October Fly On The Wall


Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment.


Fly Cat

It is time once again!

For an October Fly on the Wall post! Today, fourteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


cancerWe celebrated my 4th Cancerversary this week!

WooHoo!! Crazy to think that I’m healthier now than I ever have been.

In my abundantly grateful euphoric state, I nearly agreed to participate in a 10 K… then I remembered that I don’t run around block well. Anything over a mile produces excessive crying, whining and vomiting.

Perhaps we’ll just stick to meandering a walk for something event or maybe the Turkey Trot.

I’m sure I trot better than I run.

a town

“Where is Jamestown?” Luc asks.

“In the garage. Why?” I say.

“I’m going to launch cars through the village or should I wait for Dad so we can blow it up?”

The ugly truth about what homeschoolers do with old school projects. 😉

fly oct 14 037

We got serious about the whole organic gardening thing and did some major landscaping.

Jerry the creepy opossum, lost his hedge and we cut the whole yard back to rose bush twigs and bare space while we get this thing going.

You know how much we love FREE dump day!

Our side yard is filled with five and a half feet of greenery. You know what that means…

Sunday we have another fabulous Dump Date planned!

Who says we’re not romantic. 😉

fly oct 14 150

You remember that rat that was in the garage last month?

Seems our mega landscaping project has upset the rats of NIMH.

I was cooking when there was a huge ruckus from the cats in the next room. I find Alastor on his back holding this rat with his front feet and gleefully kicking it with his rear legs like he does with his squeaky toys. The rest of the pack of exotic cats was watching closely. Al dropped the rat, it ran, while I screamed.

The Bengals hunted this sucker as a team, like lions.

It was horrifying and oddly pretty awesome to see our lazy fur people in action.

They cornered it in the trash can and I helped it return to the wild.

It was so traumatized that I’m sure he will tell all of his rat people to stay away… or at least that’s the deal we made when I let him go.

Apparently our exotic felines are good for more than being pretty and stealing my pens after all.


“So what do ya think?” Min asks about her outfit for nerd day.

“It is super cute but you’ve got those suspenders a bit tight,” I say.

“No, its not what you think it is,” she tells me. “What you are seeing is a camel toe illusion. These pants produce a camel toe illusion when they are no where near the camel. It is just an illusion. Not a real camel toe but one made by bad bad pants.”

She walks out of the room and I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe.

She got the pants from another friend, who got them from another friend.

Apparently I’m living in the sisterhood of the traveling camel toe illusion pants.

I hope there’s no sequel.

balloonWe have busted out the paper mache supplies!

Times to make some Halloween costumes!

Luc and I got a couple really big balloons for our project and he was playing around with one of the extra balloons.

He was trying to see how large he could get the balloon to expand, when it shot right out of his mouth.

The balloon started flying around wildly and then headed straight towards Miss Lily cat.

Our fur people are more curious than fearful so she watched that mad balloon come right at her, with nothing more than the typical disdain of a cat.

Then the balloon accosted her.

She turned to start running and the balloon followed because now it was not only rapidly deflating but it was stuck to the cat with static.

She literally ran in place, trying to catch some traction on the wood floor.

She ran through the house screaming with her fur standing on end.

“That might have been the best thing I’ve ever seen!” Luc exclaims.

I have to agree with him, it was pretty funny.

Lily cat would strongly disagree.


fly oct 14 169During the backyard excavation we learned a few things about the previous occupants.

Someone was once #1 and apparently had anger issues before their trophy became buried under the bushes.

They once owned a rabbit.

Corpse in the garden? Good Times!


Let it be known that on the sixth day of October, The Handsome Prince did a load of laundry.

He may make this a semi annual tradition. 😉

fly oct 14 118K was singing and playing guitar in the talent show at school.

We were joined at our table by a couple of K’s friends because our table naturally has far more fun than everyone else. We were having the best time when my attention strayed away for a few minutes.

“When you lick them, they stick better,” K’s awesome pal says.

They were sticking the confetti from the tables on their faces.

Then other tables started donating their confetti because we were having a blast with it.

Like I said, we had the most fun and K did a wonderful job.

bellaCats don’t appreciate hair dryers.

I learned this gem when I recently changed the sheets and then spilled water on them.

Rather than change the sheets again, I whipped out my handy dandy hair dryer, that only seems to get used for craft projects and blew the spot dry.

Since I rarely use a hair dryer, the cats have never experienced the beauty of this magical contraption and were curious..

So when I turned it to shoot them with the air, they freaked out on levels I could have never imagined.

So naturally, I do it again but this time in my best wicked witch voice cackling, “I’m going to get you with my air!”

(I know… I need to get out more. I’ll work on it. 😉 )

“Mom, when you ask me later on why I’m in therapy, I would like you to remember this moment,” Kenzie says.

The second her back was turned I got her perfectly styled hair with my air.

She was SO angry.

Hey, if I’m going to be blamed, it had better be for something at least a little bit worth it, right?

fly oct 14 002Ever had the entire contents of your back pocket leap into the toilet?

Highest of fives goes to my chronic awkward for this amazing toilet fishing expedition!

bob*Missing Bob Update*

For those following the saga of Bob- He has been located.

In August I told you how he was put somewhere safe but now we can’t find him.

Bob has made an appearance in five Fly on the Wall posts and even got an offer to relocate to a reader in Washington State. Bob is a large black and white framed photo that The Handsome Prince has had since high school (just so were clear that I’m not playing hide and go seek with a deceased reggae artist).

He was tucked into the back of my closet the whole time.

As soon as the bathroom is repainted, he shall hang out with us once more.

fly oct 14 154

You know when you agree to something because you really weren’t paying attention close enough when the idea was slipped by you.
Guess you wont be getting an invitation to the birthday party for our cats then.

The smile and nod works so well for my hubby but when I try to pull that, I find myself hosting a “Fillet of Fish” themed fiesta.


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  1. You NEVER disappoint. I laughed so hard at your description of Lily and the balloon. OMG, I could see it perfectly.
    I’m having a hard time understanding what I’m seeing in the toilet dunking photo, though. I mean…you have real money in your back pocket? Real green spending money? Sigh. In my next life maybe.
    Love you, love your posts.
    Lorinda McKinnon – the Rowdy Baker recently posted…Fly on the Wall – Ahhhhhhctober EditionMy Profile

  2. Hapyy Cancerversary, Meg. 4 years? That’s wonderful!
    My favorite this month was the non-camel toe pants, the finding of “Missing Bob”, and the misunderstood love between a cat and a balloon. Thanks for the smiles.
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Fly on the Wall: October 2014My Profile

  3. HAPPY CANCERVERSARY!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t you just love when cats freak out??? Funniest thing ever!!!

    Your Fly posts never disappoint!! They are always hilarious!!
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall – October 2014My Profile

  4. SO glad you found Bob.
    I’m endlessly entertained by your cats!
    Next time I’m out in public with my kids I’m trying that confetti trick. They’ll be mortified. YAY!
    Karen @Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall, October 2014My Profile

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