Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For FREE



We’ve all heard the story of Old Mother Hubbard, right?

In this version, Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For Free!

There are some excellent perks when you coupon.

We were able to cut many areas of our monthly budget by well over half!

There are many products and items that we use every day that I no longer have to pay for.

We have not had to pay for toothpaste, tooth brushes, floss, deodorant, hair products, nail polish, q-tips, aspirin, baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cough or cold medicine, cough drops, MANY cleaning products, shaving creams, razors, bath soap, body wash, salad dressings, marinates, stuffing, olives, packaged noodles or rice, barbecue sauce, some feminine products, some spices, vinegar… the list could go on and changes with each excellent coupon issued.

I do this by carefully watching sales and applying coupons.

I work 40-60 hours per week too so it is entirely possible to coupon like crazy, build a personal stockpile if you desire without sucking up ALL of what little “free” time we have.

There are a great many wonderful couponing websites that help us part time couponers by posting all the excellent deals they find and where you look to find your coupons.

Those couponing in California/ Nevada- Southern Cali Saver has been a resource that I could not do without. All the Hard work that Josie does over there have made my couponing process take minutes.

With the holidays upon us, I am being extremely careful to stretch every dollar in our budget to it’s fullest.

Albertsons is running an excellent deal so Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For FREE!

Now through 11/22/12 you can get some Beggin’ Strips for FREE using coupons!

Look for the 6 oz. sized bags!

Use Use B1G1 Purina Beggin Brand Dog Snack, exp. 1/14/13 (SS 10/14/12 R) at Albertsons you can get them FREE!

That’s how Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For FREE!

Even if you don’t have a dog this deal is too good to pass up!

While you are at the store pick up a couple bags for an animal rescue, shelter or neighbor.

Still don’t get this whole couponing thing?

Albertsons coupon policy allows us to use a Buy One, Get One FREE Coupon (or B1G1 or BOGO) when they are running a Buy One Get One Sale on the item you are using a coupon on.

Just like it sounds, the Buy 1 Get 1’s cancel each other out leaving both items FREE!

W-e-l-l… let’s be honest, it leaves you paying any remaining state tax.

I don’t ever think I mind paying pennies in tax when I’m saving dollars not paying retail using coupons.

As you can see, Beggin’ Strips was not the only HOT deal I was after that day.

Betty Crocker Cake mixes are on sale too!

Buy 4 for $5 AND get a FREE Betty Crocker Frosting!

You’re paying $1 per item for the mixes and frosting.

That’s still a good deal and an excellent thing to have on hand in the pantry.

I bake the cake mixes in cupcake tins and we rarely add the frosting because the cake is sweet enough.

Naked Cupcake Muffins are the favorite around here for a snack, to toss in a lunch on the go or for dessert.

When I bake it like a cake, we’ll use the frosting.

Either way I’m grateful for an excellent deal!

My kids LOVE to use these cake mixes because they are so easy that they will often make cupcakes for the family on their own.

Betty Crocker Products also support a charity that is dear to my heart, Box Tops For Education.

Box Tops For Education offers school a much needed opportunity to fund raise easily.

I like to think of it as cash for trash.

Just peel the little box top symbol off and submit to a local school office.

Those little things add up to several hundred dollars in much needed funding!

All from baking and frosting a cake!

I SAVED $25.81

Spent $5.64

I purchased 9 items


Alright, maybe not Extreme Couponing worthy 100% but pretty dang excellent savings!

Animal Rescues and families struggling can really benefit from even something as small as a free bag of dog treats.

Help make sure all doggies have some Beggin’ Strips!

Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For Free and our sweet Molly loves me for it.

I cut them up and use them as rewards for training.

On my way home I stopped off at another market to compare the price on another item.

I cut down the pet food isle to quickly get to my destination and what should I find?


What I just got for FREE is 2 for $8 here!?!?

I just saved $16 dollars!

High Five!

Couponing isn’t for the poor, the stay at home, the retired, the frugal fanatics on TV nearly taking people out for a cart full of toilet paper…

Coupons are for EVERYONE!

There is not a soul that can’t or shouldn’t save money.

If we can’t use the deal for us, why not pass it along to another that will make excellent use of it!

Old Mother Hubbard Couponed A Stash For FREE and her wallet breathed a sigh of relief.

Saving my dollars for another day!

Happy Couponing,

Meg xoxo

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