Instant Karma

“Instant Karma’s gonna get you, Gonna knock you off your feet.”

~JOHN LENNON, “Instant Karma”

fly on the wall

It is time once again!

Instant Karma- a Fly on the Wall Friday post! Today, fourteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


m phone july 077The day before my birthday, one of my favorite stores put up their Halloween isle.

I love Halloween more than the next guy but the spooky holiday is not supposed to encroach upon sandy summer days!

I razzed my good pal the manager about this unacceptable speeding up of my holiday savoring, to which he countered by telling me it was simply in preparation of the real festive occasion that was upon us… the day of my birth.

When that angle wasn’t working, he handed me a this sign and may have suggested I display this on my front door as a public service.

I mean, it is only fair to give people a little warning before they knock on the door, right?

karma 5

I ask the kids to check in with me while they are gone.

What I get is pictures of a Praying Mantis captioned:

“I’m praying for you”

m phone july 099

You all may have chuckled when I told you about my plan to win the lottery while picking up trash.

Operation: Cash for Trash is paying off…. insert a big fat raspberry noise here to all those non believers in the awesome!

A bunch of trash was blowing through the parking lot of the market. A couple of the carelessly scratched lottery tickets stuck to Luc’s leg and we noticed several more blowing around so we picked them up.

Two of those tickets were winners- just a couple dollars but still, a winner is a winner.

Then it happened again a few days later and we won a few more dollars.

The next week, we picked up a bunch of scratchers wadded up in a hedge outside a gas station and won another $40 from other people’s “trash”.

We won $57 from the Cali Lottery for doing nothing but bending down and picking up garbage this month.

I like to think of it as a rad gift from the Universe with a card attached that says “Thanks for cleaning up after other people. Enjoy a free tank of gas on me this week!”

Instant karma, baby!

karma 2

K waltzed in our bedroom belting out ‘Jesus take the wheel’ as dramatically as possible.

After an over the top chorus, she ever so briefly collapsed upon the floor (I believe for added effect) the overhead light came on.

Every time she completed a chorus, the light would turn on or turn off.

After a bit of this, she announced we had a ghost and she invited him into the kitchen with her to have a peach.


I’m not sure if these things keep me young or are fueling the intense grey streak I’m developing in my hair.

karma 4

“Just grab the center of her rack and hold on!”

From the other room, I pondered if I wanted to know what was going on… they were moving a shoe rack, you dirty birdies.

The room switching had begun and our not so smallish people learned why it is prudent to empty large pieces of furniture before moving them.

The Prince and I have officially lost our home office, I don’t think we’ll find it again until we move sometime in the future.

m phone july 087

“Why does our cards in Apples to Apples always seem to describe each of us a little too well?” K says laughing at The Handsome Prince’s cards.

m phone july 086

What are your cards trying to tell you, K?

m phone july 062

The Handsome Prince got up earlier than normal to go in to work and get a project wrapped up.

This awakened the Legion of Bengals, which believes that I should be up and paying attention to the multitude of kitty needs NOW!!

Bellatrix got past the bedroom door as The Handsome Prince left and she promptly walked right up my body until she was sitting on my chest, looking down at me. I was trying so hard not to see 4 am but Bella felt the overwhelming urge to give herself a very enthusiastic bath right there.

This goes on for several minutes until she starts tugging on a couple of her toes.

Something hit me square between the eyes, rolled down my cheek and was on my pillow.

I became a Kung Fu Master in a flash, for I was positive that there was an evil spider afoot.

Bell was unceremoniously levitated into the air while being accosted by our flying fluffy comforter, that was launching off my body at record speeds and effectively wrapping her into a goose feather exotic kitty roll with a side of hysterical screaming coming from me.

I did a grand leap from the center of the bed to hit the overhead light and arm myself with a flip flop, after ramming the top of my head into the shelf in the closet, in my haste to choose an formidable weapon to take on this exoskeleton wearing nasty.

I was ready to do battle!

I crept along side the bed until I reached my pillow.

My spider was just a claw sheath Bella pulled off her set of razor claws.

My day started on East Coast time.

It isn’t polite to clip your toenails on someone’s face, Bellatrix!?

breakfast- fruit loop in a cherrio world

I passed K shuffling down the hall at 5:45am.

“What’s up?” I ask, surprised to see her up.

“I set my alarm to wake up and get breakfast. I’m going back to sleep now,” She informs me.

Now that’s evolution right there.

She who learned that the early bird gets first dibs on the fruit and fresh coffee cake so K woke up long enough to stake her claim to breakfast and retreated back to her lair.

She dished herself up, put it in individual Ziploc baggies and labeled it with her name.

Survival skills are needed when being a part of a large family, I suppose.

With a kitchen full of food, my family acts like each box of cereal may be their last. Who knew it was getting all Hunger Games around here?

m phone july 010

The Handsome Prince and I went for sushi with a couple of other awesome couples.

WaHoo! Date Night with fun people!

The ladies and I were having a great time and the next thing we know, the boys are up to something.

The Prince has a live shrimp in his lap.

Sake may or may not have played a role in the wearing of this crustacean. 😉


We celebrated K’s 14th Birthday is her favorite way, surfing.

When Min fell asleep on her towel, K made her move.

This happened… & yes, she was sporting a happy face for much of that next week.

Sibling love.

So evil, yet so incredibly awesome.


“Why don’t you make your chocolate chip cookies in the shape of dead things so we wont we so tempted to eat every single one of them?”

Something tells me I don’t want to Google “Dead Things Cookie Cutter”.

Perhaps, I’ll roll them in coconut next time. My whole family seems to have a freakish aversion to flaked coconut.

Then what is the point of baking them if you don’t want to eat them?

karma 3

“I’m going to play Life because I’m apparently not experiencing enough life right now,” The Handsome Prince calls over his shoulder as he’s pulled down the hallway by the youngest two kiddos, towards the kitchen table where they have the game already laid out.

He is everyone’s favorite and he never lets anyone beat him without earning it honestly.

They are all starting to beat him, every now and then.

Things are changing so quickly.

Two kiddos in middle school and two kids in high school…sometimes I wish for those moments when they were small but watching them grow into fabulous people is a pretty incredible journey too.


Luc went to work digging a rather large hole in the sand, on a recent beach visit.

Everyone was pitching in to build his big moat before he proceeded to build his sandcastle.

Three people could hop in the hole comfortably as it was more trench than moat but if you are serious about your castle safety, a moat trench could be a viable option.

Luc started the foundation and went to get buckets of water. Meanwhile, Kenzie saw this as her opportunity to mess up her brother’s project. She took off from the chairs where we were sitting and intentionally ran right towards the mounds of sand kicking them in all directions.

She threw her head back laughing gleefully at the malicious act of destruction she caused as she ran…

until she was totally gobbled up by the moat.

She forgot about the huge moat that she helped construct moments before and one second she was putting that bad energy out there trying to mess with her brother and the next, instant karma dished her a moat and a face full of sand.

She crawled out of the trench sheepishly laughing and went to work repairing the damage she caused.

Life lesson learned? I think so.


“You have a Handsome Prince hashtag?!” exclaims The Prince.

I see someone has been reading the ol’ blog.

Yes, and your handsome face is all over the Google search for The Handsome Prince too.

I can’t help it if by the power of the Internets (and use of keywords) you are royalty. 😉

m phone july 100K and I were wondering through our local discount store.

She spied something in the freezer case and went to retrieve it.

Somehow she managed to trigger a landslide of frozen pizzas, ejecting out of their frosty shelf like someone was behind the case pushing them forward.

“Um… a little help here!” She chirped frantically.

I don’t know how she does these things but I don’t think we will be feeling like an awkward frozen pizza any time soon.

m phone july 119

I made my weekly trip to the local thrift store.
Rarely is there a something I am seeking but I enjoy the treasure hunt and checking out all the neat stuff that sometimes is just the right something that sparks a great project.
When I walked in, one of my favorite ladies working there ran to the back and brought out a bin of old movies that had come in. She had been guarding that bin from being displayed for two days because she knew I would be so excited to look through them first.
I found so many wonderful old movies to add to our collection and a sweet friend thinking of me!
It could have been because I brought them a muffin basket the week before but who’s keeping track of those tokens going into the karma bank. 😉

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  1. GREAT movies finds!!! So jealous!!!

    Last year when we went to the beach Deanna ended up with a hand print on her arm for weeks! She sat for way too long with her arms folded. LOL
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall – July 2014My Profile

  2. Let me try this again… silly password thingie.

    When I read the thing about the rack, my mind immediately went to my oven, because the racks on my new oven are a pain in the bum to slide in and out. No dirty birdies here!

    Your plan to win the lottery, priceless and brilliant! Maybe I should try that too!

    I’ve been attacked by frozen pizzas. I can’t say that it hindered me in any way. I still eat them!

    Love it all as always. Thank you for brightening my day by sharing your little snippets! 🙂
    Sarah Almond recently posted…Fly on the Wall July 2014: The Soylent Green EditionMy Profile

  3. It’s so fun when the thrift stores hold stuff for you because they know you’ll love it!
    Your “K” is brilliant. If I set my alarm early enough, I might have a shot at something decent for breakfast 🙂
    57 dollars is a ton of money for being such a good citizen! Happy Karma and birthday to you 🙂
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Fly on the Wall: July 2014My Profile

    • Kim on July 25, 2014 at 10:02 am

    That is so freaking cool you scored $57 for picking up others’ trash. I’d have to agree it was the Universe’s way of saying thanks for helping keep the world a bit cleaner.

    Oh, and the “Be a fruit loop in a bowl of Cheerios” meme? Awesome!
    Kim recently posted…Fly on the Wall in the NuthouseMy Profile

  4. I’m wondering, with 2 kids going to college this year, if you can get your Cash for Trash good Karma to rub off on me. I need some found money.

    • karen on July 25, 2014 at 11:14 am

    OMG a shrimp on his lap…I almost died, I’d freak out, LOL…
    hmmm, cash for trash, looking into that.
    karen recently posted…July Fly on the WallMy Profile

  5. The smiley face reminds me of that Cheetos commercial – you know, the one where the kid puts Cheetos all over her dad and he wakes up with a bikini top tan line. Too funny!

    Your family just cracks me up. I love reading these every month!
    Robin Allen recently posted…Flies and… Basket Balls?My Profile

  6. Your family cracks me up! I love reading these each month.

    The smiley face is better than a bikini line on a dude – like that Cheetos commercial.
    Robin Allen recently posted…Flies and… Basket Balls?My Profile

  7. Hmmm…makes me wonder how many perfectly good scratch tickets I’ve thrown away. I’m going to be on the lookout for trashed ones from now on!
    Dead Thing Cookies. I’m working on that….there’s got to be a cool Halloween pin there somewhere.
    Loved your post, as always.
    Lorinda McKinnon – the Rowdy Baker recently posted…Huckleberry BagelsMy Profile

  8. My Goodness — this was great — all the little snippets. Great theme as well. Glad I found you through Fly on the Wall

    Carol Graham
    Carol Graham recently posted…Be Honest – We Love To Know What Goes On Behind Closed DoorsMy Profile

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