It All Began When The Teacher Started Spitting…


You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.

I love you every step of the way(Our anniversary is really tomorrow 8/9 but that falls on Secret Subject Swap Friday so I’m starting the anniversary festivities a day early.)

He picked up my backpack and moved it to the back row with him on the first day of our Junior year of high school, claiming our U.S. History teacher spits when he lectures. It all began when the teacher started spitting… Turns out he saved me from a fourth period daily shower and gave me the chance to get to know the man that would become such a part of me it is impossible to tell where we each begin or end.

strangest person I ever met

We went on one official date and it was a total disaster. Such mirror images of one another is a powerful combination but we needed too much room to grow. Neither doubted that we were meant to remain a constant part of each of our lives for a very specific reason. It was such a fluid natural relationship that allowed us the freedom to be exactly the people we wanted together. Hours spent sitting on surfboards chatting between waves, Subway trips, bruised hips from almost flipping the truck off roading,  epic dirt bike crashes, correcting papers with him when I got kicked out of the Auto Shop, cementing a toilet in the high school quad… pieces of the foundation we are built on.

He attended every night of every theater production I participated in. We estimated once that he spent well over $400 dollars being my biggest fan. He hates theater with a passion but I never knew it.

where does the time go

At graduation we parted, exchanging mixed tapes and promises we’d never lose touch. The hours we both sat next to our tape decks trying to read into any sort of message that could be found between the theme song to ‘Cheers’ and “Getting by with a little help from my friends”.  Or was it that Phish song that contained a secret message… Has anyone really figured out what they’re saying anyway? We couldn’t take the easy way; there were mistakes to be made, places to venture but unwavering was the love of my best friend. He was such a constant rock that I anchored to at times when there was very little joy to be found. I started calling him “The Handsome Prince” because he was always the first to show up, knew just what to do or say to get things back on track. A prince amongst men and he had a secret…

He was hopelessly in love with his best friend since the day he swiped her stuff.

At a moment’s notice anywhere he was in the world, I knew I could call and he’d catch the next flight. The only person in my life that knew every last bit of me, ugly truths and all but saw me as the person I would become not the one struggling to hold on.

love seeing an imprefect person perfectly

 We were dating before we realized, moved in permanently when it was finally right and after so many years of friendship. It was scary to be so supported and loved. He worked tirelessly to build up what several years of abuse had beaten out of me. Empowering me to make changes and chase dreams I thought I shouldn’t even dare to think about let alone do. We built a beautiful family and filled our home with laughter, music and animals.

We decided that after kids and a dog later, we might just want to think about getting married. Then a little detour with uterine cancer and family drama sidelined the plans. There is no better a partner in a time of crisis than my Prince. When we decide to do something we do it with our own little spin and with dogged determination. On 8/9/10 at 11:12 am we were married and solidified for the world what we’ve long since known in our hearts- We are a pretty cool team.

8/9/10@11:12- Yes, we are just that silly. Think we’ll forget the date?

sun shines out your ass

There is no better feeling than to share this life with the someone that could make The Plague even seem like a great time as long as we could be together. It is such an honor and privilege to be married to The Handsome Prince. It still makes me smile when I sign my name and excited for him to walk through the door at the end of each day. People say that passes with time but frankly, I fall in love with him again and again, several times each week and I find myself even more obnoxiously devoted to his adorable rear. We may not have a perfect life but it perfectly wonderful to us and the fairy tale is turning out even more incredible than we planned.

life does not have to be perfect

Alone we aren’t bad but together we’re unstoppable. He’s been my best friend for over half my life and it would be my honor to be by his side for the rest of my days. Relationships take work and as much loving understanding as you can muster but all those hardships weathered are lessons long the way too. We are stronger individuals, better parents, still head over heels in love because of the tough stuff and through good communication. The times we’ve felt most broken have been the places where we’ve carefully and patiently had to mend together creating a bond that has been made ridiculously strong under the pressure.  We grew up together, we lost loved ones, failed, opened businesses, raised children, won and hold each other just a little bit tighter now.

We know exactly how lucky we are.

It all began when the teacher started spitting…

and they worked really really hard but they lived a life happier than they could have ever dreamed.


Happy Anniversary to a man so incredible women have been reading stories about him for years waiting for him to come to their rescue on his white horse.

News flash: He drives a white truck, reigns over the Kingdom of Smog (his smog test/repair shop),  and he is everything I could have ever dreamed.

Wait does that make me a Princess if I’m married to The Prince?

More like her royal pain in the highness than a princess. 😉


Meg xoxo

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  1. Happy anniversary to you guys! This post was absolutely wonderful. I love how you believe in the notion that it is about looking past the imperfections and just loving someone for how different they are.

  2. Such a sweet tribute to what sounds like an amazing marriage. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    • Lydia on August 9, 2013 at 11:23 am

    What a wonderful love story. 🙂 Happy anniversary.

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