It’s That Time Again…

Dear inventors of Tampons,
 How awkward was it for you to explain your invention to everyone?
Alright, Alright…
I know this isn’t anyone’s favorite topic of conversation, hang in there, this will be painless.
I hope. 😉
There are 4 ladies in our house, savings in this department are just as essential so that we can remain on budget.
No one really wants to think about it but HELLO like it or not these items become a can’t do without item REALLY quickly and at full price would have cost me almost $44.
CVS is running a sale this week until 7/28/12 on Stayfree for $2.00 each!

Have you tried Peanut Butter Snickers yet? Oh YUM! I just want to stick them in a blender with ice cream right this second!

It was my birthday so My Handsome Prince had volunteered to coupon with me that morning.

He HATES to coupon but LOVES the savings so he tries REALLY hard to encourage me, NOT from inside the store if at all possible. 🙂

Since he was being so good and I had and extra $1.50 rewards coupon, I got him a treat.

(I’ve kicked him out of the store before for playing with the kids like Tom Hanks in the movie Big… I’m NOT kidding!!)

10 Packages of Stayfree Pads and 2 King Size Peanut Butter Snickers…

Grand Total: $3.69.

NOT earth shattering news.

I didn’t solve world hunger or even the family feuds BUT I DIDN’T spend an extra $40 on something we need and use.

I was able to get a 6 month supply for next to nothing as well as some treats too.

This stock up left us with room in our budget AND we still don’t have to spend a dime for months on feminine products!

If you haven’t taken advantage of the sale there is still 2 more days!

If you don’t have any need for it, consider purchasing a few to donate to the health office of your local school.

They can REALLY use them.

 Shelters, food banks and many local charity organizations will be happy to take donations of personal hygiene items as well. 

Couponing allows us to spend the very least amount of money possible on things we need, would like to try, could share or donate to help others as well. It allows us to never go without. To provide for others and keep our books in the black each month.

People complain that couponing just takes up too much time.

I can see how that can be a misconception.

This deal took 5 minutes to scan the coupon match ups, less than 5 minutes to gather my coupons and clip them out.

I was in the store for 10 minutes…

much of that time was spent talking to the cashier about exactly this topic… how long it took me to work out that deal.

I LOVE how she’s always so full of good questions and has become quite the savvy couponer herself!

I’d say it was worth the 20 minutes of my time to save $40 on the way home from getting 6 FREE Bagels and 4 FREE Donuts from Albertsons Summer Game pieces I had collected. FREE breakfast + FREE Stayfree = The beginning of a bizarre birthday. 🙂

Couponing Is A Great Thing,




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