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People who avoid the brick walls – all power to ya, but we all have to hit them sometimes in order to push through to the next level, to evolve.

~Jennifer Aniston

aug fly 004It is time once again!

More From The Wall- a Fly on the Wall Friday post! Today, eleven bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


The kiddos are all back in school again.

Min got all the classes and teachers she wanted for eleventh grade. She’s busy getting ready for Rush Week as the President of the Poetry Club and is super excited to be chosen to tutor math and English for Spanish speaking students this year. She is especially looking forward to be able to further incorporate her love of drawing/ art with technology this year. She’s been designing skateboards all summer and is figuring out how to mesh her passions with potential career possibilities. It is fun to watch her grow into a very capable, creative and intelligent young woman.

K started at her incredible performing arts high school.She is LOVING it! Every classroom, including dance, has smart boards… Think large white board in the front of the room is actually a giant iPad and that’s a smart board. Hands down, coolest tool ever! The theater building may be the nicest facility in town. The only class she has with friends is German 1 and her teacher said they can talk all they want as long as it is in German so these kids are studying like mad so they can chat. I like this system. This school is the perfect match for K and she is thrilled to be there.

Kenz loves middle school so far. She likes structure so the oppressive rules and crummy vibe on campus doesn’t phase her. Sigh… middle school. She was so nervous but found all of her classes promptly and hasn’t had a bit of trouble with the locker lock she practiced opening for the better part of a week before school. She’s met some new friends, likes all of her teachers and is really excited for all the new things this year will bring. She’s not so sure she loves her choir class, like her sister did but she has absolutely the very best attitude about this experience.

Luc and I got his work for the quarter and we’ve set up some fabulous goals for this semester. Homeschooling does have its advantages and we definitely have some fun, challenging and creative things we are planning. Sixth grade is a big jump with the amount of material to cover but we are actually pretty excited about much of the curriculum this year.

a wagon

I guess I joined the bandwagon… I’m talking a a couple classes online too.

My goal is to save up enough to start a year long program next Spring or Fall.

Who saw that coming? Not me, that’s for sure but when you find a passion, don’t ask too many questions, move as fast as you can towards the things that sparks you to life and bring you joy!

Aug phone 207

We have a giant dry erase board on the wall by our front door.

It is the message center, tutoring space and often, proof of the strange that is contagious around here.

give me your marbles

I stopped at the store with Kenzie and we were looking at travel games, when I pick up Hungry Hungry Hippos…

“When you think about it, if hungry hippos were running around attacking marbles, I’m pretty sure no one would find it amusing. What kind of twisted adult encourages kids to play with hippos?! Did you know that they are pretty vicious? What if a kid comes across a wild hippo and they don’t have a pocket full of marbles? What then?! It should be called ‘Run, Run, a Hippo!’ but then what kind of game would it be if everyone ran away from it? Do not buy it, Mom. You can not contribute to the stupidity of the future of this country,”Kenzie informs me.
Here I thought it was just a game all these years.
This is what I get for raising opinionated people.

Aug phone 094

Cruising through Walmart, I noticed that someone was following me, isle by isle.

I smiled at her several times, after ten minutes of being tailed through half the store, slightly annoyed now, I asked if I could help her.

She was trying to get up the courage to ask me how.

I gave her an apology and a business card- not the best combination to start off a relationship, my friends.

It was really great lesson for me about how we advertise ourselves day to day and being aware of creating an atmosphere that fosters connections with the people around us.

Funny that my t-shirt in a Walmart would crack some of my funny social boundaries that years of therapy could not.

hmmm… perhaps I had the power all along.

Now if only I had the ruby slippers too. 😉

Aug phone 003

No one has ever been happier to own a trench coat, than K.

We’ve been eyeballing this one and waiting for the right color tags to go on sale at “The Will”.
I have no idea why but she’s been wanting it for weeks and she scored it for .99 cents!
There was a nice pair of leather gloves in the pocket too.
It is 86 degrees out.
She’s strange but fairly fabulous.

aug fly 002More from the wall…

aug fly 013Beware of falling cats!

Luna’s favorite place to perch is a top our bathroom door.

It is especially convenient for her to be so close for lengthy conversations while we shower. 

Luna is a lovely little lady… odd like her namesake but eccentrically adorable.

Aug phone 196

The Handsome Prince and I celebrated a very wonderful anniversary.

It was nice to spend relaxing day together, going to a movie we would NEVER take our kids to and have an amazing dinner at a restaurant we keep saying we want to go to and finally made the time.

Aug phone 198

It was perfect!

That Handsome Prince is absolutely marvelous and still so darn adorable.

Aug phone 205

File this under spiffy anniversary gifts of awesome…

I keep saying that I need a giant pot for cooking big things en mass, like crab and veggies.
The Prince found me just the right thing.
When I’m done using it, I’m considering making this pot my new hiding place during hide and seek.

It may be better than slice bread, folks!

conection based off the books in your shelf

We have finally come to terms with our addictions…

and just built more shelving.

We have an obscene amount of books and videos.

Every nook and cranny in this place is spoken for, every closet maxed out so before installing hanging garage racks through out the ceilings of our home, we started with bookcases and more shelves.

Have you ever tried to ask a book person to condense their collection of favorites? Next to impossible.  We have five ravenous readers around here, we may have to give up and move into a library. 😉

Aug phone 151

“Are you secretly trying to kill me by feeding me an 8 pound ‘Find the Chicken Salad’?” The Handsome Prince asked, looking at his bowl.

(Find The Chicken Salad is what my family calls my version of fried chicken strip salad AKA leftovers… because when I feed it to them everyone tries to find all the chicken and egg first. I have a weird family.)

So, perhaps the portion was more for two but I love ya, eat your darn salad. 😉


Aug phone 326

Our sweet Bellatrix has been really sick.

Scary sick.

No blockage, fevers, chills, no real answers from blood work and finally the mystery illness seemed to pass but she still wouldn’t eat or drink.

It has been over a week since she ate normally. I’m feeding and watering her with a dropper and forcing Nutri-Cal in her every couple of hours. Appetite enhancing meds didn’t work and we’re supposed to keep doing this until she eats on her own again.

She’s having a reiki treatment done today.

She’s just as talkative and awesome as ever, we just need to break through this eating/drinking issue.

Keep those fingers and paws crossed that Bella’s health improves!

aug fly 003More from the wall of weird…

don't shrink your dreams supersize your courage

“You stand out in a crowd. I mean, you flail a lot. No one can miss you.”

I have never been described in such a way.

Sadly, this statement might be true.

Aug phone 182

The mall has a virtual salesperson.

I found her far less creepy than the actual salesman.

Aug phone 190There is something about these eyelashes that freaked us out a tad.

Aug phone 194

What we thought was really bizarre was that you could also get your caviar out of a vending machine at the mall too.

Maybe we need to get out more.

blandings Collage

Luc and I went hiking all over Malibu Creek State Park with some awesome friends.
Did you know that one of my favorite old movies was filmed at that park?
This is the house from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House- in 1948 and now changed quite a bit and the home of the visitor’s center currently. The living room is pretty much the same as in the movie still. We watched a film being made at the waterfall, wondered back to the old M.A.S.H. set, saw where the original Planet of the Apes was filmed and spent several hours with fabulous people.


We are plotting another trip to Malibu Creek again soon.

It is breathtaking, peaceful, full of history, life, energy and color.

Plus we found a mystery that need further exploring out there.

Aug phone 211

Someone has absconded with my rose!

The one I carefully dried and placed on my desk from Kenzie’s graduation ceremony.
Who takes just the top and leaves the stem?!?!
I can only assume that a #BengalCat is behind this evil deed.


Bob is missing.

The Bob Saga of Fly on the Wall’s past, continues.

He tried to plunge to his death again but fortunately he chose to leap from the wall shortly after I turned over the laundry basket on the floor. He safely landed in my pile of dirty towels and was moved to the garage until The Prince could hang him once more.

Bob has a new fancy nail now but the trouble is that Bob has been sequestered in such a secretive location that he can’t be found.

Yep, that’s right.

We lost Bob.


Perhaps he is vacationing in the attic with the stained glass pieces?

Maybe he found our missing bodyboard and they made off on a spiffy vacation of their own?

Official search parties have not been formed yet but the cleaning of the garage is slated for the holiday weekend.

Bob will be located and loved once more.

aug fly 001No opinion left unexpressed around here!

… and yet more from the wall of nonsense.

Aug phone 314

Luc and I set a goal to hike at least one mile each homeschool day.

Hiking is something we both are crazy about and this year we are able to incorporate quite a bit of it into his earth sciences studies but we decided to make it worth something important to us to keep that motivation going too.

Aug phone 318

Every morning that we complete our goal we are going to put $1 in our “Hiking to Help” jar. We are going to put miles on our sneakers, dollars in our jar and together we plot to sponsor another family this Thanksgiving, through our healthy habit.
Great incentive to stick to our awesome goals… There is turkey and all the trimmings to be purchased!

Friends always welcome to come on out and hit the trails with us!

Aug phone 290

Leave a laundry basket unattended for a few minutes and come back to find a pile of #BengalCats spilling out of it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHurry up and fly off to take a peek into all the other writer’s homes.

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    YAY for all the great schooly stuff!!! 😀
    We have a chalkboard in the kitchen. I am always trying to write inspiring messages on it. The kids are forever erasing them and writing all kinds of strange things. LOL
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall – August 2014 – My DaddyMy Profile

  2. Meg, that video was fabulous!! I have to share that.
    We are still old school around here- we have a chalkboard for messages. Still, it’s fun to see what gets written 🙂
    It’s wonderful to read that your children are excited for their new school years. You have a busy household!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Fly On The Wall: August 2014My Profile

  3. We have something in common, Meg: critters spilling out of our laundry baskets (in your case, cats. In my case, chickens.) Cats are much nicer! So sorry about Bellatrix. Hope she’s screaming for food soon!

    Malls have obviously changed a lot since I used to hang out at them. Think I’ll stick to Amazon…and pass on the caviar!
    Lorinda McKinnon – the Rowdy Baker recently posted…Fly on the Wall – AugustMy Profile

  4. I think I need to head over and help you out, Bob MUST be found.
    I have my fingers crossed for Bellatrix. So sorry she’s so sick.
    Karen @BakingInATornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall, August 2014My Profile

  5. Wow. All that in a month? I’m impressed.

    I hope you find Bob and that Bella gets better. I’m also with Kenzie on the whole hippo thing. And, for the record, do you really WANT to eat caviar out of a vending machine?

    BTW, you can never have too many books. I’m good with moving into the library. 🙂
    Robin Allen recently posted…Sharp ObjectsMy Profile

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