Let The Good Times Roll

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

-Plato magic mtn 14It’s summertime! Let the good times roll!

It all started with the Handsome Prince and I being cheap.

Well… let’s rephrase that a tad.

magic mtn 29

Like every other hard working stiff, we don’t have cash to waste so we try to hard to plan well and budget carefully so that we can enjoy fun activities with our kiddos.

We crunched the numbers to attend the theme parks that immediately spring to mind when you think Southern California: Disneyland, Sea World, Sand Diego Zoo.

Ouch! The totals were staggering for just one trip plus they were a little farther than we would be willing to drive to invest in passes again. Just not what we were looking for with the budget busted in one visit.

magic mtn 19

We hadn’t even considered Magic Mountain which is less than 30 minutes from our front door and the cheapest theme park passes around.

magic mtn 1

The kids were older now.

There was a really good chance that we could make some great memories on the cheap… Let the good times roll!

To the internet!

magic mtn 21

Honestly NOTHING is cheap when your working with 6 people but we had been saving for such a fun adventure and it does have its perks.

Purchase 6 season passes + parking… We got bumped to Gold Card members AND got FREE season passes to the water park next door, Hurricane Harbor.


magic mtn 7

The whole family was thrilled and we set off for our first roller coaster day together on Easter 2013. That day had been immortalized in the beloved holiday classic “The Snack That Maimed Easter“.

magic mtn 3

Then my amazing hubby took the gang another day by himself for a “Daddy Day” at the theme park leaving me home to work on a project.

Let’s just say that trip went so well the stories made it to our monthly Fly On The Wall post in April.

magic mtn  10

I thought after getting peed on K might not ever go willingly again the the theme park but dang it we paid for it so we’re going to squeeze every red cent of fun we can out of this investment.

magic mtn 12

We went again and again until we each could nearly draw you a park map and guesstamate fairly accurate wait times depending on the ride, the day of week it was and time of day.

magic mtn 16

We used the coupon booklets they gave us with our season passes and nearly every time we’ve gone we’ve been able to bring a friend or family member for free.

magic mtn 30

We have ridden every ride numerous times and had wonderful times together.

magic mtn 27

Each visit costs me $8.00 or less plus the cost of fuel to drive there for an amazing day of fun!

magic mtn 17

$3.99 for the unlimited refill bracelet for the day and a few $1.08 refill tubs of popcorn to tide everyone over until we get home for a dinner I’ve prepared that morning or tossed into the crock pot before we go.

hurricane 1

Now that it is so darn hot we’ve given up waiting in hot lines for roller coasters and have been taking advantage of the unlimited free Hurricane Harbor passes plus the coupon booklet has free gold member passes to this park as well so we’ve been able to bring Miss Lyss (The Handsome Prince’s cousin) for free every time we’ve gone to bask in the lazy river and wade in the wave pool.

hurricane 2

You know what makes it even more relaxing?

It was FREE with purchase.

hurricane 3

I can’t tell you the days we’ve spent less than $5 and came home happy, sun kissed and totally exhausted. I’ve even done a lot of work poolside at the theme park.

I might be the only goober working while hanging out here but I think of it as my own little slot by the ocean on a tropical oasis in some fantasy vacation I probably wouldn’t really take even if I could afford to.

hurricane 4

It started off rocky and we weren’t sure our people were going to be of the roller coaster variety but lucky enough for us, everyone loves them.

Magic Mtn 31

We’ve been enough times now and brought so many people for free that our passes have already paid for themselves.

magic mtn13

I’m loving the fact that the kids are all old enough to buddy up and take off riding slides leaving old mom to feel like I got a bit of a relaxing day off dipping my toes in the water or a little time to girl chat with Miss Lyss before we’re off to race Tiki Falls all together or float the river as a herd of lazy nappers.

magic mtn 18

We’re so frugal we even voted as a family if we should get t-shits or the sweatshirts we all wanted…

we decided to save up and buy the 2013 stuff in December when we can get it 75% off and use our Discover card for 5% cash back. 😉

Kenzie's expression speaks volumes

Kenzie’s expression speaks volumes

It’s like they are asking me nicely to load up on goods to swag out the whole family for the original full price cost of one adult sweatshirt.

magic mtn 15

Do I hear a buy one get one sale calling my name?

Yes please!

magic mtn 26

It might not be super cool to be thrifty and plan well but then again I think everyone in my car is feeling pretty good about chillin’ at a water park when ever we want for… FREE!

It’s the little things my friends.

I did notice that Magic Mountain does have what appears to be a neat monthly payment plan for passes and a fabulous dining card that is well worth it if you attend the parks as many times as we do.

magic mtn 23

We purchased the commemorative refillable cups and popcorn bucket that can be reused every time you go for a much lower cost keeping each trip realistically under $10 for the whole day provided you are willing to snack on popcorn or leave the park to lunch it tail gate style in the parking lot.

may 2

I can eat a sandwich on a lawn to keep the budget in check and the fun still at a high.

magic mtn 28

Picnic is the only way to give everyone what they want, provide healthy snacks to refuel and keep those pennies squeaking.

The other day my girlfriend remarked that it seems like we’ve been living at Six Flags theme parks recently.

magic mtn 9

“Wouldn’t you? Why don’t you… we’re having a blast!” was my reply.

She’s planning to work fifteen- twenty five minutes of every hour like I try to do. Its not optimum conditions but I can’t tell you how great the happy relaxed me looks in my writing, on my kids and sporting a nice healthy see I don’t hide in my office 24/7 they really do let me out sun kissed glow.

I still have not gotten the pedicure I’ve been threatening for over five months now.

With that many people wandering around half naked at the water park, I am doubting very highly that anyone has noticed my scratchy heels or talon like claws between their bites of funnel cake and Fanta Orange Floats.

Drenched from Tidal Wave

Drenched from Tidal Wave

 We’ve spent more time laughing together and creating so many great memories.

It has been an excellent summer so far!

Wishing you all hot summertime fun!


Meg xoxo

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