Infinite Chicken

“Meal prepping is the new fast food”

Infinite Chicken was born because friends were weirded out when I gave them the recipe for my “three way chicken”.

What?! I usually make one batch in three different ways.
I say these things but it doesn’t register as dirty until there is already snickering occurring.
It’s a gift.
I tried calling it “Dirty Birdie” cuz this chicken gets around but alas, slut shaming your main course probably isn’t exactly the way to go either.
We’re all good with calling it Infinite Chicken now?
I thought so.
This is really all about creating several meal possibilities from one cooking experience. Not scandalous fowl, my apologies.
Meal prepping saves time, money and definitely makes it easier to eat healthier.
Infinite chicken is just a delightfully flavorful base for many awesome meals to come.
Grab your trusty ol’ CrockPot.

Place your desired amount of large chicken breasts inside of it- I usually cook 7-8 for my family of five.
The point of this is to create leftovers, as well as a meal, so I tend to make at least one large chicken breast per person. When shredded, the average adult will usually only eat about a half a breast per meal.

Add enough chicken broth to your Crock to almost cover all the chicken.

I find about 4 cups of broth is usually right for me.

Add a ½ tablespoon of crushed Garlic to the pot.
In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much garlic so I won’t judge if you want to add enough to ward off any vampires within ten miles. But less is more if you don’t know where you fall on the garlic lover’s scale.

1 Red or Yellow Bell pepper- cut into large strips

½ an fist sized Sweet Onion- cut into strips

Put the lid on that CrockPot and cook it:
6 hours on Low
4 hours on High

When it is done, the chicken is so tender that it falls apart. Drain off most of the liquid in the pot and then shred up the chicken with a fork.
Now we have choices, my people.
We’ve got this super yummy chicken that can be made into many meals in seconds.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich- add a favorite sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich or Wrap- add a favorite teriyaki sauce

Chicken Tacos- add taco seasonings or a favorite salsa
Chicken Salad- add mayo
Chicken on your Salad- add a favorite dressing
Spicy Chicken Wrap- add a favorite hot sauce
My favorite is the plain chicken tossed into a bowl with grilled veggies.

What you can do with this chicken is truly endless, it’s just a base to leap off and be awesome from.
Meal prepping is a survival tactic when raising a bunch of teenagers. Everyone is always hungry and never at the same time when they are in and out of the house all summer long. Having this chicken prepped and divided in the fridge allows the kids to put together homemade fast food for themselves and friends.
When there is something yum to eat right at your fingertips, the less chance of your fingers dialing for take-out.


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