Magic Napper

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.

-Barbara Jordan

Where do I sign up to learn how to become a magic napper?

I have some serious nap envy.

The second I snuggle in for this ever illusive nap I hear tale of, it’s as if the universe and every member of my family conspires against my need to look at the back of my eyelids for a few minutes.

The second I drift off some crisis erupts that only I seem to be able to solve at that moment.

The Handsome Prince on the other hand has this nap gig down and will use his powers to pass out any moment he’s able.He elevated his status from Master Napper last weekend to Magic Napper.


A lesser known fact: The Handsome Prince is also “Magic Matt” the wand maker.

Yup, he makes wooden wands by hand for birthday parties, events and just because they are freakin’ cool!

(Email Me for info about wands, packages and appearances)

A magical battle ensued in the hallway of our house.

There were spells being cast from around all corners of this nut house.

Luc was gunning for The Magical Handsome Prince to make him spit slugs when he was tackled onto the couch and tickled.

Kenzie dog piled on top and when the laughing died down the conversation turned to how they each wanted to design their next wands and what colors they would choose.

How does one become a Magic Napper?


It takes the hijacking of your son’s Scooby Doo pillow case… that ironically appears to already be laughing at you.

A good wizard remains armed and alert at all times.


Prepared to defend all that is good, awesome and can be found by googling on one’s iPhone.

Don’t be fooled. This magical man will absolutely not hear nor feel the phone going off right here.


Should my handsome wizard hear your cries for help, he is undoubtedly ready to thwart the evil plan by casting some wicked spell or poking someone really hard.


Apparently to defend one’s right to watch the movie ‘Jumper’ for the trillionth time, a noble wizard will stash remotes under their rear least ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ make it into the player. Hatching the remote is not an effective long term coping device when dealing with a spouses remote thievery but it works sporadically and better when broccoli has recently been served.

All Magic Nappers must equip themselves with the comforts and tools they might need at a moments notice.


I see this magic napper was feeling a bit parched and might need to paint something in a flash?

Maybe the painters tape is for the fool that dares to take the remote or king sized Snickers in his nightstand.

Actually he fixed the broom with the tape and literally fell asleep in mid play with the kids.

Sometimes I really do get jealous of his napping abilities and the fact that the whole house falls silent in a respect for his nap. It’s like the universe grants him these wonderful spells of magical happy napping.


Those are the hands of a guy who works incredibly hard every single day.

His hands cut, burnt, blistered and permanently stained in the grooves of his finger tips.

He works so hard, goes to school at night, does homework with the kids and rarely misses the chance to eat dinner as a family. I will always see him as more of a knight than a wizard but then again he’s also a bit part MacGyver too.

He’s earned more than just a nap for such a life lived with honor and passion.

Dream on Magic Napper… may your challenges be blessings and your hard work create the opportunity you desire.

Now if I can just get the remote out from under him.

Dang it.

Looks like the movie change will have to be done the old school way. Back in the day when we had to get up to change the channel by hand. Gasp!

If I don’t return, we found out what the blue tape was really for. 😉


Meg xoxo

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