Oh Thank Heavens for… Slurpees!

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”

Fran Lebowitz

A quick, cheap, chilly treat for all!


Just so we’re all clear, bribery is alive and doing well here in Southern California!

I said so many things about how I was going to parent my children, then I had children and I realized I knew nothing.

As parents, we have to observe, listen, learn and then ultimately make the choices we feel are right for who we are and what is best for the ones we love. So I proudly stand by our CHOICE to bribe our children with Slurpee’s.

That’s right, those frozen sugar packed drinks found at your local 7-11 http://www.7-eleven.com/Locator.aspx that pulls you in with their hypnotic swirling, until you find yourself standing in line with a very colorful drink in hand waiting to pay. There is something wonderful about pulling that lever and having a river of sweet Slurpee fill your cup. Fill the cup… just fill it… look into the spinning colors of frosty goodness and pull each lever until your cup is a rainbow bursting with flavors! The Slurpee machine demands it.

Even though Slurpee’s are not too expensive, when you have a large family even small things can add up quickly. At the end of each week, if they have achieved their personal academic goal that we set together, we get Slurpee’s. This tradition was formerly known as A cake day.

A cake day was usually Friday when they would bring home their weekly tests and school work. If you had an A grade week, you got to pick the cake and shape it’s baked in for dessert. A cake days worked well when we didn’t have as many children in school and we also wanted to get away from A’s seemingly being the only acceptable grade worthy of cake in our home. I wanted to put the emphasis on doing work to be proud of or achieving personal successes through hard work NOT anything less than perfect is unacceptable. If THAT was the case I’d have been deemed a bad NUT a long time ago, unacceptable because I’m not perfect. Are you?

 Out of concern for the healthy effects of this weekly practice but also not wanting to get away from that family moment we get to savor each week, I had a decided I needed to get to know our blender a little bit better.

Friends, now hear this… from juices to Kool-aid, soda to an organic beverage of your choice, when you toss it into your blender with ice it’s FANTASTIC!

Kiwi Strawberry Snapple… I got these 2 Qt bottles for .50 cent each! A sale we were all thrilled about.


 Fill your blender with ice and pour in your beverage of choice. Beverages that are fizzy may froth up and grow right out of your blender. To avoid a mess, I always leave generous room at the top so that it can blend with ease and I don’t have to wipe down a Slurpee mess off my kitchen counters. Better to make more batches than to have an unintentional redecoration of your kitchen ceilings, walls, cabinets and floors, all because you were rushing. It doesn’t take but 3 minutes so just relax. This is a happy food. Go on, be happy!

Put the lid on and blend!

If your making your Slurpee with a fruit juice, I like to add a little bit of fresh fruit to compliment it before blending. Some of the natural or organic juices loose some of their flavors when blended with ice, adding a little bit of extra fruit will help it to bring out it’s natural sweetness. Plus chunks of freezing berries are so so so very good!

Some Strawberries would have been a great edition to this kiwi strawberry drink or as a pretty garnish


 Only step left is to pour into your cups!

You will want a spoon to help control the flow as you pour, just in case.

You have a cheap, tasty and homemade treat in 3 minutes using only the ingredients that you have on hand.


This week is Spring Break for our kids. We really look forward to those times when the kids are out of school. Those times also include an influx of “bonus” kids around these parts too. We already have 4, what’s a few more… It just means when friends descend upon our home on these lazy days off, we just double the snacks and turn on a great movie.

Popcorn and fruit Slurpee’s are great ways to provide a homemade quick snack that all enjoy but they are all foods that a little bit goes a long way.

Just a few ingredients put together will feed people in large quantities. LOVE IT! Excellent for a hot day, Spring afternoon, as a treat, as a bribe, just for 1, for tons of unexpected guests, for fun or because it makes you feel good to snack on something sweet and chilly.

Maybe that’s why all the kids hang out here. I secretly bribe them with Slurpee’s, snacks and cute kittens to pet. I once had my daughter’s friend hug me and say, ” When I go away to college, can I move in here with you?” She’s moving in around 2019.

We have a 3 day guest rule, fish, friends & family stink after 3 days!

But I figure by then we could use the company after our birdies fly the coop… gasp! A stabbing pang of future empty nest syndrome freaks me out right on cue. Ugh! I miss them already. We can’t talk about it….. lalalalalalalalala.

Now I need to make them all a Slurpee so they will stay forever and forever!!

Happy Slurping!

Craving Dr. Pepper flavor,

Meg xoxo



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