Legion Of Rogue Super Powered Squirrels

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find ways to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.

– Buddha

mstore 2 089

Alright, who’s the wisenheimer here?

Who done it…

Who demolished my Buddha statue?

I tend to surround myself with things that have deeper meaning and make me think.

Case in point… I could not resist picking up two small statues on a trip through the .99 Cent Only Store.

They spoke to me and the price was right.

 Over a decade ago the practice of yoga found me. As I studied delving further, I found that many of Buddha’s teachings were very much in line with how I choose to live and view the world. Beautiful words that I’ve often found comfort in and the strength to tackle what lies before me.

I like quotes and have countless scraps of paper with a phrase or a word written down that caught me.

mstore 2 101

When I see that I am in need of making a change in my life or behavior, I usually find the quote that sticks out as my mantra reminder to play in my head. It could be a quote from Ozzy or perhaps Marcel Proust; maybe from a movie or a sentence that I was told that kicked my butt. Not as important as where the motivating words come from as much as the feeling they evoke. Then I grab my Buddha statues and put them in places I frequent through the day.

Those little Buddhas are a peaceful quiet reminder for me to stay on track of the goal.

They make me smile. They make me think. They bring a happy feeling even when I’m trying to break a bad habit. Like an old friend reminding me to do my best.

I’ve let my buddies down.

mstore 2 099

The kids moved them to the garden.

Right into the struggling little citrus tree, for good luck they said.

I went out to water the little tree that could to find that my friends had been accosted.

mstore 2 091

Who did it?

Not a soul seemed to know.

mstore 2 097

What is this mystery tube of funky goo? Why is it suspiciously in the planter at the scene of the crime?

Ah Ha… we have a clue!

mstore 2 095

Turns out that the goo is some sort of plant food stuff and no one in our house had ever laid eyes on it before.

I questioned the handsome Prince about the mystery tube that put under my pal.

He claimed that he would have remembered purchasing such an item and thus should no longer be considered a suspect.

Likely story…That’s just what someone with a plot out for my statues would say.

They were old he said. Get new ones he said.

It must have been the gardener!!

Oh wait… that’s us.

I went to retrieve the last statue standing and it crumpled into pieces under my touch.

And then I cried about it.

That didn’t really anything help but apparently I was having some sort of hormonal weeping moment.

“Mom, I know how it happened,” Luc offered bravely.

“I’m ready, spill it.”

“You know how birds drop stuff from the air all the time like the time that the hawk dropped the half a lizard on you? Well, maybe a bird thought it was food, then realized that it didn’t want it for dinner so he chucked it. It flew just right and wiped out the Buddhas. Or it could have been a squirrel. They plant stuff all the time trying to hide their nuts. Maybe a squirrel planted the plant food because he knew the tree would grow better but he accidentally used too much of his super squirrel powers at once.”

secret squirrel

Hide your yard gnome, flamingos and outdoor tchotchkes!

There is a legion of rogue super powered squirrels bent on gardening!

Apparently they disagreed with the peaceful teaching of the Enlightened One… your statue of rabbits kissing or grannies bent over could be next!

These squirrels just don’t know their strength and didn’t get the go green organic gardening message.

My orange tree was so poorly that the legion of rouge super powered squirrels felt the need to plant 3/4 of the tube of plant goo in my planter.

Who would have thought. 😉

My money is on the offended opossum in the hedge.

That scary critter has had it out for me since I accidentally punted him into the garbage cans on the side of the house. For real, if I go missing…question the opossum first.

Perhaps he’s just trying to slowly poison us.

Somewhat ironic.

squirrels for peace

The truth about what really happened to my Buddha may never be known; innocent yard decorations that had done nothing but be awesome perished.

Hide you kids and your decor. Be advised to keep small pets close and maintain your plants or…

the legion of rogue super powered squirrels gardening and tube chucking birds might be forced to attack!

Or maybe the animals had a little help from my youngest?

He swears on the super powered squirrel theory and he’s sticking to it.

Gone Nuts,

Meg xoxo

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    • Roshni on May 8, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    oh no! Poor laughing, fat man! 😀 Looks like you have a lot of rogue animals in your backyard who don’t like smiling people around them! 😛

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