming from a HP fanatic, so I think it’s genius. 🙂 Found you through the hop!

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